Taking Charge of Your Health

Hello, and welcome to Living Medicine. That you are here on our site is significant
and likely means that either you or someone you love is in crisis with their health, and
that you are earnestly seeking a sound, reliable and scientific solution to this. You’ve found it! I salute you for being an Independent Thinker. If you followed the masses like most people
in our society do, at best, you would have begrudgingly accepted what you were told by
conventional medical experts – such things as “this is how we treat your condition,”
or “you don’t have a choice – drugs and surgery are your best and only real options,” or “you’ll
just have to live with it.” At worst, you would have been content to allow yourself
to be led merely by what has been fed to you by mass marketing and the media. You certainly
wouldn’t have found Living Medicine. That you have demonstrates that you are willing
to make those determinations for yourself, and that by taking a different yet sound and
scientifically validated path than the majority, you are likely to step out of the therapeutic
limits and statistical probabilities pertaining to them for your illness. It’s important to realize that the conventional
way that medicine is practiced here in the USA is not the only way, nor often even the
best way. Being open minded and willing to learn gives
you a significant advantage in the quest of restoring lost health, but by itself will
not allow you to achieve it. Changing how you’ve been thinking and what
you’ve been doing that hasn’t worked, and embracing and employing NEW thinking and behavior
— that is, actively doing what you MUST that actually WILL produce positive results in
your life — is the KEY. By providing you with the appropriate scientific
assessments, individualized coaching and tailored protocols of exactly those natural and cutting-edge
therapies you need to facilitate feats of healing that are routinely beyond the norm,
Living Medicine is YOUR Way to restored health and vitality. Knowing what I know and having seen what I’ve
seen with the success of my patients throughout the years who’ve employed Living Medicine,
I am excited for you, and I have good cause to be — and that’s with the full acknowledgement
that many of you who are watching this presentation are likely in some dire straits or at the
very least know of someone who you love dearly that is. With this in mind and with sincere respect
for both your time and mission to find the right type of care for yourself or a loved
one, I have created this website to educate you about a truly remarkable, scientifically
cutting-edge system of natural medicine that has enabled remarkable feats of recovery for
the patients throughout the United States, Israel, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand among
others who’ve engaged in it throughout the fifteen-plus years I’ve been practicing. That system is called Living Medicine, and
it is my privilege to share it with you. Regardless of where you happen to live and
work within the country, thanks to the wonders of communications technology, Living Medicine
is an available and viable option for you. Over the years it was in development, and
as our patients’ successes grew, their family members and friends out-of-state began asking
for our help. The unintended consequence of this occurring over fifteen years of practice
has been that the majority of the people we serve are actually out-of-state. As such,
we specialize in working with people at a distance. Thanks to our patients’ success stories, word
of mouth is still our very best method of reaching people in need, and we humbly ask
that you enlighten those within your circles who we could help by spreading the word about
us. Please thoroughly review this website to learn
more. After doing so, when you are ready to begin program, contact my office to schedule
your mandatory prospective patient phone consult or to have any remaining questions you may
have answered before doing so. I’m Dr. Christopher J. Fabricius, founder
of Living Medicine. To God’s glory and your Manifest Recuperation, let’s begin.

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