Taking Charge of Your Health

According to an article in the Journal
of the American Medical Association our healthcare system is the third leading
cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer. The
same article state in blind reliance on drug, surgery, technology and medical
establishment, the American medical system has inflict more harm than good
on the u.s. population. Stars field article also state that in order to
improve the medical system American policy maker the medical establishment
need to adapt comprehensive approach and critically examine the failure of the
richest country in the world to provide decent health care to its people. It
is obvious that the conventional paradigm of medicine based on a linear
model of science has not only raised the cost of health care to the point that it
is unaffordable for even rich societies but it has also failed to provide
overall well-being for Americans. Einstein said, “we cannot solve our
problem with the same thinking we used when we create them”. Coming from a
background of experience with both social and privatized health care system
as a medical doctor I am convinced that simply adjusting social-political method
for delivery is not enough to solve the current healthcare crisis. Our approach
to health care must be radically transformed into a new vision based on
the principle of quantum physics. As I wrote in my book, Creative Integrative
Medicine, the tree of medicine must be
transplanted into a new soil where its roots can deepen and intertwine to reach
a more complex source of healing knowledge and bring together all
tradition of healing, ancient and modern. What does this mean? Let’s review some of the major outcome of redefining the paradigm of conventional medicine.
Conventional and natural medical education would be redefined with an
update model of science based on the principle of quantum physic. New and
ancient model of healing will be available to the healthcare system that
when they meet the requirement of this new model of science medicine will be
health oriented, seeking the full potential of the individual and the
prevention of disease instead of being limited by a fatalistic disease
perspective of the individual. The new paradigm shift support by a collegiality
of doctors and scientists is already available at Quantum University and
totally redefined the relationship of doctor to patient, healer to healee, the
humanitarian component of this new medicine will be developed with a
sensitivity to the needs of our communities, including increasing their
sense of well-being. What I am proposing here is to radically shift the way we
relate to health and disease, addressing to the root of the problem by asking how
we are educating ourselves and our doctor to maintain and restore health. Thank you.

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