Taking Charge of Your Health

okay you may notice that you’re sleeping
better that you may be pouring the dregs of the alcohol away when you’d normally
finish your glass you might find that you think about alcohol say at four
o’clock in the afternoon or I’ll have a nice glass of wine I want to get home
but actually you get to bed and you realize that you didn’t have one for
everyone the changes are different so you may just notice small things you may
notice that your Recycling’s less it’s quite a good indicator because usually
people take out a similar amount of bottles each week in their recycling box
I can have two clients that make a 50% reduction after a couple of weeks now
one person will think that’s fantastic and amazing and the other person will
think it didn’t work so it’s up to you as well to notice those small changes
that are beginning to happen because once they begin to happen you’ll start
to get more and more changes happening and eventually you will take control and
be in the place that you want to with alcohol

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