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Hi friends, I am doctor Ritu Jain. I am a homeopathic consultant. and I have continuously been sharing medical information with you. which ,if you like don’t forget to like and subscribe . If you keep liking my channel, I will continue to give information. today i am to talk to you ‘how to increase height’. how your height can be increased. Generally, nowadays , parent’s are concerned is about their children height. properly. So this has become one of the most important concern nowadays. the reason is height. Your height is not more and if it is less ,their confidence level that is due to your height. You feel embarrassed . and along with that generally , height of males and females depends on different factors. In males height grows to the age of 20-21. If you are 16 -17 years older and your height is less , but it is possible that , by the time you are 20-21 your height increases but in female the problem is that her age i s very less, if around 16-17 years old age, their height does not grow. So you should make sure ,in very young age such as if you 10-12 years old or above and your height isn’t increasing, or is not increasing according to your age ,taking treatment becomes important. For this do not take any allopathic treatment. because generally in this steroids are given and steroids are not the solution and there are a lot of side -effects that you have to face. So for that I am going to tell you the homeopathic treatment. what are the homeopathic treatments. First i am going to talk about the factors ,or causing factors because of which your height does not grow. And i am going to tell you few cares along with that and also your treatment i.e what you should do. In homeopathic treatment,let’s see what are the causes. first is the genetic factors. Generally If your parents height is less then because of that your height is less. Second one is non-genetic factor , which is an environmental factor for your less height. In your childhood if you were suffering from illness or any disease because of which you had to take a lot of medicines and your has stopped. Few people have allergy problems , some people’s immune system is very weak because of which they often fall sick. Then if you have allergy , then that is also a factor which stops your growth.Because your growth happens when your growth hormones are produced properly an d hence growth happens. but if your growth hormones are not produced properly and if there is imbalance , then that also causes less height . specially if your immune system is weak. then there is diet disturbance. If you have diet disturbance and don’t consume proper diet and have calcium deficiency , vitamin-D deficiency , or zinc deficiency or protein deficiency, then with these deficiencies your height cannot grow and generally if you do not exercise or do some stretching then that might also stop your height growth. Now i am going to tell you about the treatments. first i am going to tell you along with medicine other important is to correct your diet disturbance ,and consume vitamin-D ,calcium and zinc diets. and along with that along with that protein diet is also important because if you do not give proper diet and protein to your body and even if calcium is less then the growth hormones that are necessary for your bones to grow, if you do not have energy then all this can be cured by taking medicine. along with that there are some exercises like stretching. stretching is very important. Or hanging exercise is also important. All these things are very important to increase your height. you should do proper exercise or any sport . generally , kids do not require separate exercise routines. There are everyday sports that you play that effect your height. Then along with that I will tell you homeopathic treatment . in homeopathic medicine the first is BARYTA CARB.This medicine If physically and mentally your growth is not growing. then BARYTA CARB is the medicine for that. it helps in increasing your slowly and along with that your diet and also sports will help you. Apart from that SILICEA medicine. SILICEA medicine works on them who consume proper diet but there is no proper absorption. So proper absorption is necessary if you are taking calcium, zinc or protein diet. generally , there are a lot of cases where i have seen , example the child eats everything , drinks everything but still the child does not grow . This is because there is no proper absorption. because of improper absorption your body is not getting the required amount of nutrition, because of that your height does not grow. So it is important that what you eat should be absorbed. If you have diet problem then you can take SILICEA medicine which will help you overcome this problem. Many times you suffer from calcium deficiency and your bones become weak and usually in children immune system is weak so they often suffer from illness,and for that there is a medicine called CALCAREA PHOS. By taking this medicine continuously your nutrition increases and helps in bone growth . And along with that you have other homeopathic medicines. Like always i say , do not take homeopathic medicine without a doctor’s consult. and If you want to consult me also then you can do that also And if you liked today’s video then please like my channel and don’t forget to subscribe my video. And don’t forget to comment on the video. If you have any problem , write it down in the comment section and along with that and don’t forget to like my facebook page beecause my live clinical events are uploaded there and you will know know more about my consulting. Thank you.

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  1. Hello mam meri age 27 ki hai..but muje aise lgta hai ki neri height badh skti hai agr mai koi medcine try kru maine kbhi koi med try nhi plz aap muje koi medcine recomend kijiye..

