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When I was first diagnosed I remember calling my husband in and I think we were both in shock because I was so healthy and I had no history of breast cancer in our family. About six in the morning I couldn’t walk to the bathroom I was having such bad vertigo we have a narrow hall and I was holding onto the walls and then I ended up on the floor and we called 911 And what medical people knew when I told them all the things that had happened was that I was having internal bleeding. And the guy that does the endoscopy called us to let us know that it was stomach cancer and that it was also in my liver and in my pancreas so it was stage four. I became very early quite afraid of cancer. My father died of brain cancer all my grandparents died of some kind of of either intestinal cancer or lung cancer I was always beset with this issue of can’t we do better? I think their cancer research in particular is important because we’re always looking for a better way to treat that’s more effective and has fewer side effects and we’re always looking to understand what are the causes of cancer and how can we impact that? When you get a cancer diagnosis you think you’re going to die so you contemplate your own mortality but then the next step of course is doing research on your treatment and when I was doing that I had friends tell me that Dr. Leanna Standish was someone I should speak to because one of the things that Bastyr talks about is boosting your immune system which can enhance your ability to manage the chemotherapy When our patients come to us with cancer any cancer doctor what they want to know is, can you help me live longer and better? Can you help me to do those two things? Dr. Standish was the first person to say to me, “you’re gonna beat this.” and I’m here to support you through chemo and I’ll be here when you’re done to build you back up, and I’ve been through chemo a few times and that’s exactly what she’s done. We have to think outside the box and Bastyr University thinks outside the box. The integration of our natural medicines with the best of western medicine generates spectacular results. And it has been Bastyr’s mission to demonstrate that with numbers with data, with evidence because without evidence it doesn’t have credibility and credibility comes from science. And what we do here is science based The way we’ve done this at Bastyr is to partner with major research institutions such as The University of Washington tumor vaccine group with whom we’ve collaborated to show that ancient Chinese medicine mushroom extracts help the immune system of women with breast cancer and with the help of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center we’ve figured out how to do outcomes research and outcomes research is a way to find out relatively quickly if what you do as a doctor really helps. I think I and other patients that have been treated at Bastyr are proof of the research and the success of the research Dr. Standish is a huge part of the hope that I can muster She’s just so warm and knowledgeable she has so many tools in her toolbox and it’s that empathy and that feeling of hope that just carry me. Because you have to have hope. The role of philanthropy now in cancer research is bigger and more important than it ever was and Bastyr is the place to put support in because we are the most advanced right now in this field and we have the most leverage we have the most capacity and every dollar here would make a huge impact You can give good care without using philanthropy but it’s pretty bare bones. Research is funded by grants and sometimes philanthropy because that’s the way you can get it done Have you ever had somebody in your family be really super sick? Do you remember that feeling this treasured person is really sick and you have no idea what to do? Think about bringing your mother to a person like me and having me talk to your mother about her sleep her aspirations her pain her guilt, her suffering her medications, are they really working? to hold her hand to tell her she’s doing good to give her hope. Would you do it? Of course you would. And people like me are all at Bastyr so you should come to Bastyr and should help us do what we do.

4 thoughts on “Integrative Oncology Research at Bastyr

  1. Bastyr university is a waste of money. It is not a credible school. Their courses are not science based. Adding Bastyr studies to credible science-based studies would be like adding horse shit to an apple pie. It just spoils the apple pie.

    This appeal to emotion is just overt propaganda to con people out of money.

  2. Wednesday A. You are making a completely unstubstantiated claim against this highly educated and respected MD ND with several degrees, years of experience and scientific research backing her up.
    Please provide evidence for your negative statements.

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