Taking Charge of Your Health

Medicine is a great field but I am obviously
biased. While I do love medicine, it is not something
that I would recommend for everyone. It is very important that you are aware of
the pros and cons and carefully decide if it is the right profession for you. Stay tuned to find out how. What’s going on guys! This is Jay from Let’s get started with the path to becoming
a physician in the U.S. First you complete four years of college. You can have any major but must complete two
years of prereqs which are mostly science courses. For this reason, most students choose a life
science major, but again, you can study anything from mechanical engineering to English to
political science etc. After college, you go to medical school which
is another four years. After medical school you go to residency which
is at least three years but can be up to seven. Fellowship allows you to specialize further
which can be one or more years in addition to residency. Now, assuming you don’t take any years off
between all of that, you’ll be around your own late 20s or early 30s when you finally
finish training. Lots of people do take time off though, so
it is not uncommon to be a few years older than that. Now, let’s talk about the financial aspects
of becoming a doctor: the average debt for a graduating medical student is currently
at $180,000. In residency, you will make around fifty thousand
dollars per year, so you will barely make a dent in your debt and interest will accrue. Your salary will rise after finishing training
to a comfortable six-figure income but that varies depending on your specialty. Now that we understand the basic premise,
let’s talk about a few key deal-breakers. Going into medicine for the money is not a
good idea. While you will be making well into the six
figures after finishing training, you will be significantly behind the curve due to debt
and opportunity cost. If money is your main concern, look elsewhere. So, to go a little bit more into the opportunity
cost, if you started working after college and didn’t have to take on the additional
debt of medical school where you are not earning any more money, you would very likely be in
a much better financial situation. I’m not gonna go into a detailed analysis
in this video but I am gonna place some links in the description to pages I found that actually
do break down the numbers for a physician and show you the impact of debt and opportunity
cost on your lifetime wealth. Next, if you hate school and hate learning,
again look elsewhere. I’m not saying that you need to love every
single subject or love the annoying parts of being a student, but if you don’t enjoy
science and don’t learning about the human body, then a career in medicine is going to
be significantly more challenging for you. A big part of being a physician is being a
lifelong learner. This means you have to continually educate
yourself even after finishing training to stay up to date with your treatments. Next, if you don’t like working with people,
I again urge you to look elsewhere. There are certain specialties that have limited
contact with patients such as radiology or pathology. However, you still need to regularly communicate
with your colleagues. For example, in radiology, you’ll be reading
scans for surgeons, emergency physicians, hospitalists etc and in pathology, you also
still need to communicate with your colleagues. So, now I’ve told you a few things that are
deal-breakers; reasons that you should not go into medicine. It’s much more difficult to tell you the reasons
that you should go into medicine because those reasons vary wildly from person to person. One thing I commonly hear from pre-meds and
med students is their desire to help people. That’s a noble cause and I fully support it. I think it should almost be a requirement
to pursue a career as a physician. But at the same time it is not enough. You can help people in a variety of professions,
why not be a nurse instead? Firefighters help people, so do paramedics
etc. So there needs to be something else there
that draws you to this profession. There are additional qualities of a physician
that you should be aware of. First, they are leaders of the health care
team. You don’t have to already be a leader because
it is a skill that you can develop, but ask yourself honestly “is this something that
appeals to me?” second: being a physician is a very intellectually
challenging profession; do you have an inquisitive mind? Do you like problem-solving? Or would you rather follow protocols and not
have to think too hard? Next, do you like working with your hands? Now, there is a broad range of specialties,
some have little or no procedures like psychiatry and others are very heavy on procedures like
orthopedic surgery. Are you a hard worker? This is one of the most important factors
to being successful as a physician. I believe that most soon-to-be physicians,
current physicians and most of even the public believe that physicians are much smarter than
they really are. While you definitely do need to be smart to
be a doctor, it is much more important that you are a hard worker. Diligence, discipline and persistence will
overpower smarts. I have a friend who went to a top college
and was known for being a genius. He never studied, often fell asleep in class
and still crushed all of his tests. He went to college and did more of the same. But when he went to medical school, he really
struggled. From being in the top 5% of his class, he
was now in the lower third. And it’s because he never developed the
proper study skills and habits. The medical profession requires some critical
thinking and understanding of complex concepts, but it’s mostly memorizing vast quantities
of information. That’s why hard work trumps intelligence. One of the most important things you do before
either deciding on medicine or starting medical school is to shadow. Don’t just shadow one doctor either, check
out different specialties and in different settings. Learn what it means to be a primary care physician
out in the community clinic. Check out the operating room at the academic
center. Get some exposure to inpatient medicine in
the hospital. Medicine is an incredibly diverse field and
you will likely gravitate towards only a few select specialties that are suited to your
personality and interests. Before starting medical school, I was in love
with the idea of being a gastroenterologist motivated by a family history of GI illnesses. I thought it would be a great fit because
I loved nutrition, the science behind it, I wanted continuity with my patients, meaning
where you can build a relationship with them over time and I’ve always found satisfaction
from working with my hands and gastroenterology has a lot of procedures you can do. But once I actually got to medical school
and got exposure to GI in my second year, I realized that it was not the fields for
me. While I do love procedures, I didn’t find
the type of procedures in GI particularly stimulating or challenging. And while I did love learning about certain
diseases and pathologies within that field, there was a lot of it that also didn’t really
excite me. So, luckily after gaining exposure to multiple
specialties, I found a surgical subspecialties that is a perfect fit for my personality and
my interests, and I consider myself very lucky for finding something that was such a good
fit. But in hindsight, I wish that I would have
started shadowing and getting exposure before medical schools started. I did do volunteer research in the emergency
department, I did work with some neurologists and I even did a little bit of basic science
research but that only gave me a tiny glimpse of the medical field and what it means to
be a physician. So, knowing your areas of interest sooner
than later will only help you in the long run. At the same time, I don’t think that you need
to feel any pressure to decide on a specialty early but be sure you gain exposure and understand
the different parts of Medicine so that you have some degree of orientation going into
it. So, leave a comment below on why you love
medicine and what helped you make that decision. That is it for this video guys. If you liked the video, make sure you press
that like button. New videos every week, so hit subscribe if
you haven’t already and I will see you guys in that next one!