  2. mam mai 17 years ki hu or mera height 5 fit hai or weight 55 kg hai Mai apna height jald se jald badana chahati hu plz mujhe suggest kijiye

  3. mam i am 16 and my bone density is good and have good health everything is perfect but want to increase height what to take for that….i even don't have any deficiency plz tell what to do

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  5. mam mri age 22 ha height 5.5 ha kon c med shi rhe gi pls suggest kro main bht try kr chuka hu bt kich frk nhi ho rha regular workout v krta hu bs 3 inch height chahiee muze jda nhi aasa treatment bta do ki ik do month v ho jae eetni

  6. Mam meri height 5'7 h aur mein 19 year ka hua Hun abhi 1month pehle kya possible h meri height stretching se 5''9 ya 5'8 ho jaae

  7. Mam meri age 19 running me h meri height 5.4 h or mjhe or height chiye h but meri height 17 yr se ruki hui h means 17 yr me 5.4 hui uske baad ruk gyi h koi solution btaye height badhane k liye plzz

  8. I HV take sufficient protein but my body turn to bulcky but no height increase.All member in my family are tall exclude me.mam give some suggestion I'm 22

  9. Mam my age is 21 yrs and my height is 5.3 … which medice is suitable to inc my height …
    and any possibility is there??

  10. Helo miss meri height 5.6 he main 6 feet tk lambi krna chata hu 9 mounths ho gaye he me hr kisam ki exercises kr raha hu meri height half inc bhi ni bhari me bhoot pereshan hu meri age 17 he plz plz plz muje bataye

  11. Didi . . Mere hight 5.7' hay ..main defence main jana chatu hu so 1inch badana hay so please kuch tips dije .plz plz plz Mera ege 18year old

  12. hlo mam i really liked ur vedio… i just want to that..medicine which u hv recommnened thus these really works. becz i too want to increase my height…age 18+ nd height is 5

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  14. mam meri sister 19 yrs Ki h, voh apni height badana chahti h ,voh exercise bhi bhut krti h ,sath m diet bhi le rhi h PR uski height PR koi improve ment nhi….
    mam ek problem h uska stomach thek nhi rehta voh sab Kucj khati h lkin uska stomach fuul jta Syd khana digest nhi hota uska toh voh kya kare…
    plz repy fast….

  15. Mam i am 17 years old my hight is increasing so can you give me your number i want to consult you about this

  16. madam ,mere beti ko 9 Sall me puberty aya hi .tab vuska hight 145.2tha.ab uske Umar 14years.hight 153.growth Harmon test kurvaya to 0.05hi.plzz madam growth Harmon bud kur ,mere.beti hight hone ka idea degeye….time bohot kum hi..plzzzz

  17. Mam Meri age 23 hai but Meri height badhi nahi hai aur Mai ek business man hu aur muzr urgent height badhani hai to Meri height budh sakati hai kya aur aqupunchar kiya to kitana kharcha ayega aur kuch side effects ho ha kya

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  32. Madam mene baryta carb 200 liquid form me liya hai to mai ise kaise lu pani me le skte hai ya direct 2 boond sidhe le lu

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  34. Homeopathy for height is a bullshit ….i took it for almost 5 yrs…nnthg happnd i took baryta carb , and heightex gold….this is all fraud….pls. rely on yoga …and not on homeotpathy….rest is ur wish.

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  37. Hello mam kushi h ap, mam mai 32 year old hu, kya mere hight increase ke lia koi v daba h hemiopat me,…..Agar 1 per sant vi chance h to mughe batao,daba ka pura nam or dose……?

  38. Ma'am Meri 27 ki age me 1 inch height badhi hai silicea 12x lene se . Ab mein 5'4" ka hun . Mein thodi or height badhaana chaahta hun. To mujhe kaun si dawa leni chaahie ? Mein August me 28 ka ho jaunga

  39. i'm 27 yrs old man. only 158 cm. i want to grow atleast 165cm. is it possible with homeopathy & accupuncture?

  40. Dr. Ritu Jain your way of explaining is very good. I have a question that some drs. suggests Thuja for increasing heights some tells about silicea; generally these medicine are used for very different purposes. How do they help in increasing heights?

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