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  1. Did you bother viewing your video before posting? The wind interference in the Audio is totally unprofessional. I know you are well-intentioned, but If you want people to watch your videos go inside or use a sound damper.

  2. I’ve been doing IF for a few months and lost 35 lbs. My blood pressure is still high. I want to do an extended fast but I know your body needs salt and other nutrients while doing a water fast. Is salt a bad idea because of the hbp?

  3. You don't even need to travel to a tropical paradise. You can Netflix and chill your way through it for FREE.

  4. yes first time i read a book about fasting and best therapy and something like that wrote by Alan cott american doctor i was astonished among all desease how fasting can heal heart desease and blood pressure , we muslim are fasting one month a year as compulsary and in addition we fast twice a weak and three days a weak as mandatory, today i ve been fasting twice aweek since three month ago combined that with practicing sport and i feel better my systolic BL is 130 and waiting for diastolic to recover, also a good diet no soda no excessif sweet,….etc so my advice is: you american you all clean your body with bath soap and shower but you must clean your body inside with fasting

  5. I’m on day 5 of water fast and my BP has become elevated to 140/90…. before the fast it was 120/80

    Wtf can anyone help me?

  6. Morning , so I'm going to give fasting ago as for the last past 10years I struggle that's on medication this morning 217/137 ,I expected it to be high as I videoed my first weight and blood pressure test ! Normal day can be 175/116

  7. @Loren Lockman good info two questions: 1) What's the minimum length of an effective fast for hypertension? and 2) Should one fast until his/her blood pressure drops to a good reading then stop?

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