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hello everyone in this particular course which
is heat treatment and surface hardening where we will be considering a two aspects one is
the principle of heat treatments and the second aspect which is ah the application of heat
treatments and the phase one of this particular course which are considering as a part one
and in this we will be covering mainly the theory of heat treatments and these course
will be taken by two instructors myself kallol mondal i will be covering phase transformation
of materials which will be ah which is basically an important aspects important aspect of heat
treatment of materials and in the second part which will be taken
by professor sandeep sangal in that part we will be covering time temperature transformation
diagram as well as continuous cooling transformation diagram which are popularly known as ttt as
well as cct diagram and these two diagrams are used to decide temperature and time required
to develop a particular micro structures or properties of materials and this particular
twenty lecture session will be divided to two parts i will be taking ten lectures which
will be on phase transformation on materials related to heat treatments of materials and
the second part which is ten lectures ah that will be taken by professor sandeep sangal
now coming to this course this course is a very important aspect of materials now we
all know material tetrahedron and in the material tetrahedron we have four aspects and if you
consider this material tetrahedron now we have composition or structure now if we fix
composition the structure would be the parameter and if we fix the composed structure then
composition is the parameter so we can change both the things then properties and then processing
and finally performance and all those four aspects are interrelated and heat treatment
falls in this particular category which is called processing
now heat treatment is required to suitably change the microstructure of metals and alloys
or any materials which will make changes in the properties and if we get desired properties
and that will help in order to get better performance from that material when that material
is in practical application so thats why this heat treatment
needs to be studied and analyzed and when we analyze heat treatment there are two ways
to analyze things one is we straightaway go and see what is the time and temperature because
heat treatment is a function of nothing but time and temperature with or without presence
of stress now either we go straight to practical aspects
where we decide what could be the time and temperature by trial and error and the other
aspects other way could be let us analyze why one particular time is required why temperature
that particular temperatures recovered why dont those time and temperature would give
effect on properties by changing the microstructures those questions why how what means when when
to do heat treatment what are the parameters we will study while doing heat treatment why
to analyze those parameters and what would be the ah um changes in the material so then
we can understand the basics of heat treatment so we will be covering those basics of heat
treatments in this particular twenty lecture part one section
thank you

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