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natural, fatty liver home remedies Liver disease is serious. And, while most people traditionally associate
liver disease with the long-term abuse of alcohol, doctors are discovering that isn’t
the sole culprit of damage to one’s liver. Obesity is also to blame for increased liver
problems. As our diets worsen and our sedentary lifestyles
increase, ailments that used to be caused by one harmful habits are being replaced by
others. That’s exactly what happens with NALFD,
or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The most recent estimates believe that between
20-30% of all adults, and more than 10% of all children in the US have a fatty liver
not derived from drinking alcohol. Sadly, in already obese adults and children,
rates are much higher, causing great concern among medical practitioners. NAFLD takes place when fat gathers around
people’s liver who drink very little or no alcohol at all. It leads to NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis). Although what exactly causes NASH to develop
has yet to be discovered, there are a few hints out there. Evidence suggests that this more serious form
of nonalcoholic liver disease could come from the death of liver tissues, from inflammation,
from an imbalance of bacteria in the digestive system, or from the proteins released by our
bodies which are toxic to the liver. Perhaps the worst part about NALFD is that
it seems to arise with little to no symptoms. Since the fat that accumulates does so around
the liver, oftentimes it can go unnoticed, especially in those who are overweight. With no symptoms, the patient isn’t aware
of any abnormal health issues. Although, medical professionals are beginning
to understand, that there may signals which point to the presence of NALFD. Some of these signs are obviously connected
to the abdominal area, such as abdominal pain and rapid weight loss. However, others and completely separate, such
as skin discoloration (a common sign of liver disfunction) and difficulty concentrating. If you suspect that you might have NALFD or
NASH, please consult your doctor quickly. But, if you simply want to perform your due
diligence and keep your liver clean and detoxified, then consider these homemade remedies: 1. Black Seed Oil
Research suggests that black seed oil can cut down on oxidative damage done to the liver,
and slow down the development of fatty liver disease. 2. Turmeric
Highly touted for its anti-inflammatory properties, this fantastic spice used widely in India
aids in digestion and reduces inflammation in the body. Add it to your favorite recipe or make a homemade
tea from it. Using it in some form everyday is the best
way to take full advantages of its benefits. 3. Ginger
Another ingredient used on the Indian subcontinent is ginger root. It’s often added to spice up tea, but has
powerful medicinal properties as well. It can help prevent a fatty liver by flushing
toxins from the body. Since it’s high in fiber it’s good for
digestion too. 4. Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle tea not only helps heal the liver and reduce inflammation, but it also has the
ability to lower cholesterol levels. It can invigorate an already damaged liver. 5. Dandelion Root
Because it’s a natural diuretic, dandelion root speeds up the liver’s job of flushing
the body of toxins. It’s been known to treat infections and
digestive issues too.

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  1. Someone said tumeric makes fatty liver disease worse is this true? I have liver stenosis and kidney disease.

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