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Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine. In this training video, I’m going to talk to you about IBS natural treatments
and the IBS diet. And IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I’m going to go through
the four steps, specifically including diet, what foods not to eat, supplements and lifestyle
on how you can heal IBS syndrome. And I’ve worked with thousands of patients who have
struggled with IBS and laid out natural treatment plans for them, and I’ve seen them overcome
it. So I know you can as well, if you’re a person or have a family member struggling
with this condition. So first let’s start off talking about what
foods you have to stay away from if you have IBS. Number one is going to be gluten. If
you are consuming gluten, that inflammatory protein and grain products that can cause
IBS and I recommend for my patients with IBS at the start, for them to stay away from all
grain products, especially wheat products, but all grains to start. Now, later on about
three to nine months into care, sometimes they can add in some sprouted grains or sourdough
grains. But from the start, that first three months, going completely grain-free is important. Also staying away from casein or conventional
dairy products. Lactose, the sugar in dairy, in casein, can be problematic. Now doing kefir
on the other hand, can be greatly beneficial or a fermented dairy product, but regular
dairy products, especially milk, can be absolutely destructive for IBS. Some of the other things you want to be careful
of and stay away from with IBS are pretty obvious, hydrogenated oils. Those cause intestinal
inflammation. Also, raw foods. That’s right. Salads, raw fruits and vegetables and raw
fruits can really damage the gut if you have IBS. So you really only want to be consuming
cooked foods. Also, stay away from cold foods. Ice water, ice cream, anything that’s cold
is actually hard on the digestive system. Then of course, any processed food, refined
food, packaged food, get those out of the diet if you have IBS. Now, here are the top healing foods for IBS
or the IBS diet. On the IBS diet you want to consume foods that really nourish the colon
as well as nourish the spleen. The first category is going to be white immune boosting foods.
So again, white foods, think cauliflower, onions and garlic. Cauliflower steamed is
very easy to digest. Garlic and onions when they’re well cooked are great for killing
off bad bacteria in the gut, and also have immune boosting benefits. The other group of foods is going to be foods
that nourish the spleen and that is especially going to be squashes. Things like butternut
squash, sweet potatoes in some instances, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, but doing
squash is very nourishing to the spleen and to the colon as well. And then in general
doing a lot of bone broth soup. Bone broth contains amino acids, proline and glycine,
which make up collagen which helps to repair and heal the intestinal lining. So bone broth
should be the number one super food you consume to help heal IBS. On an IBS diet, the perfect meal is where
you get out a Crock Pot, you put in some organic meat, whether that’s beef or chicken. Then
you’re going to add in bones, you’re going to do the broth itself along with the organic
meat and then also vegetables, things like squash in there, celery and carrots are great.
Onions are great in there. But doing a bone broth soup for most of your meals is one of
the fastest ways to help you heal from IBS and a great part of an IBS diet. Step 3 in healing IBS is taking the right
supplements. I recommend number one, to get a quality probiotic supplement into your diet
and the problem is 90% of most probiotic supplements today are dead by the time you take them.
So take a live probiotic supplement. They contain several things. Number one, again
good quality probiotics like lactobacillus plantarum, but also soil-based organisms like
bacillus subtilis and have other foods that actually support the growth of bacteria like
medicinal mushrooms and spirulina or chlorella which have cyanobacteria, other good forms
of probiotics. So again, number one, probiotic supplement in terms of supplements. Also taking L-glutamine. L-glutamine is an
amino acid that really protects and helps nourish the gut lining. Also, frankincense
or frankincense essential oil helps reduce inflammation and is fantastic for the gut
and the digestive enzymes, taking those with meals. Digestive enzymes will help you break
down your food, so it’s easier to digest. And last but not least when it comes to the
IBS diet and natural treatment plan, is you really want to focus on reducing stress. I
would schedule three things in your day every day to reduce stress. I would take a long
walk out in nature. I would spend time either reading a spiritual growth book or meditating
or in prayer. And then the third thing I would do is take
a detox bath at night. And that healing or detox bath, you do one cup of Epsom salt and
20 drops of an essential oil like lavender or chamomile and you soak at night for 20
minutes in the evening, and I’m telling you, that can really reduce stress. In the morning, wake up and spend some time
in prayer, meditation or reading a spiritual growth book, maybe go for a walk then. Right
around lunch, go for another walk in nature as well. And in the evening, wind down by
taking a healing and detox bath. Again, I’ve worked with thousands of patients with IBS
and help them lay out this IBS diet. I know that it can absolutely help you. And if you
want to learn more about natural treatments for IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, go and
check out my website,, and you’re going to find more great information on there
as well. Hey guys, this has been Dr. Axe talking about
the IBS diet and natural treatments for irritable bowel syndrome.

