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– So you were waiting to ovulate and then you dragged
yourself through the first, maybe the second week
of the two-week wait, and then suddenly you get some bleeding. And now you’re wondering, am I out or, shimmer of hope, could
this be implantation bleeding? (lively music) Hello lovelies and welcome
to another one of my videos in which we’ll be taking a closer look at implantation bleeding, and how it differs from your period. I mean, not literally thank you very much. If you want a video like
that or a picture like that then definitely search for it online, ’cause there’s plenty
of that stuff available, but this is not that kind of video. A while back I did a video
on implantation symptoms and if you want to check that out then click in the cards up here, and this to date is my most viewed video. However, since then I’m still
getting a lot of questions about a specific implantation symptom and that is implantation bleeding
or implantation spotting. And the biggest question is, how can I tell if it’s
implantation bleeding or if it is my period that has started? And I did talk a little bit
about that in that video, but there’s a lot more
we can say about it, especially seeing the amount of questions you guys are asking me. So, let’s cover that in this video. First of all, can I please remind you that implantation bleeding does
not happen with every woman and not even with every pregnancy. It happens about 1/3. So if you don’t get implantation
bleeding or spotting, that doesn’t mean that you are out, and if you do get spotting or bleeding, again, it doesn’t mean that
it’s implantation bleeding. That’s what we’ll be talking
in this video, right? So the first question I get a lot is what implantation bleeding or spotting looks like color wise. Well, actually that’s not true. I don’t get that question. I get the question, I got
some spotting or bleeding that is pink, red, brown,
purple, green, yellow, orange. Is this implantation bleeding? (laughs) Well, I’m going to leave
the judgment up to you. The thing is it’s actually pretty tricky. It can almost be every
color of the rainbow, not as extreme as I just said, but it can be watery pink. It can be pinkish. It can even be some red. It can be brownish. It can be rusty looking. It can be watery. It can also really look
like cervical mucous that is blood streaked or that has some little red dots in it. The second question I get a lot is, when does implantation
bleeding or spotting happen? And again, the question’s
not usually like that. It’s more like, I’m two
days past ovulation. I’m six days past ovulation. My period was due March 4th
and I’m getting bleeding or spotting or whatever. Could it be implantation bleeding? And again, I’m going to leave it up to you based on this information. So as I explain in that other video, implantation symptoms and
all about implantation, implantation happens about six to 12 days after an egg and sperm have merged, because that happens around ovulation. So, it’s about six to
12 days after ovulation. Because first the egg that has
merged with the sperm needs to travel down the fallopian tube before it can actually get to
the uterus and then implant. So if you start to get
some spotting about six, seven, eight, nine, 10
days after ovulation then it definitely could
be implantation bleeding. However, you need to be
charting to know this, and you know that I
encourage you to do so. But if you don’t chart,
the only way to know if it could possibly be
implantation bleeding is to look at when your period is due. If your period isn’t due for another week, and you have a irregular cycles, and you are getting spotting, then it could possibly
be implantation bleeding or implantation spotting. If it’s anything besides that then I’m sorry, you’re
just going to have to wait to see if that period
becomes full blown or not. At your next cycle, if it shows up, chart. Another tricky thing about the timing of implantation bleeding
is that it can also show up as late as 12 days past
ovulation, as I said. This is about two days
before your period is due. So if you’re used to getting spotting one, or two, or even three
days before your period then it is very difficult
to see the difference between your period showing up or it being implantation
spotting/bleeding. Alright, another clue we can have about whether it’s
implantation bleeding or not is how heavy it is. Implantation bleeding should not be heavy. As I’ve explained, you’ve got the egg and the sperm that merge and
then they travel together, this fertilized egg
down the fallopian tube into the uterus. It needs to implant into the uterine wall or your endometrial lining. There are blood vessels going on there. So as it implants, some of those little
blood vessels can rupture and that causes some damage and
that gives you the bleeding. So can you think about how much damage a little egg could do? Not that much that it
would be flooding, right? You would actually be expecting some spotting here and there,
not much more than that. If your bleeding is more like spotting, and spotting I consider if you can just use a
pantyliner that’s enough, then it could be implantation bleeding, but if it’s a lot more then it’s probably
going to be your period. Alright, one more clue and that’s about how long
implantation bleeding lasts? Again, this is a question I get a lot, and the reason I get that
question a lot is probably, again, because it can
really vary per woman and per pregnancy. Some may have just a little bit of cervical mucous that is stained. Some may get a little bit
of blood and that’s it. Some may get spotting for several hours, and some actually get it for several days. And especially when you
get it for several days, it might be really confusing whether it’s implantation
bleeding or your period, and this is why a lot
of women might not know that they are pregnant
because they thought that that implantation
bleeding for several days was just a really short
weird light period. Okay, well if you’re still not sure after me answering these questions, let’s just talk about when it’s probably, most likely, definitely your period. First of all, if you have
cramping that is really intense. With implantation bleeding you can get some cramping, that’s fine. But if it’s intense like you’re
used to with your period, sorry girl not likely
implantation bleeding. Secondly is what I said
about the heaviness, and especially if you see that the spotting becomes
heavier and heavier and heavier. So it becomes more intense,
again, it is your period. It is not implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding will be
a little bit here and there. It can be intermittent, but that’s not the case with your period. Thirdly, if you see clots. Clots will not happen with
implantation bleeding. These are part of your endometrial lining that is being shed during your period. So if you see clots, you’re out, sorry. And then there’s another clue which you cannot actually tell
from your spotting itself, but if you’re charting then you will know, and I also talked about this in the implantation symptoms video, and that is if your temperature dropped. And I had a patient
today that doesn’t always have a temperature drop before her period. So if you don’t usually have
that, you can’t use this. But if you know that
your temperature drops right before your period, which is very likely under the influence of the drop of progesterone, then you know that your period has set in. If your temperature is still high, then you still have a chance. Alright, so I had so many more questions about implantation bleeding, but these are the ones that
I could cluster together that are really about
identifying the difference between implantation bleeding and spotting or your period. However, I want to cover one question ’cause I know you want to know. The question is, if I have
implantation bleeding today when will I get my pregnancy test that is positive, my BFP? And that you can expect in
about three to four days after the first signs of
implantation spotting, and the reason for this is that HCG, your pregnancy hormone that’s picked up on by your pregnancy test,
doesn’t actually start to rise after the egg is implanted. So the moment that your egg implants that won’t actually be high yet. You can expect it to
rise and rise and rise and the numbers to double, and then after about three to four days after the first implantation
bleeding happened, you can expect a positive test. However, I’ve had patients that had a positive test the next day. So if you want to pee
on a stick, go ahead. So now you know the difference between implantation
bleeding/spotting and your period. That is, in theory, because I understand in practice it can be a lot trickier. But I do hope by answering these
questions more specifically that it will help you identify
what’s going on for you. And if you want to learn
more about implantation and how you can support implantation then make sure to click on the play list on your screen right now, and you’ll learn a lot more about it, and if you want to learn
more about fertility and boosting it naturally generally then make sure to subscribe
and hit the notification bell because I bring out new
videos every Thursday. And in the meantime, see
you in the next video, bye.

