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“Is Aloe Vera Gel the Best
Treatment for Lichen Planus?” Lichen planus is a chronic
autoimmune disease, typically of our moist membranes,
such as the inside of our mouth, but can also affect other body surfaces, and it’s not that rare, around 1%, making it one of the
commoner conditions seen in oral medicine clinics. Current treatments are not curative but rather palliative,
aimed at relieving pain. We’ve tried steroids, antibiotics,
chemotherapy, and surgery, and none appear to be
particularly effective. So, even for palliative pain relief, we don’t have great options; that’s why case reports
like this are so exciting. Here’s the before, and
here’s the after, one month, then 2, 3, 6, 7 months later, after drinking 2 ounces
of aloe vera juice a day and applying aloe topically as well, with these kinds of
before and after cases leading to journal
articles with titles like “Aloe Vera as Cure for Lichen Planus.” But, is ingested oral aloe
vera a potion or poison? Internal use of aloe may cause acute hepatitis—liver inflammation, as well as electrolyte imbalances, and you should definitely not inject aloe. But oral use is also not
recommended either. This is primarily because of case reports of aloe-induced hepatitis. Aloe is, ironically, presented
as a detoxifying product but can actually end
up causing liver damage, like in this guy who was
trying to protect his liver and ended up in the hospital. How do we know it was the aloe, though? The assessment of suspected
herbal-induced liver injury is challenging, because
there’s hundreds of things out there that can damage your liver. Here’s the kind of checklist you have to go through as a doctor to rule out other causes before
you blame it on the plant. Do you have some kind of viral hepatitis, or other kind of liver infection, or it could be various drugs
or toxins and diseases. So, maybe it was one
of these other things, and it was just a coincidence that the problem started
after drinking aloe. The gold standard, in terms of trying to prove cause-and-effect, is
a positive re-exposure test— that’s how you can diagnose
drug-induced liver injury. Liver inflammation disappears
when you remove the drug, and then reappears when
you add the drug back, which is rarely done,
for obvious reasons. Well, has there ever been a re-challenge case published for aloe? Yes. Aloe-induced toxic
hepatitis that shot up again after stopping then
restarting aloe ingestion. Aloe consumption has also been
linked to thyroid dysfunction. A women with lichen
planus started swallowing 2 teaspoons of aloe vera juice a day. She started feeling unjustifiably tired. Labwork showed her
thyroid function was low, but she perked right back
up after stopping the aloe, and her thyroid function
returned to normal. What if, instead of swallowing, though, she just swished the
aloe around in her mouth to try to help the lichen planus and then spit it out? We didn’t know… until it was put to the test. A randomized, double-blind,
placebo-controlled trial: 54 patients randomized to
a topical aloe vera gel or placebo gel for 8 weeks. 81% in the aloe group got better compared to just 4% in the placebo group. Furthermore, two patients
treated with aloe had a complete clinical remission. That’s rare. It’s considered a chronic condition; yet, a few weeks applying aloe, and the nasty erosive
lesions disappeared. How about compared to a
steroid ointment, though? Topical aloe vera gel was superior— more effective than the steroids, a significant difference
appearing within 2 weeks. So, although corticosteroids are still considered the gold standard, aloe vera shows promising results, especially with no adverse effects, when applied topically,
compared to various adverse side effects of the corticosteroids. That’s for oral lichen planus, though. What about the efficacy of aloe vera gel in the treatment of lichen
planus of the genitals? Lichen planus of the
vulva is quite common, affecting 1-2% of the population, and it may be even harder to treat. There are flares and partial remission but no tendency for complete remission. And, indeed, that’s what they
saw in the placebo group. One woman had a good response,
but most had little or no response, but applying aloe vera gel instead, and 9 out of 10 responded, and one woman had a
complete clinical remission. They conclude that aloe vera gel is a safe and effective treatment.

50 thoughts on “Is Aloe Vera Gel the Best Treatment for Lichen Planus?

