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Welcome to the VitaLife Show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring in this episode we’re talking all
about glaucoma and natural home remedies how to treat it and also prevent it so glaucoma is an increase in pressure and this may damage the retina and the
optic nerve at the back of the eye so it’s really really important that
we’re addressing this from the whole body perspective because
in case you didn’t know high blood pressure is actually one of
the causative factors for glaucoma so really important to keep blood
pressure levels down which means keeping stress levelsdown which is important you may have a family history of
glaucoma as well and this could be you know of the reasons that you may be developing
it part of the aging process unfortunately
diabetic tend to have a higher incidence of glaucoma and steroid use so anti-inflammatory steroid use for
long-term actually increases that pressure at the
back of the eye so really you know I always try to do
things as naturally as possible which is what I’ll be sharing with you in this video so stay tune right to the
end. I also will share some great links at the end of the video as well all about you know how to stay healthy
how did be your best you and beauty routines as
well from the inside- out and doing it
naturally so how do we treat glaucoma naturally well first and foremost we need
anti-oxidant so I actually formulated for VitaTree. VitaFruits and VitaVeggies these are whole food anti-oxidant made from nature superfoods
super super healthy I’ve taken all the guesswork out of it
for you choosing nature’s best superfoods concentrating them and
putting them right in the Vitafruits and VitaVeggies which you’ll absolutely love so check those out
at there a lot more information for you there and a really important step in the
treatment and prevention of glaucoma also DHA. Now DHA is that important brain chemical that’s really really
important and this in our VitaFish Oil The VitaFish Oil is a omega 3 fatty acid with a high
concentration of DHA. And DHA concentrates at the back
of the eye important for brain and spinal cord
development what we love about the VitaFish Oil which is so different from other
fish oils out there small little and I’m gonna show this
really nice and close to you orange tasting gel caps they taste like
orange candies which you’ll absolutely love kids adore them and you
just taking 4 to 6 a day sometimes people are taking up to 8
a day so check that out at if you’ve not yet try our VitaFish Oil you’ll absolutely love this is a natural anti-inflammatory great for your hair
skin and nail so basically revolutionize your beauty routine which will
absolutely love and very high in that concentration of
DHA which you need for the eyes its incredible what this does in
the testimonial that we get back on improving vision in as little as a
few days black spots disappearing and floaters
disappearing on taking the VitaFish Oil so please please it’s a really
really important part of your health routine no matter what
you doing already and detoxification so detoxification you
have to get at those heavy metal toxins those other toxins that are
concentrated in the eyes at the back of the eye
those you know free radical damage is a huge problem in terms of the aging
eye so check out VitaDetox full body detox helps with those heavy metal toxins as well check it out at
and increasing circulation to the brain to the eyes to the periphery
is really really important we have to keep that circulation going
and that’s what are VitaTree Memory and Brain Booster is all
about which she’ll absolutely love and this
you know the proven ingredients within the formulation helps to increase that circulation to the periphery really
important for the eyesbut also for the brain if your memory starting to go that’s
your best friend as well so there’s some great acupuncture point
that we have as well to help to strengthen the eyes and helps with
glaucoma so one of them and you can just use
your index fingers or your thumbs close your eyes one of them is at
inner crooks of the eyes and you’re just going to massage in that area and do this for you know
two to three minutes little gentle circles the next point is
just above the eye and you feel little indentation
usually its on your eyebrows somewhere and you feel the little indentation
there just do little little circles fantastic for increasing the Chi the circulation
and the blood flow to the eyes helping with vision and on
the outer corner of the eyes the gallbladder point
again just use your fingers just small little circles and this helps also with glaucoma so I hope you’ll try those
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about the VitaLife show thanks for joining me

17 thoughts on “How to Treat Glaucoma : Glaucoma Natural Home Remedies – VitaLife Show Episode 191

  1. Jeez, Lady you are wrong. These changes consist of loss of the nerve fiber layer and increase in size of the physiological cup of the optic nerve.  The measurement of intraocular pressure alone is unreliable, in most cases, in making the diagnosis of glaucoma.  Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve consisting of ischemic changes in the nerve with resulting loss of optic nerve fiber and loss of peripheral vision.Efforts should be made to improve the circulation of the optic nerve and also to produce a neuro-protective effect of the optic nerve.

  2. Lol , 😉I must be getting glaucoma, because I can't see the name of the vitamins you show. Thank you for your videos.

  3. HELLO:
    I really enjoyed this episode. It was most helpful and informative. What I would like to know is would those herbal remedies you mentioned be drug interactive
    to my Blood Pressure Medications? ANTENOLOL (30 MGS) And FUROSEMIDE (40MGS)?

  4. HI:
    Me again. I forgot to ask, will the herbal remedies interact with my EYEDROPS? Prednisolone Acetate Ophthalmic Solution?

  5. I don't know much about high blood pressure affecting glaucoma but I know about diabetes and plus depends on the medication you used for it.

  6. this is just a way to sell their Products here , They really don't tell a person how to help with Stabilizing Glaucoma , I have Glaucoma and have went threw many of these Videos , They are not really helpful . But out to sell People Products

  7. Aahhh Janine, you must be Canadian – Love your accent! Very cute 🙂
    BTW, I have hi-pressure, open angle glaucoma & use two diff eye drops.
    My eyes are going a little wacko watching your video – occasionally I see these weird stars & bubbles sweeping across my screen?? I'll bet it must be your dazzling beauty, LoL !!!

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