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I think it’s a while since I’ve done a quack product, so…. What better than – well, I was gonna say the current fad, it’s not, it’s been around for a while – – but it’s the ionic foot detox. So this electrode here, this is one of the consumable electrodes. It came from eBay – surprise, surprise! – from China – bigger surprise! -and it’s described as a “Detox Foot Bath Arrays Round Stainless Steel Array-” Stainless steel? Really? – and, it’s… It cost £4.45, and it came from a seller called “sayhello2015”, which is one of the easiest names to remember in a while, even if it was presumably last year’s name. But anyway, yes, it came from eBay, and the idea of these things is that you… er, well I’ll do a wee doodle, actually. It’s a quack health therapy-type thing. So basically speaking, you’ve got a seat. It can be a nice comfortable seat if it’s a – well, it typically depends on the quality of the clinic – and you’ve got a sort of foot bath in front of it, and people sit, with their feet in the foot bath…. Er, let’s draw their arm as well, because some of them have another little feature, and a unit… a unit with all sorts of digital readouts and buttons all over it for maximum show connects to this electrode which sits in the water… which has salt added to it. Special salt, presumably. Or maybe not. And… so this unit sits in there, and… another possibility for some fancy units, another wee cable comes out, and there’s a wee arm band, or an electrode goes on And the idea is, that you sit in this, er… hold on, let’s adjust the contrast here, just to make it more visible. That’s better. You sit in the seat with your foot in the bath for about 30 minutes, and it detoxifies your body by passing electricity through it, and… It starts off with the water clear, and then as it goes on, it’s supposed to end up looking like this and all this is the impurities that have been drawn out of your body. It looks absolutely disgusting. Which is the whole point. It even comes with a chart, which you’re supposed to like, poke about in it, and look for all the wee particles, And each coloured bit represents bits of your gallbladder, liver, or brain, and red patches it even pulls blood clots out, It… yeah. Anyway, quite. So let’s pop the lid on this and take a look inside. These things are still widely in use in these beauty clinics. I’m looking for the screwdriver to pop this open- there it is. Woop! Oops, almost stabbing in – almost managed to actually get the detox in my blood, there. *He grunts with effort* Get open! There we go! So what’s inside, it’s quite neat inside, I have to say. It’s got a plastic separator and then it’s got two helixes of metal Now, is that stainless steel, or is it just steel? It’s… ah, I think that is stainless steel… …or is it a special alloy designed to corrode? Because basically, all they’re gonna be doing is applying… presumably DC across this and it’s gonna cause electrolytic corrosion, accelerated corrosion, and rusting. I’m just wondering, is that inner one different? No, it seems to be the same sort of stuff, so um… I reckon the best way to test this, just to see it operating, is to actually put it in some water. Oh, I should mention that uh, there are some of the units that just… they’re very simple, you put it in the water and it just starts clouding it, making it go brown right there and then. Other ones do require the little wristband. Not because it’s actually doing anything special to your body, but just to make sure someone does have their feet in the water. It detects a slight current between the wristband, and the electrodes, and then enables the electrode to start doing the… thing. So what I’ve got here, just to try this out… I’m gonna put a bit of kitchen towel down… and I’ve got a bowl of freshly prepared health water… which I’ve added some kitchen salt into, just to try this out, and I’m gonna submerge the electrode in it, and connect it to a DC supply. Now, I’m not sure if the outer electrode, I’m guessing… I’m not sure which are best connected to positive and the negative, so I’m just going to randomly connect them, willy-nilly. And then I’m going to energise it at 12V. How’s that looking? Can I brighten this image just a wee tad? Yeah, let’s brighten it up a wee bit. So, let’s turn it on. Oh, that is very conductive, actually. That is really low voltage and high current, because I set that to 12 