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A perforated eardrum is a hole in the eardrum. We call it a tympanic membrane perforation
and there are many different causes. The most common cause is an ear infection
that ruptures the eardrum. And such perforations always heal spontaneously. However, if you have repeated ear infections
and repeated ruptures the hole might not close. The second most common cause of a hole in
the eardrum is trauma. And this can be direct trauma, from using
a Q-tip or sticking a foreign body in your ear or from being hit over the ear. So sometimes if someone is slapped over the
ear pressure will push through the eardrum. Whenever your eardrum ruptures you should
immediately seek medical attention. Particularly if you’re having any dizziness
associated with this. A ruptured eardrum will usually cause some
degree of hearing loss. Many ruptured eardrums will heal spontaneously
and they should be given some time to heal. After a period of time if there’s no evidence
of healing a ruptured eardrum can be repaired surgically.

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  1. Idk what rong with me, I just know that I can't hear at all out of my left ear and my doctor think sits swimmers ear but I'm scared I'm only 12 and I am deaf in one ear! Plzz respond!

  2. I had trauma to my ear recently. It's been two week and I feel like my eardrum is healing, but still don't have that rumbling feeling when i press down on my ear. Is this normal and likely to heal over time, and if so how long? THANKS!

  3. Yea I got slaped in my ear I'm scared but thank god I never lost my hearing I should be going to the doctor to see what's going on but other than that my ear feels better than last time

  4. i havea problom where every now and agian my ear will make a crackling sound and after that it feels as though i can breath out my ear it is very iritating and scary but is usualy goes away if i snort really hard or sometimes on its own will go away could this be caused by a ruptured ear drum ( oddly enough i havent really had any hearing loss although sometimes when i snort hard it pops my ear and then it feels a little pressurised i can make that go away by yawning though)

  5. I've had my ear drum rupture once before and have illnesses that begin with stuffiness in the head and a sore throat which leads to the ear infection which, if left untreated, will rupture it again. Not a fun thing to have.

  6. Help!I am 11..and whenever I use my fingers and twist it on my ear has been blocked and I slapped my year or make a loud sound to unblocked it…i always pls help I am healthy for years and my eye have jo problem I dont wanna be deaf ; (

  7. I've just perforated my ear drum this morning. I went to the hospital and they said it was a biiiig one and the doctors operated my poor year. Hope it will heal soon. I'm only 15!

  8. my friend slaped me over my ear and now every time i yawn thers like a hole in my ear drum it hurts and makes me feel partly deff  pleas i need hepl please tell me if this will heal on its own please

  9. i have otitis media otitit externa and a ruptured eardrum the pain is unberable i am going back to doctor tommorow hopefully they can get the swelling to go down so i can actually take my ear drops

  10. Last night I was looking in my ear and cleaning it with a q tip cuz it hurts and I wiggle the q tip around and I felt a spot that I could stick half the q tip in my ear or head, it's scary can anyone tell me what's happening and how to fix it I have a cold too my mucus is stuck in my throat

  11. I was trying to clean my ear then i accidently punctured something in my ear is that my ear drum? And now my right ear is always hard to hear it's just something closing it and in the morning i tap a fork into a glass and in my right ear i hear a crack what is that actually please tell me.

  12. Dealing with this as we speak. Have been to a few different Doctors.

    So this is what I've learned. Take it for what it is.

    Got a middle ear infection last week out of nowhere my ear felt plugged. Took a nap and woke up with brutal pain. 1st Dr. Prescribes drops and pills. Next morning find my pillow covered in blood. I then proceed to hospital. They tell me ear drum ruptured (apparently a good thing). Advises to keep taking medication. Its been a week and went to another Dr. today. Prescribes me another anti inflammatory and some painkillers. Tells me no more Q-Tips. Anything smaller than your elbow shouldn't go in your ear. Mentions to come see him in 2 weeks. Book a hearing test and if need be after that see a specialist if surgery may be needed. Its been a week and a half and I still have minimal hearing in that ear. Pain is minimizing though but just having a hard time hearing. Was told this could be like this for a few more weeks. You need to be patient with this type of healing. It takes time. No swimming, try not to get even a drop of water in your ear. Sleep with sore ear up as well. NO MORE Q-Tips.

    Hope this helps.

  13. I accidentally poked my ear bad with a q tip I was cleaning my ears then I forget I had it in my ear then I layef down side ways in my bed and the q tip went inside it was very painful I don't know how deep it went but my ear was bleeding a little then stopped now I have pain what should I do ?

  14. I perforated my eardrum because my father repeatedly hit me like probably 20-30 times one after the other really hard, it has been more than a year and i was 12 at that time. It hurt really badly Especially when water goes into it cuz that's the worst. Now i'm thinking about surgery, do you think i should do it or am a too young?

  15. I have an ear infection, went to the doctors and got meds. Now my eardrum broke and fluid runs out. I still just keep taking my meds right? No need to go back?

