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Hi, there. Thanks for tuning into my video
again. I hope you’re enjoying my Candida Crusher YouTube channel. I’ve got an email question
from a guy called Anthony Daniels in Ontario, Canada. Anthony is asking me why I give so
much information away for free on the internet. He says here “I’m suspicious as to your motive
why you are giving all this information away. Is it because you’re trying to make a buck
out of people? Why are you giving all this information away?”
Anthony, that’s a very good question. Thank you for asking me that question. Yes, it may
appear like a lot of information. And, in fact, if you have a look at,
there are over a thousand articles on this site. If you have a look at the Candida Crusher
YouTube channel, there are almost 600 videos. And, in fact, what you’re going to find by
this time next, there will be over a thousand videos on this YouTube channel. My aim is
to become a known on the internet as probably a person who gives away the most amount of
information that anyone has ever done. Not just on Candida, but on multiple different
conditions. Why the hell would I do that? What’s my motive?
What’s my interest in doing that? Part of the reason I want to do it is because when
I think back to my 20s, when I had a bad yeast infection, I was basically laughed at by doctors
and by family and friends and people thought I was an idiot. Nobody took me seriously.
I was quite distraught and upset with the fact that I was very sick and I couldn’t go
anywhere for help. This was in a time when there was no Google. There was no internet.
It was a long time ago, now. It was back in the 80s. And I was very depressed and very
upset about the whole thing. I did eventually find a naturopath who gave me an incredible
amount of help. My aim doing this channel is to help as many people as I can, not just
with Candida, but with irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, all of the
different complaints that can arise from small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and Candida.
It’s for free. It’s for free this information. There are no strings attached. I’m not trying
to sell products or promote wares to people or push anything. Yes, I have created my own
product range and it’s entirely up to you to decide if you’re interested in my Candida
products or not. But I couldn’t care less where you get your products from or what you
buy or what doctor you see. That’s entirely your call what you do. But I will disclose
that I have created my own products that you can find at I’ve also created
for the public a free tool, which is the world’s best online yeast infection quiz. You can
find that at I’ve also created a book and people ask me, “Why are
you selling this book? It’s 47 US dollars. It’s a rip off.”
If you spend three years and thousands of hours writing a book, you want to get a little
bit of return on your time, so 47 US dollars is not a lot of return on something that took
me three years to write and tens of thousands of patient experience for I could write this
book. I don’t think I’m really extorting people or ripping people off or coming in under false
pretenses. It is important to give free information away because there are many people who want
to see me, but can’t afford to see me. For those people, this is why I’ve given this
free information away. This would’ve been a channel I would have loved to have looked
at if I was back in my 20s and wanted some information on yeast infections and how to
overcome these infections. I’ve also found that the channel has been
very valuable for a lot of students of naturopathy and herbal medicine and chiropractic and many
other different natural health professionals. So for the more inexperienced health care
professional, I think this channel has also been quite good. Because I’ve had very, very
good feedback from different colleges and different students and doctors who looked
at some of my videos as well. It’s a fantastic resource for people and it’s
all free of charge. I hope that answers your question. Don’t be suspicious. There are no
ulterior motives. It’s up to you to decide what you want, but all the information is
there. Thanks for tuning in.

9 thoughts on “I Am Suspicious Why You Give All This Free Information Away

  1. Any canxida remove release date information Eric ? I know you said sometime this week but I was wondering when thanks very much

  2. Well $47 may seem more than usual for a book but compare it to USELESS MULTIPLE 1,000 of dollars to doctor visits and test and it's NOTHING. I personally went to several dermatologists as a child and received several conflicting diagnoses with no cure. Give me a break… doctors are great for life threatening injuries, broken legs and the like but somethings they can be quite useless for. You can live DECADES with low quality life if you leave it up to doctors. Until you're coughing blood don't expect they'll take you seriously.

  3. You have no Idea, how much you have helped me with your Video's; I have a better understanding of Candida and how effects the body.Thank you so much!!

  4. Dr Eric I wish you speak about smoking and candida because when I go to any doctor and he see my white tounge he ask me are you smoker and I'm asmoker

  5. You are amazing thank you for being a kind hearted person wonderful information you can literally save lives

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