and it’s dropped to about 2.65V because it’s limiting to about 1.5A, so let’s turn the current up… because the higher the current is, I’m guessing, the more of an effect we’re going to get. Oh, I can see a cloudiness coming out of it already… oh, and brown, so that’s about 2A. Maybe 2A is actually too high, because it’s going brown already. and that’s about 3V. So I’m going to set the voltage down to about… well, it doesn’t really matter actually, because it’s a current-limiting supply. So yeah. 2A, and it’s already starting to go very brown. It’s quite an interesting effect, the clouding spreading out. Thats… I didn’t really expect it to be that fast, to be honest. I thought it was going to take a lot longer… I can see the bubbles coming out and popping. They’re presumably hydrogen and oxygen. Oh, that is very cloudy and dirty… So, this is the effect. I’m wondering then, if the current I’ve set it at here, 2A, is acutally a bit too high, in fact. Because if people are going to get this done for about 30 minutes, you want it all to happen very gradually. That’s kind of disgusting, isn’t it? And every time a bubble comes out, a cloud… oh it is sort of green-y bits, so hold on, where’s my colour chart, to see what’s come out? So it’s got a greenish film here, so that’s… “Material or Area/System of the body…” let’s see, where is it, where is it? That’s my kidney, bladder and reproductory system. There’s orange, so that’s going to be joints and muscles. I don’t see any blood yet, coming out of the… I do see the bubbles. The bubbles are quite dramatic, I have to say. That is… Presumably, the amount of salt you put in is also going to have a significant effect. So, I’m just going to pause momentarily and come back in about.. I’m gonna go surf the net for a while, and then we’ll come back in about, say… 20 minutes, and we’ll see just how disgusting this has gotten, so I’ll be back shortly. Okay, it’s had time to marinate, and it’s looking pretty disgusting. It’s got the bubbles, and it’s got the… Ohh…. Yeah, that’s disgusting! What’s it smell like? It smells like rust, strangely enough(!) So, let’s turn this off now, and we’ll fish this out. I should say, that I’m looking at this from the side, because it’s a glass container and all the stuff that’s floating about, all the scum is on top here So, I’m going to just lift this out and… Eugh… Yeah, lots of different coloured bits. It’s er… quite interesting, actually… So, I’m looking at the electrodes here. Let’s get this open, in fact, I’m just going to wipe this off and clean it a bit. I’ll move this out of the way, since I don’t really want to spill it. I’ve got a jug just in case I had to put this into it, but I think I’ll just leave it here and move the jug out of the way. So let’s pop this open again and see what it’s like inside….. and see how much corrosion has occurred. I have to say, looking from the side, it doesn’t really look like all that much corrosion has occurred unless it’s actually reacting with the salt, and creating the sodium metals. That is surprisingly clean, you’re going to get quite a lot of cycles out of that. It’s got sort of… goop on it, but that’s just, you know, the residue of when I was taking it out. So I was expecting this to be really corroded, but it’s not, particularly given how disgusting that jar of liquid is, because it really is. It does have lots of colours. It’s got the dark green, and it’s got the…. slimy bits, and whitish bits. It’s got a whole range of colours. So yeah, that’s the – I kind of wish I hadn’t done that now – that’s the ionic foot detox unit. You stick your feet in the bath, and it claims that this is being drawn out of your body, but really, it’s not. It’s just really… Hold on, I’m just going to try and improve the intensity here, is this going to come out a bit- oh no, it’s just going to swamp out… Yeah, it’s kind of not very photogenic is it? It’s just brown sludge. But yeah, that’s the whole concept of it. It claims that it… It actually stains your skin a wee bit, I have to say. But it claims- but I suppose that gives the impression that it’s pulling it out from your… through your skin. It’s supposed to draw this out of your body, but it really doesn’t. But quite a novel thing, really. It’s quite an interesting scam, and I suppose that some people probably quite enjoy the experience of being pampered and given this magical treatment, so… Yeah, interesting, the ionic foot detox.

