Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi, my name is Danny Litvin and I’m the
Director at Sadhana Yoga and Ayurveda. About 5 years ago, my parents and I started
Sadhana as a means to share the practices, the tools, the techniques, and the philosophy
that so radically transformed our lives. It was and remains to this day, our goal to
empower, to inspire, to connect so we can live more healthily, more harmoniously, and
more happily. And not only as a studio, not only as a town,
but as a society, and as a collective consciousness. And it’s been an amazing journey so far. More than anything, befriending you, knowing
you, meeting you, spending time with you, learning from you, learning with you, and
transforming as a group has proven again and again and again that what is happening here
is really unique and really special. When Sadhana launched in March of 2013, we
had no experience running an operation like this. All we had were our good intentions, our experiences,
and knowledge of practices like Ayurveda, yoga, and healing. And we had the willingness to work as hard
as we needed to make our mission successful. Over these past five years, we’ve learned
a lot in terms of how to cultivate a setting that nourishes and nurtures comradery, empowerment,
success, and transformation, openness, support, and of course, joy. Our experiments with 3 and 4-week series based
learning programs have not only transformed people’s yoga practices and physical health
but have launched journeys into self-discovery, self-transformation, and radical self-acceptance,
and self-love. We’ve seen our Yoga Teacher Training double
in size every year, and seem to expand exponentially in its effectiveness for bringing ambassadors
of yoga, positivity, and inspiration to all walks of life. This year we launched our very first Ayurveda
and Healing program to ardent enthusiasm. And we are all so excited that come June,
a benevolent and powerful group of healers will emerge to support our society, our communities,
and the world around us. One on One and small group coaching sessions
via yoga, Ayurveda, and transformational healing have produced miraculous benefits physically,
mentally, emotionally, socially, romantically, financially, and of course, spiritually. It is said that good company is required for
success on any spiritual path, and through all of these programs, strong familial bonds
have been cultivated. Bonds that exceed the limitations of 150 River
Road – we’ve seen the formation of friendships that will last lifetimes, had priceless moments
of recognition and experienced unwavering and unconditional support through times of
difficulty, vulnerability, and self-discovery. It’s time. Time to hone in our focus. To be our best, to be our most powerful, to
be our strongest, to be our happiest, our healthiest, our most joyous, and our most
inspirational. It’s time to show that we can be successful
and that we can achieve our goals while being happy, while being healthy, while being at peace and while supporting our brothers and sisters. It’s time to be the change. We’re changing to support your journey – not
just on the mat, but in your body, in your mind, in your outlook, and in your heart. We are no longer Sadhana Yoga Studio. My friends, it is my great pleasure and honor
to introduce to you the Ayurveda and Yoga Institute.

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