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Greetings Sir. Greetings. I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda center. What is your name Sir? My name is Aaship. As told by you, your daughter had a problem with Nephrotic syndrome, proteins used to come in urine and there was a problem of Proteinuria. Please tell us in detail, when this problem occurred and from where you got her treated, tell us all in detail. This problem started a year ago. What is her name? Her name is Alisha. How old is she? She is 4 years old. Ok. Sir, I showed many doctors in Bilaspur, Saharanpur, after that I went to Rishikesh, but could not get any benefit. The proteins used to come for 10 days, 12 days, 15 days, and then the infection would come after that. There was a lot of swelling. Then she was admitted to S. B. hospital, Rishikesh, for 3, 4 times in those 7, 8 months. I did go to some other places like Saharanpur. I visited many doctors over there but couldn’t find the relief. When was it first diagnosed. And when did you find out that she had Nephrotic syndrome? I came to know about it, a year ago. That means in 2018. Yes Sir, there was lots of swelling in her body. Her body had immense swelling. At first I got her examined from a junior doctors. And they couldn’t diagnose it well, every doctor had a different opinion, someone said that there is an infection in her urine. Some said there is an infection in her liver, but none could treat her well. Then a doctor did her tests and told me about that she is suffering from this disease. OK, proper test was done which diagnosed that your daughter is suffering from Nephrotic syndrome. Yes, after that I did give her medicines at Saharanpur for 3, 4 months, but she got no relief. Nasal congestion also happened. When she would cough mildly, her protein used to be 4+. It was very difficult and stomach used to pain a lot. I admitted her in the emergency, but was unable to find relief. In Rishikesh too, she was admitted for 2, 3 times and was kept on going Rishikesh, regularly for 8 months, sometimes twice a month or sometimes thrice a month but no relief was there. Then how did you come to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan, Sir? Through my wife, she was quite depressed about her, she was having a phone and used to watch videos on YouTube about kidney a lot. So you got the information through the internet and she used to search on internet and then she came to know that she had to take treatment here to her daughter from here. Yeah, she did watch many videos of Vikram Sir. Even she told me about each and everything that he is a highly qualified doctor. She also watched some other videos in which people were saying that he is a very good doctor and has cured our children. So people also told in the video that this is a good place where they are going good treatment for Nephrotic syndrome, here at Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s clinic, at Planet Ayurveda. After that I came here. Thank god my daughter got relief within 10 days. First, how many days was Dr. Vikram Sir asked to take the medicine? Vikram Sir had told me that your daughter will totally fine within 6 months. That was the final treatment plan, but initially, the medicines were given for two months or for how many months? It was for one month. Ok, the treatment was started from one month. So now, since how long your treatment is going on? About 50 days ago. Let’s assume approximately 2 months. Yes two months. Ok, And now what percentage of relief did she get? Since the last month, she is 100% fine. She is absolutely fine. Absolutely, no proteins are coming into the urine and its going absolutely negative. All this happened after 10 days of medicines, the proteins coming into the urine has been completely stopped and it’s going absolutely negative. Now she is absolutely fine. Earlier, whenever she had nasal congestion or some cough, but now she is not having such kind of problems, since these medicines are going on. Ok, Now even in that conditions like nasal congestion or cough, you face no problems at all. Yes Sir, earlier whenever she got cold or congestion she used to get swelling OK, Currently she is not having any problem. I had great difficulty, especially in the raining season, in winter and in summer, she used to get infected by a mild nasal congestion, creating big troubles to me. After having Sir’s medicines my daughter is absolutely fine, I have no problem and my daughter has been completely cured now. The medicine started showing its effects within 10 days of, its usage. Sir, I would like to show the prescription of your daughter to our viewers. Please show us the prescription. “Sowing the prescription” Here are some medicines prescribed by Dr. Vikram Sir and this treatment is still going on. Did Dr. Sir asked to make any change in her diet? Yes Sir, he asked us to make but as she is still a child, she used to have, a little but no problem occurred at all and we could not forbid her to have those things and she could also not avoid those things but Dr. did ask me not to give citrus fruits, milk & its products. Usually these things are restricted like milk & its products and citrus fruits. It gets difficult for restricting a child. So the medicines are giving good relief. Absolutely sir, superlative, just number one. There are many of our viewers watching this video this time, what message would you like to give to them through this video? My message is that this is a superb medicine and my daughter got cured absolutely with Vikram Sir’s medicines. Thank you Sir for giving us your valuable time and good information to our viewers. Thank you very much.

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