100 thoughts on “Is Med School Right for Me? | Deciding on a Career in Medicine

  1. I’m a grade 11 high school student. And i realized that i like everything about medical especially for dermatology. But i am not a smart person and hard worker and i am easily stressed. I decided to take a medical school when i finished my high school. But now i am really confused. I am afraid that i can’t do it since i am not a hard worker person. But my dream is to be a dermatologist. Do i have to change my dream or go on with it? I really need someone to help me. Thank you 😊

  2. I want to go practice medicine and all that but I sat there one day and just knew it was right for me yes I love helping people but I just dont know what made me lean towards medicine

  3. I have no idea what kind of study I want to follow while I am still even confused if I even want to study medicine! I am only twelve but I am already stressing as fuck lmao, but it's not my family or friends put the pressure on me… It's just something that tells me to do it. I do have leadership skills and I can be a hard worker if I want to. It's just I don't know what to be later that has to do with medicine?! Any advice?

  4. I am very concerned, I would like to go into medicine, but I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I am worried about the 24 hour plus demanding shifts of residency. I am Canadian, but I believe Quebec is the only province that limits at 24 hours, but even that would be too much.

  5. I am really into medicine. And i REALLY want to pursue medicine. I live in sweden and we have somethign called PRAO. It is when you go to a job that you are intrested in and be with workers there and learn. you do this in 8th grade and 9th grade. So i went to a hospital and i was in the emergency radiology department and i was really amazed. I got even more into medicine. Have a dream job? Go for it, if not then you just will have regret following you. Dont think you can do it? YOU CAN! just work hard and never look back! 😃😃

  6. I want to be a gynecologist for the main reason that being their during and after the birth of a baby seeing the joy it brings on a persons face is absolutely joy and honestly is a pay for me.

  7. The hard work and stress do sound scary, but when I see the smiles of children, I have no more doubts about my career choice.

  8. I'm thinking of med school but for fremsic pathology. I love hearing the backgrounds about crimes. So that's part of it as well as the salary and job opportunities. I'm not very good at math or very interested in science. Hoping that if I do go for med school I have at that point learned the right way to study and have a better appreciation for math and science.

