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India is famous for the Ayurvedic
massages with a basically oil you up like your sunny Leone or a WWE wrestler
and I’ve had something similar in Sri Lanka. And that guy he got way too close
to my nut and my butt. He skimmed the nut! I was shocked and actually, I had to tell
him “no butt, no nut.” How do I translate that into
Malayalam? I’ll just keep it simple, No Nut, No Butt. Let’s go see how this message is today. You never know what’s gonna happen. It’s India. Okay, guys, to start off you have to take off all your clothes. I’m gonna take off all my clothes here including underwear. This building is beautiful. It’s like some old traditional kind of Kerala style. Today I’m gonna have that of Abyangam massage which is basically like to rejuvenate my mind and my body. It’s a
full body massage with all these different warm Indian oils. Then I’m
having the Shirodhara massage. And this is, it looks like they
waterboarding you of oil basically. So they have this little vessel above your
head and it’s dripping oil on to your forehead and this is meant to like
cleanse your mind I think. Let’s find out. Let’s find out if it actually works
as well and if you’re worried about coming here like, if you’re a guy you’re
gonna get a guy massaging you. If you’re a girl you’re gonna get a girl masseuse which is really unfortunate because overseas guys can get massaged by girls. Like in New Zealand. That’s what I’m used to but in India, I have to get messages from guys which, you know, and I dunno. I prefer a girl massaging me right. Okay guys, to start off, you have to take
off all your clothes. I’m gonna take off all my clothes here including underwear
and I’m gonna wear this it’s like… It’s very traditional. I don’t know how it’s
gonna fit around me but I’ll show you in Masseuse: It’s called Langoti. Karl: Lunger Dhoti? Masseuse: Langoti. Ok guys, so this is interesting. Look at what I’m wearing. Literally a tiny tiny loincloth. It’s tiny. And this is exactly what you have to wear for this traditional Ayurvedic Keralan massage. Don’t be shy. For women, what do women wear? Masseuse: The women also wear this. And sometimes if needed we will cover the chest area. Ok, so if you’re a woman, you’ll wear the same thing and you can have a bra if you want. But you’ll be with a female masseuse. So don’t worry you’re not gonna be with a guy. And now I understand why
they won’t give me a female Masseuse. This is why I can’t have a female
masseuse in India because I’m wearing… I’m wearing this, so yeah, I get it now You have magic hands, man. They really focus on every single part of your face and your head and your shoulders in this
first part of the message. Oh my god, they even do your eyebrows, your eyes, your
ears, inside your ears, like they really massage everywhere. I’m gonna call this
early, forget the Taj Mahal this massage, this Ayurvedic massage is one of the wonders of the world, not the Taj Mahal. Big call, aye? Alright, time for back. Whoa! Taking the
pants off. Okay, so this is a butt massage guys. Everything, literally full body. So guys that was the back, the spine, the
butt, the legs, and the feet. And obviously you have to go to a reputable place with
people who are trained so you can trust them. Because you’re literally naked in
front of them, and they’re massaging your butt. So you didn’t really need the truth
will you go wisely and not go to just any place because you have to trust your
massage therapist and I trust him and I can tell as soon as they put their
hands on you and they start messaging you you can tell if they’re trained or not. And I
can tell that he really knows what he’s doing. So, you know, that’s why I could feel comfortable and trust him like that. That full-body massage was damn amazing man. I told you I’d be looking like a WWE Wrestler after that. Look how oily
I am. And obviously, there was a lot of butt in a little bit of nut. So guys, now
that you know what will happen during one of these nut and butt massages, you
don’t have to worry, you won’t get the same kind of shock that I did the very
first time I did it in Sri Lanka but in Sri Lanka I was wearing a little bit
more than this actually. This is this is something unique that I’m wearing. So
there’s no big shock there for me today and I’m actually a careful because I
trust the masseuse. I trust him with with my body so it actually feels
amazing. Now the next massage we’re gonna go into is the Shirodhara and
this is where we’re gonna use this instrument here and it is gonna poor oil
over my face and I don’t know what else is gonna happen during it. So let’s see.
It’s mean to feel rejuvenating and help in my mind and right now I feel super super relaxed
like my body feels like like brand-new like a baby or something. Feels amazing. This is definitely an experience you have to have in India and now you know
what to expect so so don’t worry too much okay. That massage was incredible. It takes you to another place. You feel like you’re somewhere else. It is the most relaxing
thing I’ve ever ever done in my life. You just can’t imagine it. It feels like
these warm and hot waves of… Waves basically, like at the beach just washing over your face and it takes you to another place. It’s all black, your eyes
are closed, you find peace, and you thinking. It’s a totally
incredible experience. But now look at all this oil I have on me. We have to get
this off and that’s where we come over here to the shower and we use this
warm water down here to get all the oil off. Ok, bye Bro and thank you so much it
was an amazing experience. Masseuse: You’re welcome, Sir. I can’t begin to explain what an incredible experience that was. That is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in India. Now I
know some of you guys will say, “oh that’s so gay” and yeah this is probably the
gayest video I’ve ever made. But you know… It’s not a gay thing. This guy,
he’s a doctor, and he was caring for me. That’s how you think about it. He was
treating my body and caring for me even, you know, when we showered together. He was helping me get the oil off because it’s so difficult. So, yeah, look at it
like that. It’s the doctor caring for you. It’s not gay. It’s brotherly, that’s
for sure. But you know, that’s all it is and things are quite different here in
India. People live more communally and yeah I know this probably wouldn’t
happen overseas like that but in India it’s just different and you know who to
trust and of course I can trust him and he took amazing care of me. So thank you so much. Every time I come back here I’ll be going there to get the
massage again. Yeah, this is incredible India. Long Live India.