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  1. Dont talk about bullshit..research first and then telling to public..garlic is bad for ibs garlic and then your ibs worse than before

  2. Read this if you want actual scientific advice. I've been actively treating my IBS for a many years. Here's a few tips.
    1. If you've self diagnosed yourself because your bowl movements are irregular. Your probably not eating enough fibre.
    2. If your diagnosed with IBS (or are sure). What your ACTUALLY spose to do is follow the FODMAP diet created by "MONASH University". If you don't know what that is, Google. Basically, It eliminates foods which have been studied and shown to contain "fermentable oligo-, di-, monosaccharides, and polyols" (carbohydrates) that cause symptoms of IBS in IBS patients, ingredients such as ONION and GARLIC.
    3. Once eliminated all these foods after a number of weeks you can start introducing them back into your diet one at a time according to each food group (fermentable "oligo"-, "di"-, "monosaccharides", and "polyols"). You then work out which food groups you can tolerate, and which you can't. for me, gluten is fine, dairy, onion, garlic, mushrooms and many other foods cause problems.
    4. But actually do whatever I'm just some guy wasting time writing a post on YouTube as if someones gonna read it.

  3. I body is refusing water and food can't take it! 😭😭😭 my doc said to take little zip of water and and a little zip of dioralyte! 6 time I vomiting in the morning 🤢🤢 I am dead!💀☠

  4. Guys do not waste anymore time with this stuff. I cured IBS with nothing but understanding the unconscious and its effects on the body. I know it sounds magical but the medical community does not have it right. I’m not trying to sell you anything. I am just a guy who suffered for years trying everything and then finally found that the cure comes from within not from without. Watch my video, I will be adding more. Listen to my story so you can get out of this now.

  5. What a load of rubbish he says garlic and onions are good for ibs garlic and onions both trigger mine and alot of people.

  6. Stress and anxiety are the #1 ways for ibs to flare up , and it hard liveing in this world with out stress anxiety but you try your best

  7. You are not a real doctor and if I ever see your wife in real life i would stab her in the stomach and cut out all her guts like what negan did to Spencer🖕


  9. Check out the Specific
    Carbohydrate diet. It is found online and in a book Breaking the Viscous Cycle by Louise Gottshall. It is very helpful.

  10. After I eat ANYTHING I have to go to the bathroom but when I take a Women’s Vitamin I don’t have any problems is that IBS?

  11. Well i cant give up salad,and fresh fruit..😗 i wont cook bananas or apples…or maybe? 😗😗 If i baked them a little? Would that work.?


  13. Chicken/rice/banana/nuts for me.
    And 2 days per week i eat my guts 0 care given.
    Theres no such thing as healing foods. Also hot foods vs cold foods each reacts different. I go cold. I find cold foods much easier to eat plus probios and enzymes dont do well on hot foods
    As for
    Heal your stress
    Enjoy life. Many people live with agony every day. But hey at least we still here i guess.
    No stress days
    Ibs gone
    Stress days ibs flare up no matter the food
    P.s ur protein is below average

  14. One has to be careful to get enough in digestible fiber in your diet to feed the beneficial bacteria in probiotics otherwise they wont stick around.

  15. I have been suffering from IBS from past 6years..went for colonoscopy 2times,nothing found…suffered a lot at young age

    Will it continues through out my entire life??

    Better is to die,have this and suffering.. somebody please reply…

  16. Wow, this was the first time exeperience and it was torture. My doctor said it was stress. Wow it’s crazy how the mind can control so much of our body 😮

  17. Well I think I'm better off with this than that horrible food selection, soups one of the main triggers so count me out lol

  18. @drjoshaxe …what someone has to use and eat and supplemwnts..bone broth also..if there is bowel wall thickening happened in mri report..

  19. EVERYONE KNOW HOW ANNOYING IBS CAN BE 💯💯. I know to stay away from mostly diary but for me Stress & Anxiety is mostly my main triggers. Whenever I stress too much my symptoms come and it's hard not to stress because life is stressful. To whoever reading this have a wonderful day and feel better

  20. The cause of IBS is unknown to the western medical world but known to the indian ayurveda. The cause is just something known as navel displacement. The navel is connected to 32000 nerves of the body and it acts as the center of gravity. When this center of gravity gets distorted, our body reacts to this by damaging the digestive system. This is why you get IBS. I spent 1 year going to doctors for this problem but no cure. Please know that the medical world doesn't believe in this navel displacement and so IBS is a debate till now. Once your navel is back into its position, your IBS will be cured instantly and recurrent digestive problems will be stopped. In india it is called Dharan/petchoti. Consult an ayurvedic physician in your country about this navel displacement and he may be able to put it back in its position. Please note that I have personally experienced this problem and giving you a solution that even the worlds best gastroenterologists cannot give. Only ayurveda has the cure. Thanks and hope this will help.

  21. Ok hang on in November 2018 I went to toilet every 10 minutes for a month but haven't had it since,have I gotten rid of it please answer my mum has it to

  22. Lol while I eat this ice cream cone. Ahah I have IBS. I tried everything and I still have bad IBS. I look at it this way. Imma die anyways Ahha

  23. wow such fun it's a full time job to just keep away symptoms – thought we're talking about curing here??