  9. I’m debating becoming a doctor because:

    A. I’m doing nothing with my life at age 26.

    B. Medicine is the noblest of professions (IMO).

    C. Doctors are at the top of the food chain professionally and socially.

    D. Better chances with chicks?

    Feel free to eviscerate me with comments. I’m being as real as possible so I don’t make a dumbass career choice. 👍

  10. I have always dream about being a doctor but now I feel like I have no interest in medicine and want to be a pilot but I have been dreaming to be a doctor from a childhood and don't want to do any other jobs but I think I don't have potential to be doctor instead travel a world have fun and try out different thing I am confused what should I do???

  11. But is starting med school today still worth it if you factor in A.I. and automation? Young people that will still have to work for 40 years + …

  12. As a guy that DROPPED OUT of medical school, I can cite several factors that knocked me out of medicine. The biggest of these is that I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome and COULD NOT STAY HEALTHY on the floors. So for any aspiring medical professional that has a debilitating physical condition like I do, medicine is not impossible but there will be serious challenges. In my case, I had too much debilitation from my lifelong struggle with Ehlers Danlos to complete medical school or be a decent medical professional. Today I work in a non medical profession that EXPLOITS that Ehlers Danlos, and I’m happier and more financially successful this way than I would have been as a failing doctor who simply wasn’t good enough to be a doctor.

  13. I wanted to become a doctor but I dont know if i can handle it financially. I have to believe that I can handle all the stress becaise medicine is my oassion and basically my motivation….😥😥😥😥

  14. Do med schools look at your high school subjects at all? My school offers a college course in med but I would love to do another college course in a different subject. I'm thinking of shadowing and volunteering in a hospital this summer just so colleges can see my dedication to this profession, but I would like to know if med schools pay any attention to my high school years at all? Thank you for ur time

  15. The only reason I want to study medicine is trigeminal neuralgia which I suffer from since as long as I can remember.

  16. Im into arts but I just want to keep learning & going to school for as long as I can and med school seemed enticing. I wanted to pursue arts but then i started to think its not a real degree & that I could improve all on my own during past times.

  17. I love how I’m 13 and I’m already beating myself up about me not knowing what field of medicine I want to be in lol.

  18. I love brains, I love being hands on, I love helping people of course, but more specifically I hate dying, I’m deathly afraid of death and I don’t want anyone to go through that. That’s why I want to be a neurosurgeon. It’s fascinating to me.

  19. I'm in 7th grade and I love the human body anatomy! I was thinking of the career of human biology but now I'm looking into nursing, ICU nurse or NP. This is very helpful because I can then see if I'm ready. I want to get before knowledge before college that way when I get to college I can be prepared on what I want to do in my career.

  20. I told my mother that I want to be a psychiatrist and she said “you know how you are about to be sixteen well imagine studying for the amount of time you already have been living becoming a psychiatrist takes a lot of work to get there and If I start now by the time that I will be close to working will be around thirty she said I can do it but she wants me to think about how much studying I will be doing in my life 🤷‍♀️🏻(I’m still trying to decide between psychiatry or neurobiology) (sorry if this doesn't make much sense I have autism and its difficult for me to explain things sometimes.)

  21. I’m 13 but I want to be a doctor…. for the money… this hurt me because I don’t want to be anything else but a doctor because they make a lot of money but it said don’t do it for the money… 🙁

  22. The thing is, like I don't want to be a physician per say. Rather something like Immunology (the study of the immune system.) Now I don't know if that means that I will still have to abide by a lot of what this video is telling me. I know for sure that I will have to go through a certain amount of the same process of as a physician, but I don't want to be a physician/surgical doctor.

  23. I'm just a girl dreaming to be an opthalmologist i admit to myself that i'm not a smart person but i can work hard lols i don't know why i like the most is eye i'm just interested to it to the point i want to be a doctor.i'm just 14 yrs old yet i'm really interested to it 'cause i have this feeling that i need to help other people who has poor eye vision

  24. I want to go into the medical field because I want to save lives and my parents just want me to, I guess. (They’re both nurses.) I love learning (with MULTIPLE breaks) and the salary is very high. Except, I just have really bad people skills. Sounds very stupid, I know. I make conversations extremely awkward, I cut people off, and I’m the one who doesn’t talk first. Did I mention the site of blood makes me feel sick? I really do want to become a doctor though!
    I don’t even know why I’m here, I’m 13. I’ve just been watching too much Greys Anatomy. Surprisingly, watching the surgeries on that show is interesting for me.

