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Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell. I this
clip I am going to talk to you about one way to neutralize some of the toxins or poisons
that you get from certain bites like spider bites that will help to neutralize the poisons
right away. Now one way to do that is for example if you got bitten by spider or an
insect that has very potent toxins in them then you are going to want to treat it straight
away. And one way is to use if you don’t have anything at hand I am sure everyone has some
disinfectant in the house or around or if you carry it in your first aid kit if you
go camping you should have that in there. You can dissolve this disinfectant in some
water here. And so what I have got I will do that. Dissolve a little bit of this disinfectant
in the water and then you can use this solution to actually apply to clean the wound itself.
So say example this is a spider bite and it’s really like really spreading and it’s getting
infected. So the first thing I need to do is to use this water with a mixture of disinfectant
and whip it over and that way at least then you are neutralizing the toxins with a disinfectant
and with the water as well and you are also washing away all the germs so that will prevent
any kind of infection. Then what you do is you can pat it dry and to just add extra protection
so you don’t get infected is to rub on this betadine as well which is a solution. It’s
an antiseptic that you can buy very readily in the pharmacy drug store and it just kills
a lot more germs. Or if you don’t want to use that cause that kind of stains your skin
and your clothes you can get some antibiotic cream here. Just add that on top of the bite
itself to help reduce the risk of getting it infected because you don’t want to have
that. It makes it more painful and will give you more complications later on. So this is
a way that you could also address certain bites from insects or spiders that have very
potent toxins.

16 thoughts on “How to Treat Insect Bites & Stings : How to Neutralize Toxins from an Insect Bite

  1. SizzleCompany, is this the best you can come up with? What a waste…they say, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. And you proudly exhibited your ignorance very well here.

  2. This is stupid. nothing here is going to neutralize any toxins.
    its still a good idea to disinfect a bite though, those fangs have been used for other stuff before biting you.

  3. most toxins from bites are basic! and all the crap shes using are acids! put them together and ur neutralizing it ppl!!!!

  4. yeah it will leach into the blood stream through the bite itself. but perhaps it works in worst case scenario bites.

  5. I've always found plain old mud to be the best thing for bites and stings. Comfrey leaves are good, too.

  6. Hi! What is the formula….how much water ? 1/4 cup? or ? tablespoons?… 2 drops of pine sol?…thank you!

  7. Vinegar is also something that people have around, and it's far less toxic than Pine-Sol.  Vodka also works, and may help a few others later on.  But in an emergency, anything goes.

  8. ya no! listen if you honestly think pine Sol is going to help in anyway your a very dumb person. lol wow what a dumb person. Haha just put some bleach on it why don't you Hahahaha wow

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