100 thoughts on “Implantation bleeding vs period: 5 ways to know the difference.

  1. I’m having that shimmer of hope right now ? but pretty sure it’s AF. Let’s see if you can knock some sense into me??

  2. I began having cramps since June 14th and I was supposed to get my period the following day well it didn’t show, on the 17th early morning after I wiped I had this light pink discharge only once then I had the same pinkish discharge on the 18th and in the 19th I had very light brown liquify discharge but it was only once. The cramps aren’t bad it’s just uncontrollable and sometimes the pain is on my right side of lower tummy . What does this mean? Could it be my period just coming very late or something else?

  3. TTC here. My period is normally heavy that I have to put towel in my bed before going to sleep because I know it's going to leak somehow.. last period I have is very light it's first day is nothing only notice it when I wipe brownish/pinkish color 2-3 day so light my pad is not even full 4 stops. ( So I figured out it's normal 2 days period is still considered normal) but few days after that I am so bloated.having lower back pain most specially in the morning and just recently a little nauseous and a lot of pain where ovaries area. I take pt but negative.what do u guys think? I called doc already and waiting for them to give me schedule for appointment.

  4. I had a red/brownish spotting last for only 2 days. I take a home pregnancy test after i saw it and its negative. Is it possible i am pregnant? And by the way i miscarry last may 17 2019. Can i get pregnant without having period in between?

