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– Hey can I hold your candy? – No.
– Come on man. Just let me hold it, I’ll
hold your hand though. – Finn can I hold your candy? – No. (laughing) – [Missy] Finn can I hold your candy? – No. ♫ This is our life, let’s live it ♫ Live it forever (spooky music) – Happy Halloween! It’s Halloween you guys. – Yay! I’m already in costume. – [Bryan] Missy’s gonna be
dressed like this all day. – I just wanna be comfortable. – Yes good morning guys. It is finally Halloween. The boys are so excited
to go trick or treating. Ollie is at school where they’re
having a Halloween party. – Yeah, Halloween party. – [Bryan] So I have been
watching this little monster all morning who is a little crazy. Yeah, but yeah this is probably
a good thing for you to wear all day babe because it’s
freezing and it’s actually sprinkling right now on the camera. – I have to make sure the boys
are gonna be warm tonight. – Yeah.
– We don’t normally have to deal with this so much but it’s gonna be cold tonight. – I know I love that California was like, “oh it’s almost November first
okay, I’ll make it cold.” (laughing) Yeah we’re ready for the winter. If you guys are looking for
our annual Halloween special we do every single year as a family, we put that up a couple
days ago because we wanted to put it up early; so if
you check out the link in the icard now, you can watch
our new Halloween special where we did the
nightmare before Christmas and it was so much fun. Probably like our craziest,
best, Halloween special yet. I am walking through the
courtyard and down here because I wanna show you guys something, but I don’t know if you
got a real clear picture of during our Halloween party. Look what we have going on over here. This is the well; we did a Halloween party and we did a really cool
haunted maze and like interactive adventure
that was Ring themed, so this was the well and
it’s just a bunch of bricks. Look at all the tapes in
there; people had to throw the cursed tapes in here
to like get rid of it and then Samara was
like climbing out of it. It was kind of nuts; there’s
even like moss everywhere. I love that; I thought
that was pretty genius. Some people were like riding
through here on the Polaris and then they look and they see Samara coming out of the well. We definitely love Halloween you guys. It’s one of our fun holidays
because the kids love dressing up and pretending
to be other people basically. By the way this is all
cleared out super nicely. It didn’t used to be like this. We have plans to do like a little park hopefully by early next year. – Alright guys, I am
actually getting ready to pick up Ollie and I am
dressed as a gorilla. I told you guys I’m wearing
this gorilla suit all day. It’s not only just so
comfortable, but it’s warm and it’s Halloween so I can
wear whatever I want right? So I’m excited to see what he
thinks when I’m wearing this in front of all his friends. I hope he’s not embarrassed. Alright now that I’m out of the
car I’m actually embarrassed so here we go. Hi! Happy Halloween. Did you have a fun Halloween party? You ready to come home with Mama? – Yeah. – I just missed you so much. Alright Ollie what did you
think of Mommy dressed up? – Good. – Were you embarrassed at all? No? Did you think it was pretty cool? – Yeah.
– You got a pretty cool Mama. Everyone was looking at me
like, what is she dressed as? Why is she wearing that, but it was fun. I think he liked it. Alright we got one more place to go into. Are you ready to go
shopping with your gorilla? – Um, yeah.
– Yeah. We gotta get candy to pass
out for trick or treaters, so. Let’s go shopping. I think that’s enough candy. (spooky music) – Alright it is pumpkin carving time and I’m not sure what I’m gonna carve, but it’s the perfect time to pumpkin carve because Finn is taking a nap;
he needs to take a nap tonight or he’s not gonna be able
to go trick or treating and he can’t really carve pumpkins. Ollie what do you wanna
carve into your pumpkin? – I’m going to carve a bat. – [Bryan] A bat? – Yeah.
– Alright good luck with that. This is the future; Ollie look at this. Look at this pumpkin carver. You just push this button,
automatic pumpkin carve. We did not have that growing up Ollie. What what’re you doing? Don’t stab your pumpkin. Okay, this is what
happens when you let your four year old carve a pumpkin. Alright, I’m gonna help you okay? (spooky music) Alright Ollie I cut the
top, can you pull it? Pull it super hard. You got it, almost got it. Oh, it’s actually really in there huh? Whoa!
– Whoa. – See now you can take it off. Look at those. – Ew.
