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Welcome to Trailhead Health. In this
video we talk about toxicities and detox. We discuss this with traditional
naturopath Dave Eide. What should someone think about before starting a detox? One
of the common things I see with my clients is they have gone on the
internet, they’ve determined that they have a toxin and that this will work for
that toxin based on symptomology, which is a place to start from.
The key issue is though to detox the human body if you start with something
in a straight detox and you haven’t opened up all the exits for the cleanse
to come out you will not detox, you will accomplish anything from nothing to
getting sick and you’ll be doing it in grand style, usually at the rate of a
hundred dollars a month or more. So the concept of using the electric dermal
screening to first verify the category of toxin, second notice everything else
in the body and how it’s interrelated to that toxin so that we can figure out
what is the necessary items that have to be accomplished before toxicity can be
removed. This is the category they don’t teach on the internet and they can’t.
Because for my body it’s one way, for yours it’s another, for your friends it’s
a third and we have to have the right thing and the right combination at that
moment to make it work right. In assessing toxicity the categories are
very large. It could be some form of metals well there are very light metals
there are very heavy metals, there are very obscure metals, each of which
comes out of your body in a different way and can cause different stresses in
doing so. Could be that you’re dealing with some form of insecticide, pesticide,
we’ll call them farm chemicals, fertilizers for that matter, and again
depending on where it is what’s holding it in place or what’s blocking it,
different ways of dealing with it are necessary. When it comes to airborne it
could be as simple as the smoke in the air from a Western forest fire. It could
be as bad as the neighbor just sprayed hard chemicals, but the idea being there
are different things and different purposes to clean these things and if
you don’t have the full line on what you’re doing, meaning to say,
understand what it is, where it is in the body,
what’s it affecting and how it’s going to come out, you’re not going to have a
good detox. A general detox kit does not provide that.

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