  5. I’m 8 days late for my period, my periods are irregular sometimes I’ll be on track others I’ll be a day or two late or a day early but I would still get my period. But I haven’t gotten it yet and I’m worried because after I went to the bathroom I had spotting but it wasn’t brown, it was a red color? I don’t know if that’s my period or what? Because it’s really light and nothing really comes out unless if I pee/wipe. I had a pad on because I thought my period had come, there was little blood on it but it was a small amount, normally I’m heavy the first two days . So I’m confused

  6. Sorry tmi. I know I'm not pregnant because i tested. But I'm curious why my period seems very off. Its not as heavy. Not as "smelly" . it dont smell like not nothing. It dont smell like blood. It smells "fresh blood" (hard to explain). It looks bright red instead of dark red and my periods usually came with me wiping/peeing out parts of the egg sack. And I don't see any. I'm also feeling hungry and peeing constantly. I COULD have a uti maybe? Im not cramping as usual. Its not feeling like a period. It possible this is implantation bleeding and im just testing too early? I litteraly tested a day befode my period and it waa neg. And this is my period due date.. I have irregular periods so sometimes i bleed for 4 days and sometimmes only 2 days. But this time.. Seems like it was only 2days. This is an extremely light period. What makes no since is .. Its almost the end of the month and i had intercpurse on the 1st. Its way past the mark of pregnancy.

  7. This video was very informational, cause I’ve pcos && irregular periods so it’s hard to tell if I’m ovulating… right now I’m having some brownish spotting so I’m thinking it’s implantation spotting ?

  8. I am so confused i am having implantation bleeding but at the same time it is only sometimes there is a little more than just a little spotting no clots it’s more red like bright red and sometimes so pink it looks orange is that still implantation bleeding

  9. I am super regular , exact with my period. But this montj. June… today : 3days late of my period. Yesterday did test -came out negative .

    Today, i thought my period was gonna start, put pad ,when i cleaned myself with tissue, i sAw very light pink color and a few hrs later my pad had this a bit brown color mark. Then i went to bathroom to do no.1 , i didnt see any bleeding , like i usually do with my period… so !!! IS THIS CAN BE BLEEDING FROM IMPLANTATION??

    I have doubt cuz as i said until yesterday, TEST WAs NEGative! PLS HELP!

  10. Anyone know if bleeding after Plan B means anything? Could I still be pregnant (blood was brown and on and off for 3 days)

  11. Wait I have had been bleeding like 2 days after my period brown and then on Saturday I started bleeding a little bit light red

  12. I'm not sure if it was implantation bleeding but I was 5 days late and then comes bleeding and I have regular periods. And I've been able to use a liner normally mines are heavy.

  13. My temp dropped around the time I was expecting my period but it didnt come until 5 days which was day 34 that's very unusual.

  14. Hi, I am 34 yrs old. I am in my 3rd cycle with clomid 100mg. Two weeks ago my doctor told me I had 2 perfect follicles and he gave my an ovidrel shot. He adv to make sure in the next 36 hours I had sex. We did everything as the doctor said. Today is day 12 after this ovulation time, and this morning I had some bleeding very light and brownish. 2 hour later is was heavier and more red. I am so frustrated, angry, mad, and crying. I don’t know what should I do next.

  15. I had my period last month and now I'm getting the symptoms of the period even though it has not started. My muscles calf feel tight on the back of my legs. My breast are still tender after the period has ended.

  16. So What If Bleeding Occurs 1 Day After My Menstrual Would’ve Ended ??? So Like I’m 5/7 Days Late , & Then BOOM .. Got Out The Shower & There It Was.. No Cramping , Just Tight Stomach..

  17. Hi my LMP is June 16(regular), SI 24,25,27,28. I don't know if I'm experiencing implantation bleeding last June 30 up to July 4 and experienced mild lower abdominal cramping the color is light brown to dark brown and my panty liner doesn't soak a lot I mean just a mild discharge. I just tried PT today July 6,but the result is negative. I'm confused Is that implantation bleeding or normal period because I was expecting my period will be on July 16 onwards. Pls enlighten me thanks ?