  16. I was cleaning my brothers ear with a q tip and he started crying and it started bleeding PLZ ASAP SOME ONE TELL ME IF I HURT HIS EAR DRUM

  17. Whenever I swallow my I hear some crackling noise in my hear it it annoys do you know If I have a infection

  18. I think (But I'm not sure) that I hurt my eardrum a little bit when I was using a Q-Tip and it feels like something is stuck in it. Does anyone know if my eardrum is damaged and if so do I need to go to the doctors or just let it heal?

  19. Wow do I feel at peace for after watching this. My ear has been bothering me for about 3 months now. I think I need some medical attention lol . Maybe because I'm not taking good care of myself , such as getting water in my ear , using my headphones to make beats and such …. Hmm maybe

  20. ive had my ear been hit by a soccer ball a school about 4/5 months ago and when it happened it had hit my right ear and had felt dizziness and my left ear was way louder than my right ear. my left ear was so loud i couldnt hear the low frequencies out of my right ear. my left ear was loud like my right ear low frequency and my left ear low frequency combined together on the left ear. and now that sensation is still there but not as loud on my left ear but i cant hear the bass on my right ear when you have the surround system up loud i can only hear the bass normally out of the left ear normally now but in my right ear i can only hear the mid and high frequency. what has happened to my ear and is it permenant

  21. do you know the feeling when you go by plan or in higher ground I have this feeling in my left ear and I can't hear from it properly but my right ear is not

  22. What if I got a Myringotomy and they put the tube in and it sounds muffled and hard to hear? If they take the tube out will it heal back to normal? And if the answer is yes how long after the tube is taken out will it take before it is healed back to how it was before I got the surgery? Thank you – Aaron

  23. im really stressing out because im 100% deaf in my left ear and now i got hit on my right one and i have 3/4 hearing out of my only good ear

  24. I Have A Ear Loss At My Left Ear
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  25. I was tubing and when I flung off I was with this other kid and he flew off to and we hit heads and he hit my ear and my ear started ringing and I got dizzy and didn't know where I was bc I blacked out in the water but had a life jacket and they had to pull me out of the water and when I held my nose and blew out I could head water in my ear and it hurt so bad and I went to a doctor and he gave me ear drops

  26. I'm a kid and when I was cleaning my ears with a q tip and discovered there was blood and I told my mom and she doesn't know what it is and told me to wait for it to heal

  27. I was crashing cymbals on the side of my right ear got a little better in 2 weeks if you play drums or trumpet or bass be careful don't play to long and loud

  28. Ok if you pop a firecracker next to your ear the eardrum will rip all of it and it takes 34years to heal or if you have surgery it's about 9years

  29. Back like in the year 2001 when I was like 6. I was using a cotton swab and as I'm cleaning my left ear, My mother accidentally opened the door, and the door pushed the swab deep into my ear to the point it bleed. But ever since then I can still hear. Only problem I have is that every time I'm breathing heavily​, I start to feel like I can't pop my ear. Idk my ear just makes me feel ever since then it has a hole or has been punctured hard to explain but It's only something a person can feel if u test your breathing or use cotton swabs…

  30. Ruptured since age 8 I am now 31 and I am experiencing some kind of progressive hearing loss and ya flying via airplane is painfull as hell

  31. I just got slapped by my friend for joke but now my right hear hurts. I could only hear with the left one ;-; What should I do?

  32. I can't hear out my right ear , Sometimes when I stick my finger on my ear it unclogged but a couple seconds later it clogs back up. Can someone tell me what I can do 😐😑

  33. Is it possible to have an eardrum rupture although there is no fluid or blood coming out from the ear? I feel a little pain but it subsides right away. What do I have to do aside from seeing a doctor? Thanks!

  34. So I popped my ear in the shower just a few minutes ago and both my ears exploded with pain, I got really dizzy and almost couldn't stand, now I hear a constant ring in my ears and I'm worried

  35. I accidentally got a tiny stick stuck in my ear right at the ear canal yesterday.Now I can hear properly (I think) However it hurts when i yawn.

  36. I accidentally got a Q-Tip stuck in my ear for a few moments before I pulled it out.Now I think I can still hear but I cannot yawn.

  37. so can anyone help? last week both my ear drums ruptured due to an ear infection, straight away I started a course of antibiotics my right ear has stopped leaking and is improving however my left is still having a large amount of discharge that has changed from a slight yellow colour to a luminous yellow and is pouring out constantly. Do I need medical attention? its becoming worrying now as I keep feeling extremely dizzy and sometimes vomit for no reason other than it comes up, I don't feel sick it just happens. any advice would be greatly appreciated! And I am what I would say at 80 percent hearing LOSS, I cant hear anything now really no cars no voices unless shouting.

