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34 thoughts on “Iron deficiency anemia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

  1. Wow thank you! I needed this, because I have anemia but the doctors aren't sure if it's only aplastic anemia or iron-deficiency anemia.

  2. My girlfriend has this and i showed her this video. Very weird coincidence that you posted it the day she went to doctor and got medicines for it!

  3. My mom and my sister both had iron deficiency and both of them loved to eat ice. Like everyday they would sit in front of the tv and chew on ice cubes. My mom also ate chalk crayons when she was pregnant with my youngest sister.

  4. I donate blood every 2 months so I'm always aware of my hemoglobin level. Unfortunately, it's always low, and I'm being adviced to eat a lot of red meat and take vitamins with Ferrum. It's been low as long as I remember, and I wonder if it's a chronic disease.

  5. Being 17, if I do get a blood test done and I am iron deificient, will they do colon/gastrointestinal scans or tests? Or just a simple blood test? Thanks

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