  18. My period came 3 days early but only lasted 2 days and was light so yesterday after it had ended I took a test and hello I am pregnant

  19. I had very intence cramping and it was a little more than spotting but everyone says it can be different. I'm so confused smh

  20. I don't think tht I'm pregnant, bcause I'm late a day, my first day of bleeding its dark brown, cramp n not too heavy till the second day (it little bit heavy) but if im going to pee n washed it, it's bleeding. The third day, just spot with the brown color n tht it's… I think i have problem with my period

  21. Okay, I am experiencing spotting AFTER my missed period which was 8 days ago. What could that? ??‍♀️

  22. OkAy here’s my story so … I been on bc for a long time and never had a period when I was on bc but my last shot was in September which was last year ??and I havent had any injections since then I stopped getting my birth control so my birthday was July 7th and I had sex on my birthday ? today which is Thursday June 11th I woke up from a nap used the bathroom and I wiped there was dark brown and reddish blood on the tissue but didn’t bleed for long and wasn’t so heavy !! not to mention when I had sex on my birthday the condom broke on mistake ? HELP

  23. My last AF was june 11-13 before i have my AF my breast is really sore and after my AF my breast still sore and no change so i thought i am pregnant because its not usually happening to me but then i start to bleed may 10-11 on the third day its only spotting.. Can u please enlighthen me is it implantation bleeding???

  24. i had the worst period pains in my life last cycle. i’ve never had that kind of heavy bleeding or pain.

  25. i’m on birth control (junel FE 1/20) and i got slight light pink blood the next day it turned to a light flow of brown. it looked exactly like the spotting i have before my period. minus the pink blood, that has only happened once before. my period wasn’t due for another 8 days when it started, and it started 5 days after i had sex. could it be implantation bleeding? it appears to have stopped after 4 days and it’s about 3 days before my period is due

  26. Sooo … I think I’m experience my first implantation bleeding because my period suppose to start in 3 more days and usually during the first day of my period I cramp really bad but I didn’t experience that matter fact I didn’t even know I was bleeding little until look at my sheets and thought it might be a period but I stop bleeding so idk what’s going. Another thing is I have experience cramping in the past two weeks before I started spotting. Is this normal?

  27. I know for a fact I’m pregnant because on the fourth day with the faint bleeding I felt a wave a nausea in the morning after eating my favorite bacon and Gouda from Starbucks. Normally I love eggs but lately the smell of fried egg makes me feel sick and when I ate my favorite breakfast sandwich I puked . Yes nausea was normal for my period but having my period 18 days early and it was the lightest period I had and this sudden hot flashes and chills and ache like I have flu when I’m not sick and I still feel waves of nausea since I puked let’s me know I’m pregnant ❤️

  28. Im hopingggg i am and its not my regular period this time. I got baby fever so bad and im ready for my
    own little cuddle bug already ?

  29. Hyee my endometrial thickness in 20mm and Im not pregnant.Im 25 years old.what are the possible-reasons of this much thick endometrium? Is it abnormal??

  30. I had a misscarage 5 weeks ago and yesterday started spotting brown blood but the day after I'm getting quite heavy bleeding and quite red blood. Could it be my period

  31. My period was 26 days late it's july 26th 3:25am and i woke up to bleeding the difference is that my bleeding is light and I'm not cramping at all i am so confused right now…. First i had spotted in the middle of this month now im light bright bleeding am i pregnant or not..

  32. I’m currently on cycle day 26. My period usually comes like clock work (every 31 days)… and I usually only cramp 2-3 days before my period and then not at all during my period. BUTTTT , today I started spotting for the first time ever .. it’s super light pink mixed with a brownish color? I also want to mention the fact that I started cramping and having swollen breasts (for the first time ever) about 2 weeks ago, which is abnormal for me. Could this be implantation bleeding?? I’m on lunch break @ work panicking ? ?? I hope so, Lord knows how much I pray for my own bundle of joy.

  33. I feel like I have implantation bleeding cuz I don’t pee red only when I wipe it cones out redish?

  34. I’m 8dpo and I’m having some spotting with cm. My period is about 5 to 6 days away. Can this be implantation bleeding or period?

  35. I missed my period for the third day and I just started having spotting. I actually only gave 23 day cycles but in recieving it on the 27th day? bo extreme cramping. I'll wait to see if it becomes heavier

  36. My due is July 27 and I get some little brownish red blood clot .continues but not yet heavy it just started today…what does it mean?

  37. Listen I've used cerophene tablet along with multivitamins, my period is due on 8th august, but i got brown discharge on 26th July, and next day light pink and on 29th july i got light red discharge, thn it stopped, can u tell me what it could be?