– Ew. That’s what the inside
of a pumpkin looks like. – [Missy] Now we gotta
get all the seeds out. – You gotta get all that out now, okay? – He’s like, ah–
– Don’t worry. It’s the 21st century; we have
tools for this kind of thing. – [Missy] He’s so afraid of the gunk. Ollie your hands are
going to get dirty okay? – Yeah it’s okay if your hands get dirty. That’s why it’s fun, ‘kay? – [Missy] We’ll wash our hands after. – Do you wanna take your shirt off? – [Missy] Watch Mama, ready? – Hand going in the pumpkin.
– Oh look at all the guts. – But you know what, he’s a lot like me because I do not stick my
hand in pumpkins anymore. I did that when I was
a kid and I was like, you know what I’m over that. – Well he’s a kid–
– This thing works amazing. – [Missy] I know, and now we gotta save all the pumpkin seeds so we
can eat them later, ‘kay? – Are you gonna eat those later Ollie? – Um, no. – He’s like–
– So all you do is you scrape the inside of your pumpkin and then you take it out
and put it in the bowl. Can you do that? – Okay.
– There you go, kiddo. (spooky music) This is Ollie’s bat, huh Ollie? – [Missy] So Daddy drew out a bat for you. – This is an easy part, okay? See the wing? Go ahead and try. – [Missy] You gotta
saw it, back and forth. – There you go, keep going. Good job, just like that. There you go. – [Missy] It’s hard. – You wanna pull that piece out? – Yeah.
– Oh one side. Oo, that looks so good. Wow! – Hopefully it’ll look like a bat. Say hi.
– Hi. – We’re carving pumpkins. Ollie’s vlogging. – What does it look like Ollie? – Um, a pumpkin. – You don’t see anything specific? Who is it? – Um, a zombie. – Oh my goodness.
– Jack. – [Missy] Yes. – Mama’s carving Jack. Finn doesn’t know to carve a pumpkin. (spooky music) – So we are over at Mimi
and Papa’s house now and the boys are getting
their costumes on. The sky is starting to darken
which means it’s almost time to trick or treat. Oh my goodness would you
look who just walked in. Jack Skellington.
– It’s just me. – [Bryan] Oh it’s just you, okay. You ready to go trick or treating, buddy? – Yep.
– Yep. Finn’s getting his ballet tights on and he seriously looks like a
ballet dancer, it’s so cute. Look at him. – Do a little twirl ready? (screaming) – [Bryan] You’re gonna
have to catch that ghost. Ah! Costume going on. Good job kiddos. – Now we need your collar. – That’s so cool.
– He got chocolate on it. – [Bryan] And look
we’ve got Jack and Zero. – Is it on right?
– Is it on? Yay! Finn you look so cute buddy. – Oh my gosh are you a dog? Go bark bark. – I’m the real Jack. – Oh my gosh, you’re the
real Jack, not the fake one. – [Bryan] The real Jack
Skellington you guys. – Say trick or treat. – [Bryan] Yeah if you could
teach him trick or treat that’d be great. He just say, ba ba ba. – Trick or treat
– Trick or treat. You look so good Jack Skellington. You ready to go trick or treating buddy? – Yeah.
– Yeah. So what’re you gonna tell
people when you see ’em as Jack; what does Jack say? He says, “I’m the pumpkin king”. – I’m the pumpkin king.
– That’s right. And Zero you gotta work on your bark okay? Say bark bark. And we got their buckets for tonight. Funny story, I actually
thought very much ahead about like a month ago
ordered their buckets so that they have ’em custom embroidered and they came and they were
super cute and I was excited to get them to them and then
we couldn’t find them anywhere. That’s what we get for
ordering things early. – I know I feel like anytime
we were like trying to be extra prepared it doesn’t work. – [Bryan] Yeah. – Hey Finn, um, who’s that?
– Batman. – [Ollie] That’s the real Batman. – [Missy] That is a real Batman. – Does Batman need reading glasses? – [Missy] Batman, what happened
to your eyesight Batman? – I have eye problems. Are you being a good boy? – [Missy] What do you think of that? Do you like that?
– Yeah. – Give Batman a kiss. [Missy] Give Batman kisses. (laughing) He’s like scared of him. Alright we’re off to go trick or treating. Oh my little boys look so cute. And he’s down, first one. You okay buddy? Alright boys. My mom’s a giraffe; we’re
going trick or treating. Here we go. Finn are you gonna say trick or treat? – Trick or treat. – [Mimi] They haven’t opened the door yet. – Hello! – [Missy] Stage fright. – There you go sweetie. Which one you like? You like this one? – Yeah.