  24. Recently i got IBS since 4 months i cured without any medicine ,how i cure IBS is very simple,
    . Wake up early morning and have breakfast before 9 Am include in break fast like steam cake or rice foods,curries like vegetables.
    .noon have white rice and veggies
    . evening have snack and milk tea
    . night have rice food or chapati

    .Have food at time
    .have food less amount and leave the stomach some space ,drink enough water
    .avoid sugary , oily,milky,lemon,spicy ,junk foods
    .most importantly do excercise morning or evening, such as walking 10 min,do updomen excercise 60 reps.
    . don't sit at one place or sleep more that makes IBS worse ,stress is the only reason for IBS ,walk more engage in works
    .avoid medicines of any kind it makes IBS worse , IBS mainly about bad lifestyle

  25. Mate how come you didn t mention about flaxseeds,guys if you want to cure IBS try flaxseeds ,you ll never regret it.

  26. Josh, i did a food allergy test and found white rice and brown rice were ok to eat. Does that mean i am clear? I cant eat gluten wheat dairy eggs sesame and peanuts. Is me eating rice everyday ok? I prefer whtie rice but if u think i should go with brown rice i will. thank you

  27. Pooping twice within one hour, what is it?

    First without eating, No. 2 or 3
    After eating, 30 mins later,
    Second poop, No. 1 or 5

  28. Does anyone have an idea about how much probiotics and enzymes to take daily? I'm currently taking only probiotics (2 capsules per day) but I'm getting enzymes as well. Should I reduce the probiotics income and add enzymes and leave the probiotics as they are and just add enzymes? Also, how often should I take the enzymes? Thanks so much in advance!

  29. Hi doctor. Idk if I have IBS or ulcer or any abdominal problem. I eat a meal then after several hours like 2 hours my stomach aches, then I eat again so the pain will disappear. My stool is okay. But sometimes my stool feels hard to come out but it will be okay later, it also comes out. I have a problem with peeing too, like I pee a few drops and it's really often, just after a few minutes or hours. But I got also a normal pee, it's much more plenty sometimes. Then I am really bloated, my belly is enlarged. My stomach is really painful during the night if I didn't sleep yet and also in the morning, my stomach is bloated or gassy and painful, it will disappear when I eat my breakfast. This is already for four months. What is this problem? What am I gonna do?

  30. just download fodmaps application to know what to eat and what not. its fodmaps that cause the ibs symptoms. including onion and garlic. that what healed my ibs

  31. Welp I’m vegetarian I guess I’ll just live off water now for the rest of my life 🤷🏻‍♂️

  32. Im so confused…every single thing I have listened to or read says onion and garlic are HUGE triggers yet this one says its ok and says it more than once 🙁 this is all so confusing.

  33. There is nothing I can eat or drink. And my stomach stays looking 9 months pregnant. I take acidophilus, magnesium, zinc vitamin c, stay exhausted. So bone broth soup. If you say so. We will see.

  34. Very true about diet. I don't know about others but everything he said to exclude gives me bowel pain. Grains, fruits, uncooked vegetables, raw onions and garlic, milk etc. Chefir doesn't give pain, as he said. I use to drink chefir very often and it helps. I think this modern diet in which they say to eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables is the problem. People with ibs can't tolerate that. Meat gives me no pain and helps to not have diarrhea but fruit give me instant pain. I don't care about all that vegan studies, i know my body. About stress also, when i have stress i immediately feel pain and blooating and in a fee minutes i have diarrhea.

  35. Enteric-coated peppermint supplement like Colpermin really makes a difference. The key is to get the spasms under control.

  36. For having it as a long as I have,Stress is the main factor for me also!!! MOST DEFINITELY!! And foods that I've learned that trigger my IBS I just stop eating it for awhile and try it again later. If it affects my IBS again. I just don't eat it anymore. Because it's not worth feeling so bad! I was given dicyclomine (bentyl) in 2016 after over 30 for the abdominal pain. Which actually,finally helped and took as needed and don't have as many bouts of Ibs as before………………..until tonight and went to take my new prescription refill of it and noticed the color was different same name,mg and looked it up to see if it mattered and found more than I thought
    Until I HAPPEN TO COME ACROSS DR.KEN BERRY'S VIDIO TITLED HOW "SOME MEDICINES YOUR TAKING CAN CAUSE DEMENTIA"!!! Been sruggling with alot of memory issuse and dicyclomine was high on this list. Gets scary to take any medicine anymore when you become sicker and no doctor will listen and you turn to the Internet and get better advice from actuall people that have been there!! And help more than the health care provider! And they wonder I'm stressed. Advocating for myself from now on. I Dont take anything until I'm feel 100% sure it's safe. Can't afford to gamble what little I have left of my health!! And praying I can get back most of what I've lost!!

  37. Aloe vera juice and peppermint tea are the cure. Please try it before and after you eat your meal. I cured my IBS with this.

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