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Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here. Welcome to the Chopping
Block. Today, our guest on the Chopping Block is honey. Honey is a sweetener that has been
used for thousands of years, and it has some health benefits and maybe some negatives along
with it. We will see in the end if honey gets chopped or not. Now little bit of background on honey over
the last hundred years is honey has been started to be bottled by big companies, and there
was a study done recently at Texas A&M University. When they went and tested 60 different brands
of honey, they found 77% of brands of honey contained no pollen whatsoever. The reason is most honey today is it’s heated.
It’s ultra filtered to where what you get once you finally get it in the bottle is no
pollen, which is where most of the health benefits come from. Also they filtered out
the proteins, the antioxidants, and they’ve damaged some of the vital nutrients that are
found in real raw honey today. So that’s what one are the major problems
with honey is there’s a lot of honey fraud going on, where when they tested companies
like Walmart, Costco, KFC, and McDonald’s, they found that their honey contained zero
pollen and zero of these other nutrients whatsoever. So there’s a lot of bad honey out there. Let me talk about the good in honey. If you
look at honey and it being found in its raw form, like I have in this bottle right here,
raw local honey is packed with pollen. Pollen can actually help boost your immune system
and help you fight allergies. One major benefit is the immune boosting and the allergy fighting
effects of honey. Another major benefit of raw local honey can
be it can actually heal wounds. If you get a cut on your arm or are trying to heal a
cut, again you can put this directly on it. It also can fight off bad bacteria in your
system. So again, there are a lot of benefits of honey.
The one other negative of honey is that it does contain some sugar. Now it’s one of the
most natural forms of sugar and fructose. But if you are trying to really lose weight
or burn fat or trying to get sugar out of your diet, then you probably don’t want to
be consuming really any sugars whatsoever, and so you may take honey off the list. So when it comes to honey being on the Chopping
Block, honey is not getting chopped. We’re keeping it here. We’re keeping it whole. Again,
honey is my absolute favorite all natural sweetener. Just remember, use honey in moderation,
and it is staying here on the Chopping Block and it is not getting chopped.

71 thoughts on “Is Honey Healthy? Should You Be Consuming It?

  1. Honey is bee vomit. The bee ingests pollen & mixes it with formic, manite and other acids. While honey contains several sugars, these have been made toxic by the bee's protective acids. These acids are the bees' preservatives. Humans do not have the enzymes to break these acids down, as have the bees, and must rob their bodies of vital base-forming minerals to neutralize the acids. It is acid-forming and decalcifying. Bees work very hard to make honey for their food. We should leave them be.

  2. fairly bad info here:

    – that "healthy natural bee pollen" you speak of is an allergen for many people and can actually kill you via anaphylactic shock in some cases

    – honey, even when "raw" is usually just regurgitated sugar water because it is extremely rare to be able to buy true wild honey, and it would be prohibitively expensive.

    – cutting carbs / sugar is probably the worst way to loose weight.

    Better sweeteners: dates, raisins, coconut sugar, muscovado sugar, mashed ripe banana etc

  3. Right on La ne! A little honey on occasion won't do much harm. But those who consume lots of it regularly will suffer eventually. I get all the sweetness I need from fresh raw ripe whole fruit, just as we humans were designed to.

  4. So we've been misinformed all these years. Where did you get your facts, and why has the truth been hidden for so long? I've heard that honey is a good antiseptic for wounds, however.

  5. There is much misinformation regarding diet John. The facts are readily available. A little investigation on human physiology and the chemical makeup of honey along with some critical thinking will lead you to the truth. That being said, there are far worse things most people eat, than a small amount of honey on occasion. But the fact is, honey was never intended as food for man, only for bees.

  6. Just had some locally bottled 100% honey on 2 pieces of toast just a minute ago. And it was delicious. :3 I love honey. SO. MUCH.

  7. That's great to hear!!  
    I use honey for cooking, baking, in tea and in my homemade skincare products.  It's a humectant which retains moisture in your skin.  

  8. After discovering just how toxic white sugar is for you, I switched to using honey to put in my coffee. I've been buying it in a local supermarket. (I live in London, England).
    So, Dr, are you saying that anything but raw honey is bad for you? I've also been doing a little research into alternative sweetners. One of them is STEVIA, It's a plant-based sweetner. It's not that widely available. The supermarkets don't sell it (and let's face it; anything that's really healthy for you, they won't be selling it!). And the health food shops are stupidly expensive!
    I've tried taking my coffee without sugar, but I can't bear it!
    What can we do?

