Taking Charge of Your Health

hi I’m Beth Hovis and I’m with Trinity
School of Natural Health and I want to talk today about lymphatic rosaries when
studying eyes in Iridology, sometimes we’ll see something we call the
lymphatic rosary and all that is are little dots around the periphery of the
iris that look like white cotton balls and to have a lymphatic rosary you have
to have three four or five a few more than just one or two dots in the
periphery of the iris you can have one or two but to have the Rosary we have to
have a full circle going around the iris or a partial circle so what is a
lymphatic rosary what does that mean when we see a lymphatic rosary in
someone’s eye? the white cotton ball is actually made up of collagen and what it
represents to us is the lymphatic system and when we see this we see that there
may be congestion or a lack of flow in the lymphatic system of the person that
they’re showing up in we also want to look where these signs are showing up in
the iris according to an Iris chart if we see a rosary in the eye we’re going
to see that the person needs to work the lymph system so there are several ways
we can move the lymph system and that is through exercise dry brushing some
people use echinacea because echinacea can help move the lymph system and by
using the mini-trampoline bouncing up and down gets the lymph system moving if you do have a lymphatic rosary in your eye it could be genetic it may not mean
that you have any issues going on right now it is a possibility of potential
health issues in the lymph system so get up get moving dry brush and get that
lymph system working

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