  38. Had the worst pain of my life in my ear the other night, I have a high pain tolerance but this was so unbearable I was sobbing for hours… nothing was stopping the pain. Eventually the pain suddenly stopped and there was nasty discharge. Figured I'd ruptured my eardrum, not surprising with all the pressure in my ears and sinuses from the flu. Doc put me on antibiotics for any remaining infection. The ringing that remains is so loud. Can't wait for this to get better.

  39. My ear drum is perforated right now, I accidentally took Auralura ear drops (the ease ear pain) when I forgot to read the label that says, [DON’T USE IF EAR IS PERFORATED, DON’T USE IF EAR IS DISCHARGING] and oh my god, it’s so painful! I went to the doctors today and they found a medium sized hole in my ear drum, they prescribed me those ear drops and antibiotic tablets, that doctor must’ve not known the cautions of those ear drops…

  40. When I was a kid, I inserted an ear cleaning stick inside my ear. I was taken to the hospital and necessary treatment was done. But still some issues were there. In 1st September, 2012, I had my ear surgery which was a success. Still am facing problem with my ear. Every morning some liquid fluid comes out of my right ear and I hear very little from my right ear. Please help.

  41. I used a q-tip to clean my ear and it made it where I couldn’t hear that much and now it just feels like it clogged with water or something. What should I do?

  42. What is it when you hear like water stuck in your ear when you move but there is no water and just making weird noises?

  43. Well doctor cleaned my ears with water and it started bleeding very bad he said he probably made it worse so I’m going to the Ear specialist I pray that the antibiotics and ear drops help 🙏

  44. I need help… I am supposed to go to the pool on Saturday day and I have a perforated eardrum. Should I get in?😞

  45. When those boring and cliche-spouting "ear doctor" gasbags tell you, "don't stick anything sharper than your elbow" in your ear, you'd damn well better listen. I ruptured my eardrum for the first time while cleaning my ear with a harmless, rolled up paper towel two weeks ago. I was completlely deaf in the aforementioned ear for the rest of the day and CERTAINLY the following morning. Two weeks later, with no infections, and many early morning bouts of deafness, my hearing is only almost normal. But not quite. In a couple more weeks, I'll expect plain old normal, instead. Lucky, I guess. DO NOT STICK Q-TIPS OR ANYTHING ELSE IN YOUR EARS!

  46. Was floating the river today, stopped at a rope swing, did a successful backflip, then I went to just swing in and ended up belly flopping but on my side. Pretty much landed right on my ear drum from about a 10 foot fall. Knew I busted it as soon as it happened. Got out, tried to pop my ears but air just escapes through one of them. Nasty feeling. Dont have insurance, dont really plan on going to the doctor. Just put some hydrogen peroxide in it and fell asleep

  47. At school it has this thing called a ear bang when someone claps they're hands over the ears I hope it stops soon because I don't want people at school to start losing they're hearing because of that

  48. When mine ruptured it was like an explosion went off in the head, hurt like heck, just got back from Drs, now on heavy duty a/b drops, course of A/B tabs as well. he said it should heal over a few weeks, been 6 weeks now, first GP said it was swimmers ear and treated as such, no help with those a/b drops he prescribed
    Hope this goes soon, driving me more nutty than I already am

  49. Well I can hear out of both of my ears but problem is, when I shake my head , I hear something in my ears and its weird . When I talk my left ear, sounds like I'm covering it but I'm not . Plz help and explain jsvsksubeid

  50. Anyone know how long until the pain goes away I got a hole in my ear drum and an infection and I can’t sleep because of the pain

  51. ok well i don't think i ruptered my eardrum however my ear feels weird i tried to wash it by myself 3 days ago using water pressure and a syringe but i guess i pushed a bit too hard . and it hurt that day, now i can hear, the volume is just fine but the quality of sound is bad in one of my ears it's like listening to a 1080p in my right ear and 144p in the left

  52. Accidentally push a Q tip too far into my ear last night and it started to hurt, then a bunch of bloody mucus looking stuff came out and now everything sounds like it has autotune, and I have too many bills to be paying for a surgery, I know no one will see this but if you could tell me if I need medical attention it would be appreciated.

  53. I hit myself in the ear because i accidently turned on max volume on my pc this evening. I emedienty heard a beep and it didnt stop for 10 minutes. At first i didnt hear anything from that ear at all. Now i hear more and more every hour

  54. I fired a bb gun into one of my ears out of curiosity. It instantly damaged my hearing, causing tinnitus, earaches, and dizziness.

  55. But what happens when you're only a child me and my twin sister wood often play in the bath sometimes we would splash water and if it went into our ears we would get an infection straight away because we had perforations in both our ears and then the doctors would give my mum or the school teachers ear drops for the infection and just when you think the pain is gone the ear drops would go in and the pain would be so so bad we wood old onto our ears to have this done and it hurts so bad we would both cry for days not forgetting not been able to eat because we couldn't open our mouths properly because of all the swelling😥😥

  56. I just felt this last day and i think its cause of swimming any advice on what to do with my ear my heart is pumping cause i wanna study more with my ears

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