  9. If Costco, Wal-Mart, and most super stores sell fraud honey, can you offer locations that sell raw honey? Trader Joe's?

  10. Some of the comments on here are about bee vomit and such are from individuals that know little about the subject.  My grandfather was a large beekeeper in South Georgia selling raw honey only filtered through cheese cloth.  What Sue Bee did with it at that point was their business.  I ate more honey as a small boy than most people will have in their lifetime.  I used too chew up the honey comb like gum and spit out the wax directly from the hive.  I have had no health issues and quite frankly have never suffered from allergies.  Honey as the video points out has more positives than negatives and as long as consumed in moderation is good for you.

  11. Dr. Axe, Reconsider and give that honey the axe. As a dentist I see people who have lots of honey believing it is so good for them and all they get is massive amounts of cavities. Raw honey can have bacterial spores that get activated once they're in your g.i. system. Are there actually any scientific studies that confirm honey's anti-allergenic and wound healing properties? Lastly, there is very little difference between table sugar and honey. They're both mostly comprised of glucose and fructose. Both the AHA and WHO have recently put out position statements recommending lowering dietary sugars. Axe the honey and get your sweet fix from real fruits and vegetables (not dried).

  12. Is "honey bunches of oats with almonds cereal" fatty or unhealthy, I eat it without milk as a snack, if you can please answer, thanks

  13. I use honey for my coffee and other things. Also Honey wine or Mead is delicious as well and from what I have read also healthy (in moderation). One of the oldest alcohol beverages in the world! I usually only buy my honey from local farms.

  14. Why do corporations always process our natural food and degrade/diminish the beneficial nutrients? Like raw honey, raw milk is way better than processed milk (those homogenized kinds). Another example is soy. Raw soy (what Japanese eat) is very beneficial while processed soy (what is marketed in the West) is bad for your health.  We should pass the law to stop corporation to mess with our food.

  15. I wonder why they heat it. I know for fact not for persevering it, because I have many hives of bees in the mountain and as if today I'm consuming 2 years old honey that was stored in jars and bottles. for two years and the smell and taste never change. so why they ultra-heat it and take away the nutrients out of it >> IDK >> may be they don't want the people to stay healthy.

  16. My wife gets really tired all day when see eats honey in breakfast, why is that ? I never eat honey so I cant give an example how I became.

  17. John the Baptist lived on honey and locust's God is not wrong screw your researchers I trust God only God not man men are liars I used to be a liar so I know

  18. I'm a big opponent of fructose, honey has a lot of it, also, honey has a lot of enzymes, polifenols, and it can heal wounds, it has trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide, but it shouldn't be consumed. The only time you can consume honey, is when you are going to eat sugar anyways, then switching to honey will be healthful.

  19. I've read that sugar destroys gut flora. Considering this, is my habit of eating a teaspoon of honey every day before going to bed unhealthy?

  20. yeah really honey is a great substitute to any sweetener. but honestly stay from anything that isnt real honey. There is so much synthetic crap out there its disgusting. Honey that contains almost 0% of the real thing!!? thats crazy. sadly a lot of people , the less educated ones in particular, have no idea that they are being cheated. also, as a general rule, if it is packed in a flashy plastic jar and relatively cheap, it probably isnt the real thing. Real honey is often sold at local markets in plain glass jars and doesnt look all that great, but its whats inside that counts!

  21. Damn my favourite dip is honey butter peanut butter and hot peppers I’m thinking it’s probably not good for me I’m going to miss it

  22. Hii Dr, I take a spoonfull of honey with water everyday. Is it harmfull? Will it effect me in any way? Shod i stop intake of honey in my daily routine?

  23. There is some contradictory evidence now stating that honey does help you lose weight as well…

  24. I know that many rather buy cheap products because of low income, but trust me, honey is not a product to save money on. You really get what you pay for and its the difference between tasting the best of nature or eating sewer products, comparing real honey to the cheaper stuff that is out there. I am a hunter of low prices in the market, but I am always ready to pay the double just to get that real, natural honey – specially if it comes in glass jars.

  25. thanks for the details. I just poured a jar of chinese honey on a fresh opened wound on my foot. I also snorted a line of pollen for the health benefits.

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