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[Text on screen]: Hypnotherapy How to Eliminate Yeast Infections, Thrush, and other Candidiasis-Related Conditions from Your Life Forever Chapter One: Patient background & What is Hypnotherapy DAVID SNYDER: Hi, Faith. I’m David. I’ll be your hypnotist and coach throughout this session. FAITH: Hi. DAVID SNYDER: So, tell me. What brings you to see me today? FAITH: I have had recurring yeast infections. DAVID SNYDER: Recurring yeast infections, OK. That can be pretty annoying and somewhat painful. Tell me more. How long has this been going on for you? FAITH: Since I was about 14, 15. DAVID SNYDER: 14 or 15 years old. And have you been to see a doctor? FAITH: I have. I started out, obviously, with my family doctor, and your typical over-the-counter and then prescription, mostly. DAVID SNYDER: And how have those; obviously you’re here because those obviously didn’t work out the way you’d hoped. So, what’s the story there? FAITH: I just feel like they’re masking the symptom, really, rather than getting rid of it. It keeps happening. DAVID SNYDER: Right. Well, it’s interesting you should say that, because the truth of the matter is when it comes to things like yeast infections, and I’ve said this to other patients as well, is a lot of people who suffer from chronic yeast infections, the doctors will tell you it’s a diet or a lifestyle or being too acidic or whatever. Well, there’s hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who have the same exact diet or the same exact body conditions but they’re not having yeast infections. So, what’s actually going on that’s causing this particular type of condition to manifest? And that’s the domain of a hypnotherapist. One of the things that we can do, as a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, is that we can actually talk to what I like to call “the boss.” That’s your unconscious mind. Usually at the root of chronic, recurring conditions like yeast infections, there’s usually an emotional case or an emotional cause. There are three ways as a hypnotist that we can address recurring symptoms like yeast infection. But in order to know which way to go, I need to know a little bit more about your particular case, because everything I do is tailored specifically to what works best for you. So, the first question I have to ask is, at the time that these yeast infections started, what was going on in your life? You were 14, 15 years old, suddenly, “poof,” out of nowhere: yeast infection? FAITH: No, actually, I became very ill. DAVID SNYDER: Became very ill. OK. FAITH: About six weeks. DAVID SNYDER: What were you sick with? FAITH: They said it was a viral infection, but they think now; I talked to a family doctor recently, and he said it sounds like I probably had mono. DAVID SNYDER: Ah, OK. FAITH: Of course they put me on Erithromyacin for quite awhile. And that’s when it started. DAVID SNYDER: And how; did it start as soon as you started the treatments for Erithromyacin, or did it afterwards; how did it manifest for you? FAITH: I don’t remember. I think during the treatment. DAVID SNYDER: During the actual treatment. OK. And have you noticed how often did they come back after that? FAITH: Probably almost every month, around my cycle. DAVID SNYDER: Right around your cycle, OK. And have you noticed anything that seems to make it actually worse? FAITH: Um, probably my stress level, it seems. When I’m really stressed out then I know… DAVID SNYDER: Umm-hmm. And how about something; anything … have there been times in your life where things you have done have actually made it feel better? FAITH: I have tried taking the live acidophilus you can get at Henry’s over the counter.
0:03:52.000,0:04:07.000 DAVID SNYDER: Good, good. And so, you obviously didn’t just, you know, flip open the yellow pages and decide to see a hypnotist today. What made you decide that you wanted to come see me and talk to me about this? FAITH: An alternative route. I’ve been looking more into the natural healing. And I also have heard that you guys can cure; maybe help people stop smoking… DAVID SNYDER: First of all, let me clear up a few things right there. I can’t “make” anybody do anything. That’s one of the big fallacies about hypnosis. That I can “ishbabibblebebebebe” and all of a sudden you’re dancin’ around like a chicken. I wish my job were that easy. The truth is, I don’t cure anybody. I teach you and I guide you through a process that allows you to cure yourself. You see, most chronic, recurring conditions, whether they’re yeast infections or even some; many forms of breast cancer or outbreaks, skin rashes, things like that, have at their base an emotional component. Using hypnotherapy and hypnotic techniques, what we really do is teach you through a specific process and guide you through a specific process that puts you in touch with your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind actually knows every single reason why you’re manifesting the things you’re manifesting in your life. Usually, if we’re manifesting a physical symptom it’s because there’s an emotional charge or an emotional series of events the unconscious mind hasn’t been able to resolve, either through some physical means or through being able to be expressed openly. As a hypnotist, my job is to simply put you in touch with that part of yourself so that you can begin the process of venting that emotional charge and relieving the physical symptom. Because anytime we have an emotion, our particular culture teaches us that there are certain types of thoughts, ideas, and feelings that’s just not cool to express. And so where do they go? We stuff them back down. We stuff them down. And before you know it these things, these emotions, these energies, these experiences that we have, they build up a charge in the body. And if it’s not expressed, it has to go somewhere. And it goes to our stomach or it goes to our breasts or it goes to our genital organs or some other part of our body where we start to manifest chronic problems. You’ll literally hear people say, “This guy gives me such a pain in the neck,” and they’re suffering from chronic neck problems. It’s literally true. Many times when we have chronic infections that affect our genital or urinary tract, there’s sometimes some sexual issues that are involved that haven’t been addressed. And I’m not saying that’s what it is for you. Those are examples of things that can manifest as a chronic, recurring infection. It doesn’t have to be a yeast infection. Many types of quote “incurable diseases” like herpes and other things, if you start to actually dissect what’s going on, you find increased stress levels, you find repressed emotions, and usually guilt, that are all kind of wrapped up in one nice little painful package. But the cool thing is that by going in and talking to your unconscious mind, we can begin the process of venting off that emotional charge, teaching your unconscious mind a better way to express things, and the symptoms begin to fade. [Text on screen]: To continue watching the interview, proceed to Chapter 2.

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