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Swallowed poisons could include chemicals, drugs, plants, fungi and berries. There are five key signs to look for if someone has swallowed a poison. They may have nausea and vomiting, which can sometimes be blood-stained. Cramping abdominal pain. A burning sensation. They may show a decreased level of responsiveness or even have a seziure. If someone has swallowed a poison, and they are responsive, ask them: What have you swallowed? How much did you swallow and when did you swallow it? Look for clues, such as poisonous plants or empty packaging. Reassure them and call 999 or 112 for emergency help. Give ambulance control as much information as you can about the poison as it will help to treat the casualty. While waiting for help, monitor their level of response and keep reassuring them. If the poison they’ve swallowed has burnt their lips or airway, give them sips of water or milk. If they should vomit, try to keep a sample in a bag or container to give to the ambulance personnel. It may help them to identify the poison. Do not try to make them vomit. If they become unresponsive at any time be prepared to treat an unresponsive casualty. So remember, when treating someone who has swallowed a poison ask them what they have swallowed, how much and at what time. Look for any clues. Call 999 or 112 for emergency help. While waiting for help reassure the casualty and monitor their level of response. And that’s how you can help someone who has swallowed a poison If this video has been helpful to you, help support St John Ambulance by going to

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  1. what does the hospital due ???  what if drink mms and it don't burn but causes vein damage .  don't help if you don't tell people what to do to counter act it in the system . lol.

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