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  1. It is a pity that it didn't work. It would have been an amazing detox method. In the meantime, just stick your feet into a basin of essential oils and epson salts.

  2. THIS IS THE. M O S T. RETARDED UTUBE CHANNEL I EVER JOINED !!! yeeeshhhhh pleas tell me there arent actually ppl on this planet that talk & act like u guys do

  3. I added this comment elsewhere also. "I don't comment often on YouTube. So much so that I don't have my password memorized. I have to retrieve it from a pamphlet. I just finished using my Ionic Foot Spa 2 hours ago. I feel great! I do not use mine on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly). I use it when my body feels sickly. Once I had the flu and I used my Ionic Foot Spa. I felt better (had less flu symptoms) right after using it. I'm no scientist, but I do have common sense to know if something is working for me or not. I love to exercise and diet is important also. I do more detoxing by sweating, drinking green tea and taking detox baths. I'm the kind of person who does extreme research on things I find interesting. You will find "honest" testimonies from regular people (not trying to sell) if you search hard enough (you got one from me). Some brands are better than others and some ARE SCAMS. The coloring of the water SHOULD NOT have been used as a sales point. This is what causes people to say that the WHOLE IDEA is fake. Most people don't believe in ghosts until they see one. Then they see one and still may not believe based on denial. Just because you may find one bad or mistrusting thing about something doesn't mean the entire thing is bad. I took the time to write about this for the sick people who really want help. It isn't a cure all, but it can help with detoxing. So do more research on your own and watch more videos (search for Ionic Foot Spa or something like that). Read, read, read the comments and you will find positive comments. Don't do searches like, "Are Foot Spas A Scam?" or "Do Foot Spas Really Work?" You will only find videos like the one here that bash the WHOLE IDEA. Like I stated, all Ionic Foot Spas are not the same. Do your research and find something with good reviews like on Amazon (honest people giving honest reviews). If you don't believe in the idea, then don't buy it, it is that simple. " I respect Bigclivedotcom's views and reasoning. He just needs to try the right foot spa and he will see that it can work.

  4. lmao is there a transformer on the main unit to step the voltage down? a lucky person could be in for a thorough "detox" in live water if it's faulty

  5. thank you very much clive. in my area, there are several shops operated in the night market offering this. for sure you have to pay. gladly i didnt pay for this as i am skeptical about this. i prefer foot massage instead. a lot better feel of blood flowing throughout entire body. thank you again clive

  6. I had a buddy who was into computers, so he frequented my house, which was at that time filled with computes as I was building up cheap units and donating them to families of service members who were in the middle East. Back then most folks just didn't have a PC or access to the Internet, so being a Vietnam Vet, I wanted to give them a chance to communicate with their loved ones via the WWW. At any rate, he and his wife got bilked into one of these "YOU CAN DO THIS TO!" scams and they opened a computerized wellness center. It was filled with these sort of devices "AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH OUR CO-OP" deals Well one of his devices had stopped working and he thought it was the special USB plug, which was only available at an extreme cost from the scammers, so after looking it over, I was able to build him one out of an old USB cable I had laying around. They had this sort of thing, but it was connected to PC's and, of course, the "SPECIALIZED" software would read out all the medical problems of their clients, who would then pay for soaking their feet and other body parts in this sort of thing. I don't know where they went after that business failed, but they have moved on to another town, perhaps another scam….

  7. These devils will say anything to keep you sick and popping their pills. Notice how people like this can never break down these deadly ass drugs that these pharmaceutical companies sell you. He's not proving that it dosent work.

  8. There is something worrying that people can sit with their feet submerged in a gadget that generates both chlorine and caustic soda.

  9. This works! I have lupus and dealing with pain daily. It’s helps me I have food sensitivities that causes inflammation through out my body. And a treatment the pain is gone completely or decreased. You can’t believe all reviews you have to experience for yourself

  10. Thanks for this! Desperate for some relief from sciatica, I went to a chiropractor. His office told me if I bought 8 adjustments at once, I'd get a free aquatic massage and ion foot bath with each one. "You mean salt water?" I asked. They said, "Yes."

    After a nice massage, I sat down for my nice, skin-softening Epsom salt bath, and they plugged me in with this device! When I inquired, they handed me the literature. It had pseudo-science red flags all over it!