  25. i might want to be a family doctor because I'm good at socializing and i was pretty good at science, i used to love watching that tv show house idk why but I just did, and i just wanna help people, health is very important to us all…

  26. do you need steady hands to be a doctor? (not surgeon)

    also, the worst thing about this is, you don't know if you'll enjoy it until you start, but by then you have already spent tens of thousands on the course.

  27. I was wondering if you could help me out, I’ve been pondering career choices for sometime, I recently ran into this reoccurring thought, I can’t truly comprehend death weather it’s nothingness or eternity either way I can’t understand what it would be like and it’s given me a new outlook on life, since I’ve been having these thoughts doctor is the only thing I can think of actually being a rewarding career when I have such a outlook on life and how valuable it truly is. I’m a very smart guy and I don’t think there’s anyone better in the world to tell someone there condition as I’m very comforting for people and I constantly find people I barely know confiding in me. But I can’t convince myself that this is 100% for me, as selfless as I am I still value my own life and with that my family and I’m worried being a doctor could trump my family life and that scares me. There’s nothing that I see as a big red flag to tell me I don’t want to do this or that I do. would you help convince me in either direction of what I should do cause I’m running low on time before student debt starts hitting me and I still don’t know what I’m doing

  28. I grew up volunteering to be a doctor,but my math is not good.Is it in the medical department math result must be good?

    Sorry my English is not very good.

  29. Ok so i love science very much and i want to help people should i be a doctor? Sometimes i see people who need help but i wish i cam hlp them more give me so advice pls. Im taking my test this year hopefully i can grt into foundation in sc and than med school but should i be a doctor?no one believes in me and ask me to just forget about it but in my heart i wanna be a doctor so much need advice pls thank u

  30. For the longest time I've known I wanted to be a psychologist. In my country, there's still a lot of stigma around mental health issues, and as a fellow young person struggling with mh I want to help anyone brave enough to look past the stigma and ask for help. And that's why I want to get into med school. I did well in biology in high school and i consider it one of my strongest subjects, so I don't doubt that I'll do well. Is that a good idea? To get into med school for this specific goal? Or should I instead go for a psychology degree, then a masters and so on? Keeping in mind that med school here is 7 years straight after high school, with one year at the end for a specialized field, and I can be a therapist with medical training, which is obviously more valuable in the career market than a psych degree.

  31. At a school in my town there is a class called biomedical foundations where you actually get to go to the hospital and shadow(it’s a 12th grade class) there are also plenty of other classes like human anatomy so it’s a good school if your interested in medicine

  32. Honestly I'm only 14 and I want to be a neurosurgeon (FOR SURE) and I know extra years and im like every teenager who hates going to school but it's normal and I'm willing to take all those years to become my dream job and it might be weird for me to be a spinal/brain surgeon but its who I want to be and again I'm willing to take all those extra years and I really try not thinking about it cause if I do then I know I wont push myself to do it but I haven't even finished middle school yet so I still have time but if I ever push myself out of being a neurosurgeon (Probably not) I know I'll still try to be ANYTHING in the medical field.

  33. I graduate in 4 weeks from nursing school with my bachelors. As much as I enjoy nursing I always find myself thinking about med school, and it feels like one of those things where after a few years of working as a nurse I'd regret not pursuing the MD or even PA. I'm 25 now so I'd be very early 30s as an MD…. but then again it is expensive, and I have considered PA. I just don't know right now.

  34. I am 12 years old, and I very badly want to be an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiology seems like the best fit for me, as I love the science and stuff behind it. I just don’t know how I can become one and prepare myself for the future training. Any advice?

  35. I love medicine, i want to treat people, and help them the best as i can and i guess medicine fits me instead of other courses. i love science and i really want to help other people,be a volunteer in any health organizations but God don't want me to be a doctor but to be an engineer. and i really dont know if i can bear engineering field.

  36. I hope someone that relates & have been to medical school can respond to me to see if I should do it or not.

    I consider myself kinda smart (i’m in no way trying to brag) BUT i’m not really good at school. I like to call it ‘school smart’ like they ask you to just learn & write down pages & pages answering just one question; I can’t do that. I know the subject perfectly but only write like 1/4 of what i’m supposed to. I never understood how people had this ability to write this much, when it’s something you can explain in only a few lines. But sadly that’s what they ask in MS, so I guess i’m screwed. I also struggle with mental health such has SAD & depression. MS is only going to make it worst.
    But I’ve always loved learning about science, especially in anatomy & can’t really imagine myself doing anything else.