  38. I got 8 Yes 8 positive BFP but went to the Er and they told me I was negative for both urine and blood test. How is this possible cause now I’m bleeding but still getting Positive Results

  39. Yesterday i had noticed a slight mark of blood in my underwear then i wore a liner pad and then later on it got dark patch of blood and it went away.. then today i notice a little mark of dark blood then it went away again… And im not on the pills. wonder what that could mean?

  40. …my bleeding was like watery or with mucous, but my period isn´t suppose to come until 10 days after, I bled from 08/03 to 08/05, had little crams not to much, whats the possibility of getting pregnant?, my regular period is suppose to come on the 14 or 15, im 30 years old, would this be in the range of high risk pregnancy, i think is ok, but some of the drs tend to be a little dramatic about pregnancy, i already have a 10 year old girl and im scared hahahah…English is my second language, i hope you dont mind, greetings from panama.

    ….i wanted to update, its been 5 days since my period was suppose to come, now, if what i had was an ovulation spotting, would it be normal to have a delay. or could this be definitely due to pregnancy.

  41. So if your implantation bleeding lasts 2-3 days do you test 3-4 days after the bleeding stops or from when the bleeding started?

  42. My period ended on August 3rd. Starting on August 12th I woke up to go pee, then wiped to see rusty looking blood. I’ve been spotting since & today it was a little heavier with those mucus like streaks. Do you think I’m likely having implantation bleeding?

  43. I’m 8dpo and I had a very small dot of light light pink CM when I went to the bathroom! Fingers crossed ? periods not due for 8 days

  44. i don't understand what my body says..
    last july 26 i got cramp and have spotting only small amount and then aug 2 is my expected period day but my period delayed for 6 days , i test a pregnancy test but its negative i thought i am pregnant and on a 7th day got my period..

    ugh..but before i got my period, i experience the symptoms of a pregnant..vomit,nausea very emotional, bloated and constipated..
    i thought i was pregnant after a miscarriage last may ?
    can someone answer my curiosity?

  45. I have been spotting now for 8 days. My period is not due until 5 more days and my typical bleeding has never lasted this long. Its light and random throughout the day but i'm starting to get worried since it's lasting so long. I am on the pill but I did miss 3 doses this month. I've taken a pregnancy test and its come back negative but I know I might be testing too early. Not sure how long to wait to go to the doctor in case there's something wrong. Advice?

  46. I have irregular heavy periods and diagnose with PCOS.. My period comes on 20th of month and it came on the same day this month but it is not heavy very light and has no clots.. I didn't feel any cramps..i am confused if i am pregnant or not..

  47. Please help- Graphic Content: I’ve had irregular period my whole life (since I got it at 12), often I missed up to consecutive 3-4 cycles as a teen. On birth control, it disappeared and came back 18 months later, again- very irregular. In the last 2-2.5 years, it’s become incredibly regular (30 days days) I also started having PMS when I never did before the birth control (nexplanon).

    This month, as of today – I am 6 days late, after about a year of very consistent, regular periods. I usually sense it’s approaching steps bc I feel very subtle movement, there’s a metallic smell, and often a very light, brownish discharge. This time, I felt the light muscle movements, I’ve had the metallic smell for 3-4 days, and last night, a watery/clear discharge started, followed by a light brown today. For 4 days I’ve also been incredibly irritable, moody, straight up mean, and everything makes me cry.

    I’ve never been in this predicament before and I’m sitting here holding 3 brands of pregnancy tests; does this sound troubling?? (I am not hoping to be pregnant – I’ve been as safe as possible w/o actually abstaining.

    I don’t have anyone I want to share this with and seek counsel from, but I’m hoping some kind moms on here will encourage me to take this test because frankly, I am terrified. Based on this info, do you think I’m pregnant?

  48. I started spotting 2 or 3 days after ovulating and it's been several days but I feel like it might be a weird period thing going on.

    Update: 09/03/19
    So after 13 days the spotting has finally stopped but now I'm two days late on my period.

  49. I was 4 days late on my period and then I had some bleeding on the 5th day. it was very light and only lasted about 2 1/2 days. first day was very light spotting and the next day and half it was very light flow. a lot lighter and a different color than my regular period. could I possible be pregnant? haven't taken a pregnancy test. I'm nervous ill get my hopes up.

  50. My normal temperature is usually 98.6 and usually it will rise but drop when I'm gonna start well my temperature has been 99.9 lately I've been having a lot of different symptoms but idk if I'm pregnant or not

  51. i just had my 2nd mc last june ds year and just got back my period dis i was surprice to see small blood down their last aug.22 and my expected period is on 29..could that be implantation bleeding?