– Alright. – [Mimi] What do you say? Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – [Missy] Say thank you. – Bye. – [Missy] Was that so cool? – Yeah.
– Yeah. I think he literally got a
stage fright and was like oh my gosh there’s candy in front of me. I’m just gonna grab it and go. Look at Luna’s joining us. – Luna’s going trick or treating. – Luna’s first trick or treating. I think um Karma has
come with us a few times trick or treating so
this is Luna’s first time and Karma’s taking a break this year. (spooky music) – Trick or treat. – [Missy] You have to wait
until they open Ollie, ‘kay? – Hello.
– What do you say? You gotta say trick or treat. – Trick or treat. (laughing) – [Missy] There you go. Say thank you. – Take a couple more. Here, you guys are so cute. What about you Batman,
you need some candy? – I’m good. – You guys I’m just so surprised that he’s wearing his costume
because it was a struggle the whole time we were
filming our Halloween special. I think he realizes if he keeps
it on, then he gets candy. (spooky music) Alright we are still
practicing our trick or treat. Hopefully we get it right this time right? – Okay.
– Okay. Hi, what do you say? – Trick or treat.
– Yeah! – [Mimi] Oo that’s a nice policeman. – [Missy] What do you say now? – Thank you.
– Good job. – You did it Ollie; you
said trick or treat. (spooky music) Poor Ollie is like, um
that’s a little scary. (laughing) – [Mimi] You know he’s just
a toy from the store right? (spooky music) – Trick or treat. – Hey can I hold your candy?
– No. – Come on man. Just let me hold, oh I’ll
hold your hand though. – Finn can I hold your candy?
– No. – Finn can I hold your candy?
– No. (laughing) – So we are headed to a street
that we have been eyeing since Halloween season started
and it is a Jack Skellington house so the kids are
all in their costumes and ready to meet Jack. You excited? – Ya! – [Missy] Look Ollie it’s Sally. And there’s Jack. – There’s Zero!
– And Zero’s over there. Alright get your candy. Yeah, Finn get your candy. They’re obsessed with this right here. – Thank you. (upbeat music) – [Missy] Alright boys how you doing? – Good.
– Are you getting tired? Yeah. – Finn you’re worn out. You want me to hold your candy? – He can barely walk, but. Finn let’s go. The boys are exhausted to
so we’re heading back now. Their buckets are full, oh my gosh. He just threw out all his little sticks. Come on Finny. By the way did anyone
find it ironic that my mom is the giraffe? She’s like the shortest person and she’s like the tallest
animal so, kind of funny. – [Bryan] Whoa, look at all
that candy you got dude. – Yeah.
– What do you thinking right now; are you pretty excited? – Yeah. – [Bryan] So I take it you
got your favorite candy, Skittles covered, right? That should be good for
the rest of the year. Gummy bears cool. What else you have in
here that’s really cool? Whoa a Sour Patch Kids? Nice, dude. – Chocolate.
– And chocolate. – [Missy] Oo, so much good stuff. – [Bryan] You did so good. Did you have fun trick or treating? – Yeah.
– Are you ready to eat all of this candy? – Yeah. Okay; alright Finn, what’d you get? Dump it out. He’s so excited! Look at all that candy! Finn you had a great turn
out for the Kit Kat’s. Yes, daddy’s favorite. This is your Halloween tax. – Alright what can auntie steal? – [Bryan] Uh oh, auntie needs something. Can you give auntie something? Are you ready to share? – That’s not a lot of candy. What’d you do wrong? – I think Papa has a big glove full. – [Bryan] Oh batman glove? – This is not that much
candy if you ask me. – You’re supposed to give ’em pillowcases, not what you guys gave them. – They have little legs. There’s only so far they can go. Good job little ghost. Luna had a lot of fun too on her walk huh? She was so good. Alright you guys. That’s right, Halloween’s over. I’m already wearing my Christmas onesie. That’s it for Halloween 2017, Daily Bumps. We had a blast. I’m gonna have in the
icard, a playlist of all the Halloween fun we had this year. Let’s us know in the comments
below what has been your favorite Halloween moment on
Daily Bumps this past month and we’re excited; end
of the year’s coming up. We’ve got some fun
family things coming up. Gonna be a good time so
thank you guys for watching and subscribing and liking
and all that fun stuff. We will see you guys mañana. Bye. (upbeat music)


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