    So glad I found your video!

  11. You added "kitchen salt", but this "part of toxic ingredient (+ other toxic foreign elements)" suppose to come out of your body & foot as it is intended to detox carrying out from your body… LOL! you add high current and voltage shorting it directly into water of course its going to shorten the theory of ionic foot care treatment..LOL!

    why did you add kitchen salt, i am assuming you are substituting for epsom salt. why not just try purified water see to if you can proof still a scam 🙂

  12. What a pos. I've seen another scam, the adhesive foot thing that draws out toxins. All it is just a chemical reaction that smells like burnt sulfur mixed with dirty foot bacteria. Pos china products neve get old. Every house hold, tiny or manufactured should definitely purchase this waste of money, tax dollars and time. Just think of the annoyance you can enjoy….

  13. The really amusing thing is, after the video, Google Ad Services threw up an ad encouraging me to buy one of these machines for US $1995.00!

  14. Many sellers of ionic detox foot bath systems have misinformed their customers that the colors they see in the water are toxins that have exited the body miss leading people to think foot detox is a scam.
    This is mostly false. During the session, the water in the basin will always change to a brown/ orange color due to the electrolytic reaction involving the array, salt, water, minerals and impurities in the water. But when feet are in the water, the colors are also affected by oils being released from the sebaceous glands, the dead skin cells and the user’s own acidity/ alkalinity. Some of the neutralized toxins will also exit the body back out through the pores of the feet due to osmosis. An unusual amount of a particular color may indicate that a person has accumulated toxins in certain areas or from certain conditions and that ionic detox is helping those areas.

  15. Please review the following link where one was done with and without feet. Clearly there is an interaction with the body. I don't think you fully have reviewed the solution fully.

  16. This is such a crock of shite I wanna puck. It was I and several other guys that STARTED this Footbath industry with the original design of the BEFE or AQUA CHI in 1997.
    This piece of Ionic crap is killing your feet. The original 7 ringed design is Based upon a NEW Science of Magnetic Fields like Tesla's was.
    DO some home work you ionic moron… heres a comparison trial of the original design and this scam copy….
    A PhD has been earned on the AQUA CHI in its effectiveness on cancer. Google Marcy Purnell PhD Memphis Uni. NO TRIAL will ever be done on this IONIC crap. BOB MORONey started the scam copies and even invented the fake color chart.
    If you want to know more about the REAL effects of REAL New Inventions Like The Aqua Chi's killing of STD Wart virus or Its 100% reversal of Autism or flesh eating bugs or cancers or dam near every disease on the planet if we introduce Frequency into the DC that generates the Field. joecell at bigpond dot com

  17. Can you perform this test without salt? I've seen the Cellspa machine work without salt and the results are gruesome. Thanks!

  18. Lol, screw that! Anything with electricity, water and your foot in it is a bad idea right off the bat!
    I thought it was a ionic thing you put in your shoes that killed odor.

  19. Not a very convincing argument. Full of holes. How can you criticize when you never even put your feet in the water?

  20. I use this for 3 year i'm 61 now for every person come different don't tell people is not true if you never try. This is not cure is DETOX. Is amazing I love it ,
    yes the water come like that because all

    water have toxinas that is what we drink for my friend who have liver problem come all colors and foul smell for my hasband like petroleo for my friend come like black sugar a lot for a young kids almost clean so I don't agree with you video I have my own machine and I clean my sistem 4 times a year i'm never sick now I looking for professional machine my money use to take care my self in natural ways I hate traditional medicine

  21. This quakery concerns me. During the electrolysis of Stainless Steel harmful chromates are produced, and are what turns the water a yellowish colour… and is also harmful when it contacts the skin. Read this, as it is the source of my info

  22. Why you should not use stainless steel electrodes for electrolysisMany people using the electrolysis method for rust reduction swear by stainless steel, stating (incorrectly) that it's not consumed, stays clean and seems safe.
    Stainless steel is indeed consumed when used in the electrolysis process, although slowly. The main problem with using it is the hazardous waste it produces. Stainless steel contains chromium. The electrodes, and thus the chromium is consumed, and you end up with poisonous chromates in your electrolyte. Dumping these on the ground or down the drain is illegal. The compounds can cause severe skin problems and ultimately, cancer. Hexavalent chromate is poisonous. These compounds are not excused from hazardous waste regulations where household wastes are. 
    These compounds are bad enough that government regulations mandate "elimination of hexavalent chromate by 2007 for corrosion protection."