    Tell me what to do.

  37. I want to go into Med School. It’s a little bit different in Sweden and the bills are much lower here if I were to quit because education is free. I wonder though- I’ve always been a hard worker and I fight for my grades, but the only thing I’m “intelligent” in is language learning and biology. Currently I am 16 and only two years ago I’ve started loving math and all of the science subjects because I sat down, took my time and started to learn. I never took school seriously as a child and I still got good grades until I turned 12, I literally cannot remember like I did when I was younger. So right now, I’m not intelligent in math or chemistry, but I still get good grades because I study and recently I got an A on my maths test.

    I’m a good leader, I am a good socializer. Except I’m slow (slow as in, understanding to learn). I’m so afraid that’s going to discourage me. The fact that I wasn’t a nerd when I was little but only recently became one. I’m afraid I’ll be discouraged by those who WERE nerds and still are, very good at science, to tell me why I even chose medical school.

    My reason isn’t for the money. It’s because I love helping people and I have serious existential crises where I feel like I’m nothing if I don’t help people. I considered becoming a psychiatrist but I’m afraid their issues will get to me (and so if I help them physically I won’t hurt myself by them mentally)

    The money is only a plus, and I love learning. The education is 12 years in Sweden, if you count in becoming a surgeon.

    My question is: Can I work hard, have these goals and keep this reason to become a doctor, even if I get discouraged that I’m not as smart as everyone else? (I know that it’s my dream and I should keep going, but is it possible? Man I’m terrified; literally)

  38. I would like to go into the medical field because I really love studying anatomy and medicine. Idk I just wanted to say that.

  39. I like to be a doctor because I find it very cool and professional…but that’s not only my reason….I love hospitals…somehow the smell of medicine just calm me and the fact that hospital is always quite makes me like it more it sounds weird to everyone that’s just how I feel…but there’s a problem…I’m not really good at Science but I’m trying my best to be a medical student…currently I’m doing my gcse…I don’t know if Sixth form would accept student who’s grade D or C be accepted to learn Science…It’s been my ambition to be one and study abroad…I think I just need to work hard to make it happen

  40. I’m stuck between dermatology and pediatrician dr (I have sensitive skin and have had skin problems patients could relate to, however I would like to focus on working with children and exposure to other things people are struggling with) any suggestions?

  41. I want to become a psychiatrist. I initially wanted to become a clinical psychologist because I have a huge interest in the mind, behaviour, social interaction and mental health. After that, I realised that I wanted to be able to prescribe medicine so that I can administer psychotherapies alongside medicine and eventually get applicable clients off of the psych meds (many of which have quite severe side effects). I recognise the importance of the link between body and mind. A psychologist is limited in what they can do to help sufferers of mental illness since they can't prescribe medicine nor terminate the use of a drug when and if a patient has adapted and can cope with their illness without the use of medicine. I'm fortunate enough to have a big interest in anatomy, the body-mind link, biology, disease and the healing of the diseases too, so medical school will be something that I enjoy.
    I hope to attain an excellent understanding of the body and mind so that I can improve the health of people who have mental illnesses on a physical and mental level.
    I'll do undergraduate Psychology and then go to med school and do residency in Psychiatry. It sounds easier than it is 🤣
    Psychiatry allows me to do more for a patient than clinical psychology. There's really only so much a clinical psychologist can do, and since I'll be doing a psychology undergrad, I'll still be learning about the aforementioned things about psychology that interest me so much. What do you guys think?

  42. Lol I have such a great memory so that’s good. I do think I will become a doctor and I will be the best one that I can possibly be.

  43. Dental school costs are wayy higher than med school costs (average dental student owes $400,000, some people even owe up to $600,000)

  44. I’m an undergrad at a community college majoring in nursing. I want to go into the medical school though. I’m going on my second year and I’m 25. I need help understanding what classes to take to get on the right path! I’m currently taking bio 141 right now during he fall ill be taking a&p also what do I major in biology right? Thank you to whoever it is, that will be helping me go down the right path.

