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we’re looking for students who have a
fire in their belly this program is really intended for someone who is
already in practice but once to level up so the main difference between the
Bastyr DAOM program and DAOM programs in other parts of the country
is the the emphasis on research skill development writing and the very
comprehensive advanced pain management technique training Bastyr’s research
component is very strong and it’s very compelling for somebody who is
interested in learning about learning in order to work in any hospital setting
you have to have a doctorate you just can’t work at that level without it
so it’s really clear to me that if I want to pursue my goals and work with
the population that I’m interested in I need to have this at Harborview our
preview is a very different clinical experience the the the pain cases that
people see there are our intense that’s as I said it’s a level one trauma center
people are our fighting opioid addiction they are they’re unable to even
physically take on more pain medication so they and their caregivers are looking
for alternatives I’m doing acupuncture in a hospital setting it requires a
totally different approach to protocol than what I use in a clinic setting so
our students tend to be people who are voraciously curious what what I’m
finding and what draws me to this role is that I get to see them emerge I get
to see them come the astonishingly accomplished
practitioners that I know them to be doctoral candidates at the Bastyr
Center for Natural Health work with supervisors and they learn those
supervisory techniques so they’re somewhat expert already in their
own educational experience and then learning to turn that into providing
an educational experience for somebody else The DAOM program is providing me
both opportunities as a student to learn how to do research and to learn how to
interface with Western medical providers at a variety of levels as well as
providing me with opportunities of learning how to teach the the future of
acupuncture is very we have an ancient medicine and we have current crisis and
we have emerging tools for describing what it is that we do and for enlarging
what it is that we do so we could not be better poised as far as responding to a
current medical social crisis and that we happened to be have developed an
advanced pain management program was just fortunate for our students and for
our patients and I and I believe for the profession as a whole you

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