  1. Hello Dr. Greger. Would you know how is Aloe Vera affecting the immune system in general? When ingested of course.

  2. What about high-quality hemp oil? I've been curing and treating many symptoms with it for almost 6 months now and it's working excellent. Including moles that I've had spread through my body or spider through my body from head to toe it seems to disintegrate them under the skin at the mole.

  3. I usually use aloe topically, but I've tried blending some in smoothies in the past, guess that wasn't a good idea…

  4. First of all, ingested aloe vera should be from the barbadensis miller variety. Second, the aloin and aloe-emodin (the yellow colored slime) should be removed. This can be done with the fresh leaf by first filleting the leaf and then rinsing the gel in a bowl of fresh water a couple of times. I've heard that whole leaf, cold pressed aloe vera juice (with the aloin and aloe-emodin removed) can help reverse liver cancer so this makes no sense.

  5. what about brominated flours? I hear they interfere with iodine intake as well as being generally bad for our health

  6. What is a reliable brand that really contains aloe? As you recall some products have been found to contain nothing.

  7. Oh my word! I am rejoicing. I have just posted this on all my lichen planus support groups and on my way (with tears of hope) to purchase aloe Vera gel

  8. Even though I'm not aware of any studies on Aloe Vera as treatment for atopic dermatitis, it it wise to try anyway? Better safe than sound?

  9. I have this for almost 1 year now. It sucks ! Mostly on my ankles and foot. It was all over my body but has faded. Doc wanted me to have steroid cream but I have refused. This is the best news and hope for my condition I've had yet. I'm starting this treatment now

  10. Another valuable lesson any time a doctor suggests circumcision to treat lichen planus of the foreskin (since that always seems to be the number one suggested treatment for it), try out the aloe gel first. Your penis will thank you I'm sure.

  11. Noooooooooooeees

    I acually drink alovera to get my cellwalls thicker and ease my hay fever
    … Being healthy just got to another level, need to rethink this

  12. Damn. And I just bought a huge aloe leaf to try and juice ????? Perfect timing.
    AMAZING ON THE SKIN THOUGH!! Overnight ..???? heals like nothing else. ?

  13. I absolutely love your videos! Could you do one on a plant based diet and mental health? Can a plant based diet reverse disorders such as OCD? We always hear about the great effects on our physical health but what about our mental? Is there a cure? Thank you!

  14. Is the hepatitis like reaction only in people with lichen planus? Would the same effects happen on someone without the disease?

  15. Lol. I ate a whole large 1 meter tall ( barbadensis miller) aloe plant in a smoothie a few years ago. I ate the whole plant mixed with fruits and veggies ower 2 days. It felt pretty soothing and good. I dont think it is toxic, but powerful medicine

  16. what does "double-blind" mean? they "blindly" give one group the aloe gel and the other group a placebo gel, so that neither the groups nor the researchers know which got which, right? then they monitor the groups' health, but then do they "unblind" the experiment at that point? otherwise, how do they know if a group is getting better even though they had placebo, for example?

  17. I was taking medicine for acid reflux and by drinking 2oz Aloe Vera gel for 2 months everyday I was able to get rid of my acid reflex prescription, work for me.

  18. you should seriously plug the book "dumping Iron" as it supports Vegan propaganda pretty well. Its NOT a pro-vegan book per se, But stresses caloric restriction, iron-chelation & blood donation. The iron issue seems to me the most critically overlooked issue in all of health at the moment. After a Mercola article 10+ years ago I started donating and Ive noticed everytime that my waistline gets thinner almost immediately- i mean within an hour or two. Blood-letting has some kind of hormonal effect that i do not understand but can see clearly. Also it confers a type of mental clarity that mimics fasting.

  19. Interesting…I immediately thought of Snails with the mention of Hepatitis. Snails carry Hep and often live on, eat, or travel over Aloe Vera plants. I wonder if the Aloe Vera used was lab grown or sourced?

