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20 thoughts on “Inside the race to find a coronavirus vaccine and treatment

  1. A good report from WaPo.
    Now I'm waiting for the rabid idiots who turn up on WaPo comments sections irrationally hating factual reporting, to find fault with this and declare it fake news…… Smiles

  2. These are lies. There will be no vaccine. Broken promises by those in power to calm the sheep. They are preparing to help themselves through this with your tax dollars.

  3. Boric Acid cures viruses.
    Try using Boric Acid to cure Coronavirus.
    Use 15 to 30 drops of Boric Acid liquid eyewash, orally, once a day for about two weeks to cure Coronavirus. You can also use Boric Acid as a preventative measure. I've been using it daily to prevent Coronavirus.
    Ask your pharmacist about the safety of using Boric Acid.

  4. At least this proves one thing: Garlic is poppycock.
    Lotsa folk claim garlic protects you from infections and acts like a nature's own antibiotic.
    Well, the fact that coronavirus spreads so fast in Italy, the promised land of garlic eaters, shows that garlic is totally useless against infections.
    Despite this, fools keep eating garlic and popping garlic pills, thinking themselves thus protected from the virus. Sheesh…

  5. Fake news in the service of the "democrats"

    Trump headquarters has filed a lawsuit against CNN.

    Trump headquarters has filed a lawsuit against the Washington Post television company.

    Cattle Biden read his mantras on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the markets collapsed.

    Cattle Biden do not do this anymore, politics is a serious matter.

  6. I live in a island….. And im a christian. And i keep on praying that i hope it won't get in our island cuz our island is small…. Is called Marshall Island.. And ofc im praying for the states,and
    China ofc… And i jst want u to know are you ready?? Do you have Jesus as your Savior? the Bibe said: John 3:16– "For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten Son. For whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life." So i hope your ready.. You need to pray to God ask Him to forgive you, And i just wanna say are you ready? amen.

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