Taking Charge of Your Health

Don’t trust the insurance company when they call you up right after an accident trying to settle. Number one, you don’t know how
much medical care you need. Number two, you haven’t had diagnostic testing yet. A lot
of people have a good attitude and they think, “you know what, I’ll probably be fine… I’ll
probably be sore a few days”, but that doesn’t always turn out to be the case. If due to
your good attitude, and optimism, you go ahead and accept a quick settlement, it might very
well turn out that, that’s nowhere near enough to cover the healthcare attention that your gonna’ need. Much less, if it turns into something serious and permanent, it’s nowhere near enough to compensate you for that pain and suffering, physical impairment, possibly even disfigurement. I want you to know that my law firm, for over thirty years, has developed relationships
with many different healthcare providers throughout the whole state of Texas. If you don’t have
health insurance, or if you do but your co-pays and deductibles are too expensive, then we have relationships with doctors of every type: healthcare facilities, diagnostic facilities,
pharmacies, everything you could need where they will accept a letter of protection. And
what that means is, they will wait for the case to settle before they get paid.

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