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My name is Dr. Tricia Paulson I’m a naturopathic practitioner here at True Health Naturopathic Medicine. In 2009, I started with zero patients and one at a time it grew quite rapidly to the point that I outgrew my office space. I think what people appreciate about my practice style is that I am big on labs, I am big on objective data, we do do a prescription but it’s not using pharmaceuticals, it’s using nutraceuticals and we’re able to create a operating system and delivery system to actually give them that information in a very usable and personalized way. It’s creating specific lifestyle medicine programs for the individual. So the InBody information is instrumental in everything that I do. First of all, people love the data. They love seeing objective measurements. What I do from the information from the InBody is take a look at the basal metabolic rate which is generated from this skeletal muscle mass and the body composition and that’s the information that myself and my lifestyle educator use to create very specific individualized eating plans for our patients. My name is Jennifer Lutz and I’m a lifestyle educator here at True Health Naturopathic Medicine. With the InBody technology, I appreciate the accuracy of the measurements when it comes to the skeletal muscle mass measurements and the body fat measurements. Being able to have that data as a talking point with patients has been very valuable and then one of the other markers that is quite helpful is the visceral fat measurement as well. When working with clients that are overweight, you are really in their personal space when you’re taking that tape measure and you’re doing the waist and hip measurements and so by having the visceral fat measurement and not needing to do the tape measure measurement, it definitely makes it a much more comfortable experience for the patient. If they have any conditions where laying down would cause any medical distress like if breathing is difficult, if they have vertigo that prone position can be uncomfortable as well and with the InBody we’re able to not have to worry about those factors. So with the information from the InBody, we can actually look at how much skeletal muscle mass they have, what estimates do we think okay based on that muscle mass how much protein would they need to consume in a day to maintain that muscle mass but then we have a way of retesting to see okay just because we thought this was going to be a great meal plan, is it actually working for them. When people come in, they quite often know they need to lose body fat they don’t understand that being under muscle and with that being such an important part of health and how I view health it really brings up a great talking point to see that number hey you know what it’s not so much about being over fat you’re actually under muscle so we really want to work on that too. Because I feel that people are attracted to my practice style because I offer objective data in terms of labs retesting it’s not you know take my word for it, this will work for you, take my word for it and this will change. We’re actually measuring. The InBody is that measurement. They do it right in the office. They don’t have to go to a lab, we get a ton of information, they have the print out right away. The information on the InBody then creates the questions that you ask and it pretty much dictates the way that the conversation goes with the patient. I can ask better questions, so I can get better information, so I can create better treatment plans and they can get better outcomes.

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