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Ok , the next category of herbs were going
to talk about are the astringents. Lemon is one of the most astringent things in the world,
and Witch Hazel. Do you remember, I remember when I was young watching the older women
put make up on and they would put Witch Hazel on their face before they would put the makeup
on. What that does, its because Witch Hazel is an astringent and it tightens and tones.
Astringents tighten and tone. You might say why do I want something tight? Well when it
was flabby, like what if you have varicose veins or what if you have hemmorrhoids. You
would like to tighten that up. Thats what these herbs do . They tighten and tone. They
give muscle strength. White Oak Bark and Butchers Broom for example are both used for varicose
veins and hemmorrhoids and any kinds of bloodclots anything like that because they tighten and
they tone. What they also do is they dry, they are very drying. So what we , we have
a little demonstration here. I have a combination of herbs that I have put together allready.
Its an astringent combination. There is some Dandelion in there, theres some Purslaine
and some other things. My lovely assistant whos still actually here surprisingly. Were
gonna show you how drying this can actually be. Have a little drink there. Now this is
mostly water hes drinking, but were gonna show you how this can really dry you out.
Give it just a second and the whole inside of his mouth is going to lose all moisture.
Thats why I have this paper towel here , I’m going to show you how dry he is in there.
Ready? See absolutely nothing, theres no moisture in his mouth at all. So when would you want
something drying, when you have something thats too wet. If you think about your ailment,
your imbalance, whatevers going on with you; If its a wet thing look to something drying.
If you have something that needs to be tightened and toned, look to the astringents.

One thought on “How to Use Medicinal Muscle Testing : Astringent Herbs

  1. can i apply this to gaining muscle definition in my biceps? for this would i want a soak/topical setup or ingested?

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