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– How long have you been nail biting for? – I am 28 years old so 28 years. (upbeat music) So I’ve bitten my nails
for my entire life. I have never owned a
pair of nail clippers. I’ve never clipped my own nails. I’ve also never really tried to stop so today, I’m gonna go
to a hypnotherapist. She’s gonna put me under and hopefully get me to
stop biting my nails. (fun music) I am here to be hypnotized today. What am I in for? – So what’s gonna happen
is that I’m gonna put you in a really deeply relaxed state. Your brain’s wavelengths drop. Your mind opens up and it gives us this window of opportunity where we can input all of
these positive suggestions into your mind. – What is the difference between
hypnosis and hypnotherapy? – In theatre shows for example, it’s mostly setups to be
funny and lighthearted. With hypnotherapy, it’s
about retraining the mind to do whatever it is that
the person wants it to do. So you shouldn’t be able
to notice a difference after the first session. – And what would you say
to maybe like a skeptic? – You don’t even have to believe in it. Just want it to work, that’s it. – Sure. – Are you ready?
– I’m ready. – [Sasha] Your mind is
crystal clear on this. Crystal clear on this. Fingers stay far away from your mouth and your fingers stay far away from each other no matter what. – Alright, so I’ve just been
hypnotized for the first time. – How do you feel after? – I feel really relaxed. Just I’m a lot kinda calmer
than I was when I came in. Overall, my first
experience with hypnotherapy was super cool. There was a lot of really
weird things that happened that I couldn’t quite explain. When she was putting me under, she said that my arm would
start falling closer to my face and immediately it just
kind of started ticking down towards my face. As far as the therapy aspect of it goes, I’m not fully convinced yet. I’ve been picking at my nails a lot. I’ve caught myself biting them a few times and even in the car ride on the
way home from the hypnotist, I was biting my nails. – [Speaker] I looked over and
I saw his fingers in his mouth and I saw him biting his nails. An hour and a half after the hypnotist. – Change takes time. – So Patrick, welcome back. – [Patrick] Thank you,
it’s good to be back. – I’m really happy with the results. I’m really happy with
how you’ve been doing and so today is gonna be
all about reinforcing. Many times people think that
when it comes to hypnosis that it’s like magic, that in one snap, whatever
the issue was is gone but it really takes reinforcement
to retrain the mind. You understand that our hands have contact with different surfaces,
literally thousands. I’m gonna count from zero to
five and when I get to five, you’re gonna be able to
open your eyes and so zero, one, feel your toes. Two, feel your back. Three, bringing your breathing back up. Four, you believe in yourself. And five, wide awake and feeling great. And welcome back. – I think I actually went
a lot deeper in this one. – Awesome, well, you do
beautifully with hypnosis. – I had a great time going through this whole process with you. – So I expect good things and
I will stay in touch with you and we will go from there. (fun music) – So I think I can confidently
say that hypnotherapy actually works pretty well. After just two sessions, I definitely noticed a huge decrease in how much I bite my
nails and look at my nails. No, I’m just kidding, they
still look like complete (beep) but it hasn’t been that long yet.

100 thoughts on “I Tried Hypnotherapy To Stop Biting My Nails

  1. Hypnotherapy has helped me a lot, I was afraid of getting a shot even though I was 13 years old. I got it 2 times and after that, 3 weeks after I got a shot

  2. can i get hypnotised to have a fast finger so i can play guitar solo easier ( and get all the hoe hehe )

  3. The problem with me is that I forced myself to stop biting my nails for about 3 weeks and I wanted to keep going it's just my nails felt so irritating and itchy.

  4. Can I use hypnotherapy to help me get my life together? Specifically:
    – get good grades
    – eat healthy
    – score high in the ACT

  5. I need hypnotherapy to stop eating so much, to stop watching YouTube so much. Also get braces they make me were I can't bite my nails near as much!😂

  6. I just uploaded a video going over how I quit my nail biting habit after 20 years! I found another technique that finally did it for me. Would love to see what you all think xxx

    Wear clear nail polish or coloured even. Then be passionate about stopping then u start to see the progress then feel sick when u think of biting them

  8. Keep a nail file near you at all times, if you get a small hang nail, sometimes you feel compelled to bite it off….keeping a file on you at all times, gives you the option to smooth out the nails without doing any damage. Once your nails start looking better, you have a vested interest at keeping them nice, so it reduces the amount that you'll chew on them and pick at them. Try and find ways at keeping your hands busy when you're nervous or in deep thought… scribbling/doodling, or even put a rubber band on your wrist and play with that. You would also benefit from investing in a good fidget.

  9. I bite my nails but I am using a nail polish that have a horrible taste to stop it. It is working, but I still can´t stop

  10. I've tried the following:
    💀 = Fail (didn't stop me)
    🔵 = Stopped me

    Painting nails ~ 💀
    Tape ~ 💀
    Plasters ~ 💀
    Nail polish that tastes bad ~ 💀
    Taping mouth shut (3 layers) ~
    Taping mouth shut (5 layers) ~ 💀
    Taping mouth shut (10 LAYERS) ~ 💀

    Anyone got any other suggestions?

  11. I am trying to do th8d at home because I need to stop biting my nails
    (Welp I didn’t know it dident see the going under)

  12. Hypnotist: "How old have you been biting your nails for?"

    "I am 28 years old so 28 years"

    That sent me 😂😂😂😂

  13. I did hypnosis to stop biting my nails 12 years ago. it worked for me! my BF at the time (now husband) was skeptical but as a joke I barked like a dog when someone honked their horn. 😂😂😂

  14. this is weird lol but do any other nail biters like look at peoples nails when you meet them because like.. to see if they bite theirs too lmao or is that just me and my anxiety.

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