  20. I can't believe that nobody here, including Dr. Greger, knows that you always capitalize the genus and never capitalize the species. It's Aloe vera and not Aloe Vera or aloe vera. You learn this in your first science course which is usually Biology in high school or college. Being a pre-med major in college, I never saw serious science majors make that mistake. Dr. Greger is a role model. It looks like everybody is just copying his mistake or maybe they just don't know or don't care. For those of you who think this is no big deal, I try not to make up my own rules as I go along. I like following the rules. Life is a learning process.

  21. Man one week something is a superfood the next, a toxin. What about all these raw foodists recommending aloe smoothies and such

  22. All my lichen planus marks disappeared and never had any recurrence again after i stopped eating flour based products for about six months, also eating keto for most of that period.

    No localized treatment for the symptoms of an auto immune disease will cure the base problem.
    But hey, carb the fuck up and save the baby cows.. right? Even at the expense of having a leaky gut..

  23. without cortisol, would we fear pain? do we fear pain cuz it causes stress? wud there b no stress without cortisol? is there a hormonal way to stop fearing pain?

  24. Hopefully it's still ok to put on skin? I found that the gel mixed with a little water makes a really good clear shaving gel. Being clear it's ideal for using to clean up the edges of a beard – you can see what you're doing, so I like it a lot.

  25. Wow, I'm glad I dodged that one. My botanical sense seems to be getting stronger the cleaner my diet becomes.

  26. But what about Aloe Vera Juice??? This is being sold in many health food stores???? Could this be healthy?

  27. Corticosteroids DID NOT WORK for me AT ALL!! My lesions didn't go away until I moved to a 90% unprocessed plant based diet. I was covered in sores – it was horrible. None of the meds worked. Even on my vegan diet, I still didn't get relief. It was only when I went UNPROCESSED. I do still eat processed foods like single ingredient gluten free pasta, store bought hummus, homemade cashew cream, etc.

  28. For more information on natural aloe vera products join this facebook group

  29. I went on a full steroid mouthwash for my OLP, it did jack shit, although aloe gel on my lips have completely cleared it. I now drink inner leaf aloe vera plus taking purslane 500mg caps based on DrGregers studies so hopefully I can get rid of it. Ill keep you all posted in a couple of months.

  30. I was diagnosed with LP 6yrs ago. My first patch formed from a cut.  I was shaving and I cut myself. A Thick patch of itchy bumpy skin formed over it. I thought it was infected or something. I kept going to the doctors nobody could tell me anything. After 3yrs it finally went away on its on. I was on a diet at the time so knowing what I know now I think that played a part in it healing. Then I cut myself again shaving ? on my ankle and it happened again. Once again no one could tell me why or what it was. Finally A dermatologist biopsy it and diagnosed me with LP. I've never had my Lp spread around my body or not stem from an injury or me cutting myself. All until about 2 years ago I started to get dark itchy patches on my back my arms and my chest. I was on a lot of medicine for some years pain meds tramadol and percocets etc.  Something made me feel like that played a part in what was going on with my skin. So I stopped taking all my pain medicine. I figured I rather have the pain in my knee an then to continue to suffer with the skin condition. Narcotics overtime breaks down your immune system to keep your body from healing itself or functioning properly. It can cause you not to ovulate anymore. And a whole bunch of issues over longterm use.   That the doctors don't tell you when they prescribed these narcotics. Anyways I threw out all my medication, and I try to eat more healthy. The discipline with the eating is not always great or perfect at least for me it's hard. Then a friend directed to a herbal man, she said he aslo helped her and most of her friends with OLP, HALITOSIS, VLP, LS,LP of different types and symptoms with herbal medication.. I must say that since I started taking the herbal, medication Within 21 days the LP cleared from my back arms, chest and the whole body.. Both in and out of my body. Reading through the post I haven't seen anyone say that their LP formed originally from them cutting their selves with shaving or an injury. If you are interested in getting intouch with the herbal man for medication as well email him here

     [email protected]  OR  [email protected]

    and get the herbal medication.

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