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100 thoughts on “Hypnosis: Real or wack?

  1. I do not believe this. I guess the only way to find out is to try it ourselves with some friends as wtnesses

  2. So…REAL hypnotism isn't even close to this, basically you don't just go out like a light bulb, you can hear and see(if they let you do it with your eyes open, which is possible) and perceive everything normally, the only thing different is you are concentrating on a certain thing so intently that other stimulus is basically put in a "use later, but put a pin on it" folder in your brain, like being zoned out while reading a book. And the hypnotist can use triggers like "word X will do X in your brain" but they are merely suggestions, you wont fly off the handle and start barking like a dog if someone claps, tho the idea will have weirdly popped into your head. And no, this is not a good way to get info from someone because this is close to the same state that dreams come from, and we all know how reliable dreams are…so yea, this is fake AF.

  3. The cringiest thing about this video isn't the fact that this is fake
    The cringiest part is the clicking noise he makes
    I fucking hate it when people click their mouths, it's so damn annoying

  4. This boring video made me look at the covoy of ants I took the last ant in convoy and place it in the first , am I hypnotized , lol.

  5. There first of all has to be a proclivity on the part of the subject to be hypnotized, for it is said "that all hypnosis is self hypnosis". Subjects can be hypnotized to do anything, if the facilitator convinces the subject that the activity will cause them to feel good or gives the promise of pleasure.

  6. Oh please, so fake…Or those people are so weak minded they can be controlled by anyone..There is no way I could be hypnostized..So stupid I couldn't watch this all, it was annoying and dumb!

  7. How dose this work? Dose he come to CNN and tell them he's a hypnotist but then when he gets there tells them it's not working today so the people have to play along or dose he just tell them hes a fake but its entertaining

  8. Stop hating lmao. U guys haven’t even met a pro. Even if u did, u would have to meet a specific requirement to be selected and hypnotize.

  9. This is why cnn is irrelevant as a news source ….what a fucking joke now you know why less people watch your bs media circus freak show. …if youre a left leaning person try msnbc cuz fox news is now state media and a circke jerk for the right

  10. Al my live I have not seen someone Kan sleep on the share and don't move. Is judt fake. U can't stay like this on the share. Just go try

  11. Comment Section:

    People who think they are the first person to come up with the CNN joke
    People who happily lick Trumps boot heel
    People brought here by H3

  12. If I say the word Atlanta , he said it 5 times already nothing happened………. he would have answered his BOOT on the first Atlanta, as fake as Wrestling

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  16. Hypnosis: Unique but obscure brain state hypothesized to explain dumb, unusual, and unlikely behaviors that occur subsequently to motivational instructions, yet disappear when the behavior is smart, commonplace, and expected. Thus when people act like obedient, compliant buffoons for a stage magician, they are hypnotized, but when they behave the same way on 'reality' TV shows to become the 'bachelor', 'survivor', or 'apprentice', they are wily and smart contestants.
    from Dr. Mezmer’s Dictionary of Bad Psychology, at

  17. OMFG! He sat there and SAID what they were supposed to do! They BOTH HEARD him say it!
    FFS, right after they slumped over he acknowledged that they were both fully conscious, could hear everything, knew where they were, etc.. The guy heard him say what to do when he said "Atlanta" so that's what he did because "Hey! I have to play along! Because we're on tv and that's what I'm here for!"

    Of course, it would have helped if he'd made sure beforehand that they could actually do the fake language thing. Ooops!

  18. Tambakhu sigaret sharab harprakarka nasha band hona chahiye phorn video sexi video band hona chahiye ye sab hypnosis (sammohit) Shakti see insan ko bigadte hai

  19. "Remember when I talked to you an hour ago and gave you key words and cues so you'd know when to pretend to be asleep?"

    I want to believe this, I really do. But I just can't. I've listened to many hypnosis videos and while I do go into a sort of trance and I get ridiculously relaxed (would definitely recommend) it never fully has the affect on me that it claims it will. But, supposedly, some people are more susceptible than others, so perhaps I'm just a tough nut to crack. I think hypnosis could very well be a real thing. But in these performances that hypnotists do…. it just seems so fake and staged and planned.

  20. Bruh. He literally said only when I shake Andy’s hand and Jennifer’s they will both speak a language that doesn’t exist. He was even shaking Andy’s hand after the first time👍🏻

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