  52. Hi i need some help….. I was expecting my period but it was 2 days late but when i started bleeding the color is pink, red and brown. Am i pregnant?

  53. At the beginning of August 2019, me and my Husband tried!
    4 days later I got a small pink bleeding that lasted for 3 days.
    My ovulation was on the 15th, 5 days later I started again a pinkish bleeding, but it didn’t stop until now it gets a little heavy but then not anymore, and I’m supposed to star my period on the 30th.
    I’m I pregnant? Could it be implantation bleeding??

  54. Iam 6 days late i was expecting my period to come at 20-21 this august but it came very late at 28, the night i experienced heavy period and very bad cramps and the next morning when i about to pee i saw a big clot on my pad i was terrified thinking that i may have miscarriage and eventually my period just stop and today's August 30 it comeback but very very light and i took a test and its negative. My question is their any possible that i am still pregnant? Please i need some answers thank u

  55. My last period was July 13 and I started spotting and cramps August 18 and 19.. And became a bit heavy flow for almost 2 days, 20 and 21.. And continously spotting slightly for 3 days on and off.. I took a pregnancy test but it says negative but I still feel some slightly cramps but no more spotting.. Am I pregnant? But the pregnancy test is negative

  56. To learn more about expectant program “Gοfαt Fanvuko” (Goοgle it), go to Goοgle. I was able to fix my infertility concern at Forty four years of age. I was really excited during my menstrual cycle was delayed. Now I welcome parenthood and maternity.

  57. My period has always been like clockwork, it does shift a day or two. I have light spotting up to 3 days before it starts and it only lasts 4 days. So, my husband had a vasectomy 3 years ago. I had bleeding on the 26th of Aug- my period doesn't start until the 9th of sept. I also had mild cramping, felt a bit hot. It went away and I never started my period. It's too early being Aug 30th today to test, but I think I'll know the results. I'm praying for a girl!!!!! We already have a 4 year old boy 🙂

  58. Can someone please help me i had intercorse on the 8th of july and the 11th of july arround the time of my expected ovulation and 2 weeks later arround the 24th of july (when my period was supossed to start) i got brown blood when i wiped for 3/4 days then a lil bit of heavier red bleeding then on the 2nd of august it stoped then on the 3rd i had brown spotting again… and now it a month later i was supossed to get my period 5-6 days ago but it hasnt come so what do i do should i take a pregnancy test???

  59. I am two days late. The three days before my expected period I was spotting dark and light brown. These past two days when my period was supposed to show I've had no spotting and no period. What do y'all think?

  60. I am 16 year old and i don’t get why I’ve had my period for 2 weeks & still on it I’m scared but I’m still a virgen !!!! I’m so confused

  61. I had a regular period always but now i have a spotting 2 days before my period is it implantation bleeding? Last week i experience super breast pain and back pain and cramps….

  62. Hi, I was 10 days late my period didn’t come at all in August however Sunday I got some really mild cramps not like my period at all because I’m normally crying in pain during my period and the color is light red or kinda brownish sometimes, it came and went until tonight no more cramps and no more blood I wanna know if I should visit my gynecologist tomorrow because my last period in July I was 5days late

  63. Pliz help i had a left side abdomen pain and I started bleeding.. Blood mixed with mucus.. And the pain stopped… My curvix is closed and my period date is next week… I feel my left side abdomen is a bit round.. I feel something inside me … I don't know if am pregnant or it's early periods

  64. Do you're breast hurt before you get implantation bleeding? Breast been hurting since period 8/14, ovulation on 8/26, breast tenderness on 9/04 (although I normally get that before my period), 9/09 today light pinkish blood. I expected my period in a day or two

  65. I started bleeding 10 days before my period it was light and pink the first day then the second day i was bleeding medium it’s also pure red with very slight very small clouts bleeding and now today makes my third day and it’s just very red also this whole time I have not cramped not once I have a 5 year old and never experience this unless I didn’t just notice because when I found out I was pregnant with my son I was 9 weeks already but any who my husband and I been trying for 2 years so I’m hopping it’ our little one cooking in there

  66. So heres the thing i got thr depo shot about 2 day b4 i had unprotected sex and a few weeks after i have began spottin for like 7 days or more. Its was like a light period nd i began using the bath room more often. Could i be pregnant. I dont have any cramping

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