    Does your electrolyte turn yellow? That's a sign of chromates.

    If you have been using stainless steel for the anodes (positive electrodes), wear rubber gloves when working with or near the liquids. If you need to dispose of it, allow it to evaporate into powders and dispose of the powders in sealed containers during your local "hazardous waste clean-up days".

    Best bet – don't use stainless steel no matter how tempting it is.

    Source –

  23. Are all lotions and creams are scams too…as putting stuff on your skin doesnt do anything? Or is it only soaking feet in ionized iron water that does nothing? I wonder how many ppl spend $30-$50 on expensive anti-wrinkle face cream.

  24. Just what I've always wanted… a way to ELECTROPLATE MYSELF!
    I'm tingling in anticip… oh wait… no… that's the 400V at 5A.

  25. Reverse osmosis scamming tool.
    Used by pureO2 to scam you out off a lot of money by selling you a water purification system that you do not need.
    Use this with demineralized water and you will see no brown gunk. (and this is what they bring with them as proof that your tap water is unclean.)
    The new method is the same trick only then with some magic droplets in your tap water and their "clean" water.

  26. If you are leaking stuff through your feet you should go and see a doctor. I wonder that they didnt include a pump or something since its clearly visible that the gunk builds up at around the divice itself.

  27. Sir I am also purchased this product but array not working after few days please tell me how to clean up array

  28. Wanna detox? Eat healthy, drink right amount of water, exercise and sweat everything out. Dont try all this lazy bullshut

  29. Fascinating video. Having retired from the alternative health field, I have seen these around for years but have yet to try it. Glad I found your video first!

  30. Thanks for debunking this. Some alternative therapies work but it’s fake things like these that make the others look bad. It’s amazing how gullible people can be and a shame that people take advantage of them especially considering those people are probably sick and desperate for healing.

  31. This is actually, a type of Galvano therapy. The relevant data, is related to both before-after blood plateletes structure, AND heavy metals, in both water, and urine, within the next 24 hours, as a result of therapy. Such study was done in Toronto, some 12 years ago. If you like to actually SEE how it works, connect a large carrot , instead of a human… see the color change to orange. This video is actually embarassing… looking @ the irrelevant paper, not the physical benefits.

  32. Now do a video Clive with your feet inside the container and would love to hear your reactions to whatever results you get

  33. I read some negative comments and I want to bring my personal experience. I tried this detox cleanser after I saw it on TV. I didn't know anything about it before. In 6 months, I lost 8 kgs ( about 16 pounds) of nicotine, tar and different toxins by thousands of millions.
    I don't understand this stupid kind of conspiracy against this wonderful machine. I emptied hundreds of basins full of disgusting things that were in my organism. My feet were orange with the nicotine, the basin was black with the tat ( I am a big smoker). My liver, my gall bladder were feeling much better. It was in 2009 and I used it for a few. For different reasons, I haven't been able to use my machine for a few years. I just bought another one that I'm using right now. I do hope I will be relieved of abominable pains because of my gall bladder all through my body. It's working for 15 minutes now, and the water is all range/brown, with a few bubbles on the top of the water and a thin couch of orange particles. Who dares saying it comes from the electrode ???

  34. Per Dr. Klinghardt (top integrative md) excretion of heavy metals happens on day 3 after foot bath. not all foot bath are the same.. ppl who get good results use ones made in the usa .

  35. Having numerous chronic illnesses we become a bit desperate for treatments. I did this 20 years ago and always wondered. Thanks for saving me money!!!!

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