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14 thoughts on “How to Treat a Jammed Finger. Not Getting Better? Try This.

  1. this is the best finger splint i found that actually works to heal a bent or jammed finger. I tried alot of different solutions. ice it, wrap it and splint it use anti inflammatory pain relievers. im no doctor but this works.

  2. Three minths ago I fell on the ground and jammed my ring finger. It immediately got a red ring around the distal joint and got swollen. I did all the right things for first aid. Two red bumps developed over the joint. When I try flexing that joint it feels like sticks poking from the inside. Finger burns and stings.
    X-rays are normal. Ortho surgeon said it will just take time. It's veen three months. It's still swollen, I can not bend it at the joint and it burns and stings, sometimes itches. I'll try to get a friend to try this.

  3. My thumb has a brown spot on it and it hurts bad and I don’t know if it’s jambed or broken or something like that can you tell me

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