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I’ve tried probably over 10 different nasal
sprays. They all last about two hours. It’s worse than it’s ever been at the moment. So I’m really hoping this procedure helps. I’m getting the nasyam therapy procedure done today. I’m here today because I lost my sense of
smell probably about two to three years ago. I do have a nose piercing, but I did get this
in December, November time, so it’s pretty new. This happened way before that. I’m not really sure what started it. I noticed it when I couldn’t smell perfume,
I couldn’t smell alcohol, and people would be like holding their noses or something and
I wouldn’t smell anything that they were talking about. So I did bring my nail polish remover today. If you want to see something crazy, this
is, I guess, a party trick that I’m not going to have anymore. Do not try this at home. Nothing. A weird fear I have is like, how do I smell? Do I smell okay? That’s the only thing I don’t like because
I’m really 100% okay with not smelling garbage, because when I can smell and I
smell garbage, it’s disgusting so… Western medicine has been really helpful,
but definitely always come back to nature. That’s what your body will understand more. I am Martha Soffer, and I’m the founder of Surya Spa. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, so I just
keep training here and things that I’ve learned from more classes
that I take to make things better. Ayurveda is a whole system of life. If you change your diet, if you meditate,
which is very, very important because you take the stress
out of the body. I’m 58 years old, and I just I don’t have anything. I just don’t have anything that I can say
is not working in my body, and I feel great. We treat every system of the body. The nasya treats the respiratory system. Nasya normally will take between
45 minutes to an hour. So if you have someone that has a cold or
has been coughing or has any problem with their respiratory system, I will use a nasya. Before the consultation, all the tools are being
boiled and sterilized before we use them, so that way we don’t have contamination. Through the pulse, I learned that her lymphs
were very congested. So I will try to open all of the lymph nodes
to drain all her congestion so that way she can breathe and taste again. After I do a short massage on her face, I
will do some marma points that will open the channels that go to the brain and the nasal passages. At the end I use the collagen cream. The original recipe came from my grandmother. What I did is took that recipe
and then combined Ayurveda. The result of that is this incredible cream. Then after that, I will do a short massage. This very energetic, kind of vigorous kind
of massage on the head. And then I use the eucalyptus to massage her chest to open all the channels that go to the lungs. Then after that, I will do a massage on her
neck and shoulders, draining more of all the lymph
that I put in the upper neck, moving more to the lower part of the lymph. And then I will do the buffalo horn, and I
will do the Gua Sha. These tools will help me move the stagnation
from the muscles up again to the lymph and then move them out. After that, I’m just going to put her to sweat. For the steam, I use water, and I use two different
kinds of eucalyptus. I actually go and get them from the mountains
and bring them, dry them, and then we use them when we need them. And then sometime, the time I use it to open
again, all the respiratory system. And then the hoppers smell that for about
5 to 10 minutes. After she sweats, then I’m gonna give her a little massage in her face, do a little bit of the toner on the face
after the sweating to close the pores. And then I will use the tuning forks, and that’s
to vibrate, so through vibration I’m opening the marma points. So, therefore, the respiratory system also
will help with that. And then after that, I will make her drop
her head back to be able to put the nasya oil. Nasya oil is the medicated oil that I have
prepared before she came, so that will be able to open all the channels and then make all
the mucus come out. Breathe into your nose and hold it. Breathe out your mouth, and now breathe in like that. Then I will make her sit up and then do some
gargle with the salt and warm water, and what this will do is make all the mucus come out. Working with Tiffani today was really nice. She was very, very easy. And it was very gratifying to me to be able to hear her say that she can breathe better. My nose feels so nice, like I blew it out
a bunch of times. So it feels so clean and open right now,
and in my throat, too. Your throat? You can’t see it, but my throat– There is a difference between your voice now. Oh, does it? Is there a difference in my voice? There is? Crazy. That’s amazing. Working with Martha was awesome. This procedure was done literally for me and
it was to my lifestyle and just to what caused it. She actually went back and asked, when did this start? And she said it has a lot to do with stress, even. She kind of just knew how they connected and
just elaborated on it and didn’t keep anything from me. She was very open. She’s really just here to help people. And they give you really good aftercare. So it’s not just like one and done, like you
can continue doing this and make it a lifestyle. So one of the things that I will recommend
for Tiffani is actually, keep using the oil that I used today and then put it like once
or twice a day. This oil helps move the mucus out. I would definitely recommend this to somebody
who has the same problems as me, just because there’s so many other things
that are connected to it. I just feel a lot better. It’s been almost a week, and I’m still feeling this way. When I first got home the first day after
the procedure, I got off the metro, and I smelled wood, like really strong. And I was like, where’s that coming from? And apparently there’s a bunch of
wood by the metro. I had no idea. The day of the procedure, I sniffed nail polish
remover, and I didn’t really smell anything. I don’t think I can do that anymore. So my party trick is gone. Thank you for watching Refinery29. To watch more videos, click here. To subscribe, click here.

100 thoughts on “I Got A Holistic Nasal Treatment To Regain My Sense Of Smell | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

  1. The massage looks amazing but this is pseudoscience and practitioners like this take advantage of vulnerable people. Especially women.
    Please go to a doctor.

  2. I would hate getting this done and this lady smacks half a bottle of oil on my hair 😟 I would feel so uncomfortable the whole time and than I still need to go home with it 🙁

  3. BTW people DIY : use a bowl of hot water put a few drops of peppermint and eucalyptus in the water then breather in for a few another way is order the leaves on ebay or amazon and tie to shower turn it really hot …. Yawl just now learning about eastern ways of healing LOL….ok imma not be judgey

  4. Ayurveda is a complete system of medicine…has both preventive n curative aspects…Western world has only glorified it's therapies in spa set_up…Here in India, da situation is completely different…Students have to complete a course of 5 and a half years to become an Ayurvedic physician…Acharya Sushrut is da "Father of Surgery"…Rhinoplasty is a complete adaptation of His procedure..

