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So there’s a question that I get asked a lot
people email me to ask me: “I’m interested in hypnosis, I’ve done
a little bit of hypnosis study, I’ve practised hypnosis, I’ve even gone out and done some
street hypnosis and I’m interested in taking up hypnotherapy – in starting hypnotherapy
– what training do you recommend? Do you recommend this training or that training? Do you recommend
NLP training? A hypnotherapy diploma? What do you recommend?” Now, I always, over the last few years I’ve
always given people very similar answer, I’ve said “what I would recommend you do is avoid
a long, in-depth hypnotherapy training.” Which seems like a weird thing you know; why
wouldn’t somebody want to go in deep and really learn the whole subject from end to
end? Why wouldn’t they want to do that? Well the reason is, to become really good
as a hypnotherapist or hypnosis change worker (however you want to frame it up) you need
experience. It’s time on the ground that’s gonna make the difference is that real-world
experience that’s gonna make the difference. So, you want to get started working with people
as quickly as possible and you want a concise, tight little format for doing that. What often happens to people – I’ve seen
it over and over again – when people do long hypnotherapy trainings (I mean they have their
place, they have their value, but I’ve seen it over and over again), people go through
the training and they come out the other end almost bewildered. Bewildered by the amount
of choice they have – this technique that technique this idea that idea. All of this
stuff has been lumped upon them; they don’t know this stuff deeply, they’ve been introduced
to this stuff and they often have no clear criteria by which to make decisions when actually
working with clients. So they’re just overwhelmed, they’re overloaded with ideas and under
loaded with practise and real experience. So, to remedy this, I’ve always recommended
that people take a very short course and learn one simple thing and learn how to do it well. You see because when you learn one simple
thing and how to do it well you have a starting point you have a place where you can hang
a shingle on your door you can start to see clients, recognizing that what you have is
limited necessarily but you can start seeing clients start developing real skill, start
making a difference for people right off the bat and go from there and start to layer in
other stuff as you choose as you develop over time. But the most important thing I think
is getting enough to hit the ground running and start working. So traditionally what I’ve always recommended
people do – this is a kind imperfect solution given they’re are asking me about hypnotherapy
– I’ve always recommended that people do Andy Austin (Andrew T Austin’s) IEMT training;
Integral Eye Movement Therapy training. Why? It’s not hypnosis but what Andy does in that
weekend training is he teaches the method – as I say it’s not hypnosis – but he also
teaches how to structure a client session and that is really really important; how to
structure client session. Now Andy structures client sessions very differently from how
I structure client sessions personally, so, and also Andy’s IEMT training it’s a fantastic
training, IEMTs really good, but it’s not hypnosis, it’s not a hypnosis training such. So what I’ve decided to do having had this
inquiry one too many times I guess (maybe ten too many times) is to run such a training
myself. And this is what I’m talking about here, I have this training coming up, it’s
called Hypnotherapy Heresy and it is about equipping you with everything you need to
hit the ground running seeing clients. It’s about how to structure a hypnosis changework
session or a hypnotherapy session from end to end – from beginning to end – in fact from
when somebody ‘phones you up, all the important details because that’s actually when the change
work starts when you having the very first conversation with somebody before the formal
session. But it’s about structuring the session from end to end and giving you minimal effective
tools, so you’re not overwhelmed with choice, so you can start working with people; start
developing your skills for real in the real world. Now, why is it called Hypnotherapy Heresy?
Why have I chosen this title Hypnotherapy Heresy? Well, there are a number of reasons,
first off is the one I’ve just given you: the classical view is if you want to learn
hypnotherapy you need this deep, in-depth course. I’m being heretical, I’m saying
“no you don’t need need a deep in-depth course, you need enough. You need just enough
really highly focused material to set you off so you hit the ground running and you’re
able to start doing some reasonably effective work with people straight off the bat, and
refining that two more more effective work. And you can bring stuff in, other things,
after the fact as you see fit to do. So, it’s kinda heretical from that perspective.
It’s also called Hypnotherapy Heresy because the last time I taught a hypnosis workshop
I had somebody run out in tears saying “you don’t even believe in hypnosis”. Now actually
this person came back into the session and I got some really good feedback afterwards
from this person about the training, but I think the thing that was upsetting was that
the model hypnosis I was presenting with radically different from the classic old-school models
of hypnosis and what it’s about and how it works. Now the models I’m going to be presenting
you are about getting underneath the hood. Not just accepting what’s said about hypnosis
on the surface, lifting up the bonnet, getting in there, getting into the mechanics of it
so you can really understand what you’re doing in a way that enables you to psychologically
stack the deck in your favour. I’m very very keen on doing this on psychologically
stacking the deck of the places that make the real difference when you’re doing change
work are not the obvious places they’re not the obvious centerpiece technique so to speak
that you’re doing that’s really going to make the difference. What’s gonna make the difference
are all the psychological subtleties that sit around it. This is why this training is
is predominantly about the whole session from end to end. Where you’re slipping in those
bits and pieces that really stack the deck in your favour. We’re going to be covering
the basics of hypnosis, kinda classic hypnosis although with a different model underpinning
and making sense of it. The basics of, er, basic change procedures – simple! Keeping
it simple! Nuts-and-bolts stuff, this is stuff that I used when I did a lot of hypnotherapy
(which I don’t do now, I do more coaching and that kind of thing these days) when I
did a lot of hypnotherapy this was my, erm, bread and butter stuff so to speak. So I’m
gonna be teaching that. I’m gonna be teaching how to round off sessions, how to future-pace,
how to generalize change out. We’re keeping it super focused, super concise no, er, no
fat so to speak. It’s all meat no fat. This is what Hypnotherapy Heresy is about. Now
I wanna be clear, I’m gonna give you the dates and details in the information box below,
if you are interested in doing this training Hypnotherapy Heresy… Ah, I know what I need
to say – who is this for and who is this not! This training is for people who have already
done some reading around hypnosis already have started exploring it they already have
an interest maybe have gone out and done some street hypnosis, maybe have been practicing
with friends and family, maybe have been doing it in another context, and are looking to
take that step across the threshold to doing hypnosis change work or hypnotherapy, or however
you want to frame it. This is who this training is for. If you are a seasoned hypnotherapist,
you’ve been doing your thing for a long time, you’ve got your way of working, you’ve
got your ideas, all of this kind of thing; this workshop is not for you, okay. You’re probably just gonna come along and
end up pissed off at what I’m saying because it’s gonna be really at odds – as I say it’s
Hypnotherapy Heresy – it’s going to be at odds with those old school kinda models. So,
this is for people looking to step across that threshold, start seeing clients start
making differences for people and developing your skills from the ground up as a hypnotic
change worker or hypnotherapist. Okay, so the details are below there are going
to be ten places only on this workshop, ten places only. Check out the details below if
you wanna make sure you get on it please do because I seriously doubt that I will run
this more than once so check out the details below, grab hold of one of your places, grab
hold of one of the places – your place – make sure you are there if you want to do this.
And of course feel free to use the comment section below here as well to ask any questions
you want to ask about the event.

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  1. Will this training perhaps be recorded, burned on DVD's, and packaged neatly to be sold to people like myself to watch in the comfort of my own home in Arizona?

  2. Hi James. I kind of want to learn NLP because you keep saying it is so useful, but then I hear people say that a fair bit of it is unscientific bullshit so I don't want to poison my brain and waste my time learning rubbish. What do you think about this?

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