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60 thoughts on “How to Treat a Cat Bite

  1. A cat…? Okay okay.

    Step one: yell shit – optional: bitch.
    Step two: rinse or hold hand under water.
    Step three: get new cat – optional: dog.

  2. @nofacesniper
    Exactly ,I cant count the number of times I been bit ,you say ouch and move on ,if anyone in my house acted like this after getting bit I would probably call them stupid ,lol

  3. "He dude what happened to your hand"
    "My cat bite me"
    "What I learned what to do by howcast"
    I could just see some idiot doing this

  4. lol volunteering at the humane society for years i don't freak out at all haha this guy is like havin a seizure over here xD

  5. @GoHabsGo0708 dogs mouths are FAR FAR cleaner than a cats. Cats are filthy animals with so many different bacteria in their mouths it can be hard to knock out an ifection with just one antibiotic. Just "putting a bandaid on it" is almost a garauntee of getting an infection. Learn up before you comment and some poor person takes your advice

  6. The only things you should do if bitten by a cat are 1: make sure its current on its vaccines (if not cut its head off and take it to your local vet so they can send it out to get tested for rabies) 2: got to your doctor immediately and get on antibiotics. I work at an animal hospital and have seen the damage these little shits can do. I might lose a finger because of a recent cat bite. And if your too squeamish to cut a cats head off, bring it to the vet and they'll do it for you, Ive done it

  7. Thanks for this comment. It made me laugh and brightened my day a little. Tell the four Dr's and the hand surgeon I saw that you dont treat them with antibiotics. And you're right; I USED to work at an animal hospital. I now take care of police K9's. I can tell by your picture your an old crazy cat lady. Wise up. When one of your disgusting little furballs bites you take some antibiotics.

  8. Wow–your comment is very wrong, and am surprised you work in a vet clinic. Cat bites need immediate attention from a medical doctor, and you need to be on antibioics ASAP or the infection can travel throughout your body, and can cause a lot of systemic damage. It could even lead to surgery. You need a tetanus vac too.

  9. I don't thnk you need to worry if the scratch wasn't deep. But if it was, or if it swells and becomes redder, you need to go get antibiotics and a tetanus shot.

  10. Ok well I don't frank out at all when I get a cat scratch 😛 I have a cat she lives biting and scratching it will swell up on the cut some but if it bleeds I MIGHT put some Medicean on it I've had cats since I was a baby 2 cats not at once but I have a lot of scars from cats I'm not dead

  11. I was bitten by this stray cat and he died few minutes later. And I'm here, healthier as ever.
    I'm venomous by any chance??

  12. My cat bit me and my dad used a fluid That Litterly KILLED the baceria and erased the bacteria growing and it stoped my hand from getting bigger and hurt

  13. Pls help me this is my first time while i was petting my cat i didnt see what she did if it was a bite or scratch but its not bleeding and not swelling what should i do pls help i just realized the pain when i put some alcohol😭😢😢😢

  14. I was bitten by my cat, went to urgent care immediately. Given antibiotics and tetanus shot. Cat bites are very dangerous due to the bacteria in their mouths. Happy none of you that commented below had any problems afterwards. Read some articles and look at pictures of what a bite can turn into.

  15. its been months and we had a stray cat thats homeless but lives outside our house we usually give him leftovers and there were times were he bit me two times and i got scratched two times too it was just a minor though and now its been months he's still alive and i havent touched him every since still i havent gone to the vent my minor wounds healed and im still ok… im worried do i have rabies?

  16. My kitten bite me and theres a little bit of blood i just put a soap and rinse it then put alcohol will i be okay

  17. I got back from the ER this morning for a cat bite and scratchs today. They cleaned the wounds with some solution, gave me antibotics in which I and taking, got a tetnis shot, and the initial rabies vacanne. I will be geting three more doses in the next several days. I am looking for information for symptoms on determining if I need to go back to the ER or a doctor. I was treated at the ER withing 90 minutes of the incident.

  18. i got bitten by my aunt's cat. Then,the cat bite my right hand until it was bleeding. I go to the kitchen and i wash my right hand. it was too pain. At night, i tell my mom about that things. When I was sleeping, my hand started to swelling. It was too pain. My third and fourth finger was so pain when touched. I telled my mom. My father send us to the clinic. I get injection needle. The doctor gave us a pill. I was so regret because I pat my aunt's cat. I just kinda like WHY DID I DID THIS!

  19. Guys im scared i barely got a cat from my friend and it bit me barely and im here alone, i used soap and warm water and than hydrogen peroxide but i dont have that ointment, im seriously scared right now!!!

  20. A stray cat just bit me today. It doesn't bleed and its not really that noticable only like 4 red small spots are on my hand. Even tho its not that noticable I'm still kinda scared cuz all of this comments here. Now Im gonna go to sleep and I'll see the results tommorow😖

  21. Hi!
    So i am taking care of a cat, that isn't mine… Her owners are on holiday, and the cat is attacting everyone. And becouse we have a dog its even worse.
    So, it happen that she "meowed" aggresivly in the living room, and i knew she would attack me, but i didnt care. I want to be a vet and i cant be scared. So and i took her up. She didnt bite me… Later, i layed her down, she was calm, untill, suddenly she bites me and i goot actually deep scars, or not that but like 3mm, but it hurts really much. What should i do?

  22. Hi! A cat bit me, and i got deep "teeth holes" in my left hand, and it hurts. I put soap amd yeah, what should i do..?

  23. My cat often bites but not hard, enough to draw blood but more like scratching with her teeth, but one day she was gnawing on me like she does and she gently applied WAY to much pressure, in that moment I could tell if she wanted to, she could bite my finger clean off, bone would not be a problem.

  24. The comments here are so toxic. A tetnus shot is pointless. It's to prevent tetanus.. so if a cat gave it to you (unlikely since it's in dirt usually (but rarely)) it would be too late. They also don't give that shot anymore and you'd have to take a 3 in1 or 4 in 1 shot and you need to know about those shots and symptoms.
    If the bite is not bleeding those are the worst because it is not flushing out bacteria. Squeeze the blood out no matter how hard it hurts or how impossible it seems. You want the bacteria OUT of your body.
    It seems bites by bones are worse than other areas as they cause more infection. Fat actually kills bacteria so it could be a better place to be bit.
    And yes it will be infected within hours or a day or two if it's going to normally so the best thing you can do is get on an antibiotic

  25. Also, if it is YOUR cat and it's indoors it doesn't have rabies. The dr will ask you to quarentine your cat for 10 days. You do not need to chop its head off eye roll Simply quarentine the animal. You also don't need to take the rabies shots if you don't think the cat is rabid and you can watch it.

  26. my cat bite me,it was accidental,only one of his teeth hurt my finger it's not deep,i have slight pain and i didn't bleed…is it okay if i ignore it?

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