  5. Some of the comments here telling her to go to the doctor, obviously she already done that as its 3 years already 🙄
    Anyway draining mucous is certainly not something doctors usually do maybe they could give nasal spray. But this thing is a recurring thing and you need to be able to do it yourself

  6. Ok but really, go to a doctor. My mom couldn't smell for a while either and ended up having a MRSA infection in her nasal passageways.

  7. Eucalyptus is highly toxic. Breathing in vapors for an extended period of time can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Overdose will cause coma.

    Dripping oil into your nose is asking for an infection. Neti pots, nose irrigation, oils and all these bogus holistic "medicine" have caused horrible infections and actually cost people permanent loss of their sense of smell, as well as death.

    Does this woman not have insurance? Go to an ENT and make sure you don't have tumors or polyps. Otherwise having an unhealthy hormone environment in your body can cause anosmia (almost always women or obese men). Stop being dumb.

  8. Oml i thought i was the only one im 16 and for as long as i can remember ive never been able to smell anything but like she said thats my biggest concern everyday fir 16 almost 17 years if i smell i get so scared that i smell i have anxiety attacks but ive always had to pretend to smell like in school i would she peoples reaction to things and follow along if something smelled bad i would say ewww that so nasty what is that or of someone said smell this isnt it nice i would omg yes uts smells sooo good lmao only my siblings know ive never toldanyone else exept whoever reads this but still anonymous

  9. I know someone who lost their sense of smell because brain fluid was leaking from their skull. Go to an ENT doctor and have them do some scans… like wtf is some nasal spray going to do? You can't even get the REALLY effective stuff without getting a prescription anyways lol

  10. Nasya is an age old Indian Ayurvedic technique which has help innumerable people all round the globe suffering from various ENT or otolaryngetic problems

  11. People keep suggesting she just go to a doctor and to be honest even when I’ve been very congested and I’ve had this recurring cough for months now when I go to my primary clinic they’re just like mucinex and that’s all they have to say and they don’t check for anything. I think modern medicine really needs to take note from alternative medicine this concept of actually listening to patients for more than 2 seconds

  12. My sister ended up losing her sense of smell after she got the flu. She cant smell but she can feel pressure or pain in her head if theres a strong odor around her. I don't know if this treatment would help her tho.

  13. It would be cool to see an Orbital/Conch Piercing take place because I'm thinking about getting one and also I want to know the aftercare.

  14. Awesome video and I will take my mother to do this treatment because she had pulop surgery awhile ago. Also, just a quick note, did anyone else notice on 6:07 how her face and head got larger and like stretched out? Or was that just a zoom in? Idk it looked odd to me. Otherwise, great informative video!

  15. i wanna do thisss, i also lost my sense of smell, mainly because constant allergies and nose congestion. i lost it for about a year now.

  16. I have that problem too. I can't smell certain strong smells. I've been in places that serve lots of alcohol and was unaffected. It seemed that even my grandmother had a better sense of smell than I did because she noted said smells while I just shrugged it off.

  17. Wow…I had bacterial meningitis which was caused by a bad sinus infection. I'd be terrified to put anything like this in my nose….

  18. My sense of smell is pretty bad compared to my family’s and friends so when I was really into nail polish, my room smelled strongly of nail polish and acetone.
    I never noticed. Everyone else did..

  19. As a person who's had the worst skin and tired every dermatologist recommend stuff and tried every western method it was Ayurveda and Indian medicines and oil treatments that's made my skin normal

  20. Using nasal spray causes loss of smell… there you go. If your nose clogged take a hot shower, drink some tea, put a hot towel on your nose, get a humidifier, ANYTHING BUT USING NASAL SPRAYS.

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  22. I think, some of you guys should just shut your mouth off, stop being so freaking mean and please respect people.

    She put her effort into her work! Also her patient was in a better position. If you have a lot of recommendations you please keep it to yourself. And if you feel like you don’t enjoy this video then stop wasting your time, stop watching it!!!

  23. I’ve done the Chinese version lol. Uncle made me do it when I was cold/flu-ish. I definitely felt better and wanted to just sleep afterwards

  24. She said sniffing nail polish used to be her party trick. So maybe that’s the reason for her damaged olfactory nerve. Duh 🙄.

  25. Very likely her inability to smell happened after a viral infection and it can affect the communication to and from the brain. That is neurological and oils are not going to fix that.

  26. I just want to say I absolutely love this channel. Refinery 29 you guys do a great job keep up the great work in the diverse and variety of content.

  27. There is an area of the brain that is responsible for you sense of smell. If you cannot smell (not related to respiratory infection), it’s usually a sign that there is damage to that part of the brain.

  28. I’m sorry, but I feel like there is a bigger issues than just stress. Maybe, that is the cause of ur loss of smell. But I think she should see a doctor, and sniffing that nail polish remover isn’t doing good

  29. i've seen so much doctors because i have trouble smelling and breathing with my nose, and some have said i need an operation, some said they don't know and some say I'm making it up. Don't know at this point :/

  30. I’ve never had a sense of smell… I’m so jealous of everyone… 😭 Even when it’s a bad smell. I still wish I could experience it…

  31. Feel like even though this helps, you should only get a treatment like this after you've consulted a doctor, losing one of your senses like that could be a big sign of something worse, so unless you know it's nothing bigger then this might be a good option

  32. This would be pure horror to me
    Like i couldn’t even smell or taste food

  33. I hope she did this after getting a check up from you know… Doctors that can rule out things like tumors, infections and so on not just Chakra blockage.

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