100 thoughts on “I Got India’s “Nut & Butt” Massage ? THE ULTIMATE MASSAGE EXPERIENCE!

  1. Apologizes to anyone I traumatised with this video ? This massage has surprised many foreigners in Kerala who had no idea what was coming ?

  2. bro i bet that is heaven if u can ignore your self conscious for the whole time haha. the masseuse really looks like he knows what he is doing. it reminds me of a doctor laughing at the notion of "looking at your private parts". he has seen it all ten thousand times before and knows his trade because of it. it might seem embarrassing to expose yourself… but like karl said i can feel the amount of care and expertise they put into their work.

  3. Man I didn’t knew you had these gay hobbies. U are a fucking gay person getting other man to touch your butt and u fucking enjoying it. Fuk off Karl. I knew you had something weird about you meth head looking Mf. Now I know for sure that guy fingering your butt and enjoying it. Salla gandu. Haryana mea tujhe chod denge agli baar gandu.

  4. I showed this to my mother a few hours ago.. I haven't seen her since and she has packed her bags and we got a bill from the travel agency? ?

  5. Guys
    Before you make your opinion ..I will tell you…
    "Indian massage" is not for fun and enjoyment. It's purpose is to make body function healtheir.
    Some people comparing indian massage to western massage. And telling that "they are surprised to see massage by man to man"

  6. The last word of this vid…. , made me feels awe … If you also felt that same….like is necessary ,

    thanks karly ….for putting words in better way , which makes opinions of people.. Being cordial and less saucy …but sophesitcated ..and simple ..

  7. Like you, one of my friends went for this kind of massage and do you know what was happened to him? His clothes were stolen from the place.

  8. Guys its india …. not a western country to be scared of and plz don't forget the day when u dropped pants infront of your doctors who cured ur herpes.

  9. Finally you showed your class..Damn you stupid man,you all can go to any level to make your video viral,such a cheap!

  10. I had this done in Varkala. The lady was so nice and caring. I was completely relaxed for so long afterwards.

  11. Come on pal, I know you wouldn't care if people did think you was gay, so what!

    2000 rupees seemed expensive, I paid quarter of that and it was amazing 2-3 years ago, was I lucky or have prices gone up that much? Or was it really that amazing, I too loved it but not sure I could say one of the best experiences I had in India and for the great Karl Rock to say that it really does mean something!

  12. Ok Karl… This is weird man. I know you are married but you seemed a little too comfortable letting another man massage you without any clothes.

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