  45. I love biology and all the other requirements I fill, but I feel like I’m going into it for the money.

  46. I've worked about 11 months in heathcare (10 of those months doing scribe work, 1 of those doing transcriptionist). I'm starting to seriously consider internalized medicine (I'm open to other fields if they catch my eye). I already have an undergraduate degree (studio art, minor in biology) and a graduate degree (public health) so ideally I'd like to try to do the mcat and go from there but we'll see what happens. I'm going to meet with a local doctor next week to discuss the matter over with him (I've worked with him for many months, we get along great).

  47. I want to go to med school and become a dermatologist (I’m only 15 atm) but I’m scared I’m not smart enough for it :/

  48. Imma be honest rn. I’m 13 and I wanted to be an anesthesiologist just like my uncle but I’m realizing that it’s a much harder job than I realized. I’ve always like the ideas of a scientist on the body and I’m thinking of being a pathologist. Any thoughts?

  49. Understanding the patients symptoms and narrowing the patients symptoms down to particular illnesses is fascinating of course helping people in itself is amazing. However, solving problems and being able to use various tools at your disposal such as; ordering MRI or PET scans is just incredible. As well as the idea of leading a team which seems daunting although the skills gained are priceless. (High school student thinking about MS few months left to decide.)

  50. in my country the last year of high school is very important at the end of the year we do a national test and you marks determine what you can study in college for example i scored 233/240 so now i can go into medical school almost for free (i pay like 1$ per year lol) and you go straight into medical school after 1 year of college

  51. is it possible to do a video on the lifestyle, like how much time to spend with family and when does time free up and hows pretty much the lifestyle. which specialties can you dictate etc.

  52. What if you have absolutely no idea what you like and the people of your country prone to science (Iran), but you also don't want to do what everybody else does and your economy is deteriorating and anything except for science (not even math, only science) barely makes any money, let alone making enough to provide you anything near a standard, normal life. I have a good memory and also good people skills (didn't mean to brag about myself😅) and my math isn't as nearly good as my science. I also don't have any special artistic abilities. I'm also not interested into law and psychology. For these reasons, everyone around me is telling me to study medicine. My question is, how do I make myself study it? I know my reason (everybody else is doing it, so I shouldn't do it) is totally stupid. That's why I'm asking for advice on how to make myself do it. I appreciate any advice and thank you, if you made it this far.

    P.S: sorry for the rant😅.

  53. I want to be a surgeon or dermatologist,mainly a dermatologist but the costs of studying really scares. I’m only 13 so I guess I have a while to figure everything out but I feel pressured to figure out what career I should choose

  54. The only thing really making me doubt if I should do medicine is my lack of money. Yes I do get scholarships and aid but I just dont know If that's going to be enough for me to pay for school and a roof during my eight years.

  55. What if i use my GI bill for medical school then i would get it for free and have to go to the military for 4 years would that be residency!

  56. I’m a senior in high school and I love learning about the human body and how it works. I’ve got bad teachers for my bio and chem classes but back there in my country I loved them! I’m taking physiology this year and i really enjoy that class! What I’m worried about is the endless time I have put into this profession… I also wanna have time with my family and friends. Also bc of the huge amount of money I have to pay and I’m not rich. Btw I live in Cali. Can you guys give me any advices please?

  57. Guys I need your opinion.

    About a year ago I was watching House M.D. show, and I know it sounds silly but that was the main reason I got interested in medicine and the first time I imagined myself as a doctor. Soon after that, I made some researches – how the doc's work REALLY be like, being in med school & is it that hard etc. Although most people'd freak out bc of how many hours you have to work, how long you have to study, how responsible u have to be, I didn't. In fact it made me even more fascinated as I feel I need a work that I'd be fully involved in and that I'd love, so – seems like a great option. Money also isnt the most important thing to me.

    Also solving problems and logically thinking is what I like to do – it was mentioned in the video. I really love to study and work hard, sometimes I study chemistry/biology up until 1 AM just because I like it… I'm weird, I know right! Hah…

    I'm not very stress resistant tho. I get stressed rather easily, I even had kinda anxiety episode around 2 years ago… And I wanna go to med school in another country, then stay and work there, soo even more stress… It wouldn't be emotionally easy for me but I feel I'd do good as a doctor and for now I can't imagine being someone else in the future. What do you think? Should I try?

  58. I was thinking about becoming a doctor and I qualify for all of these! I love science and I really want to be a doctor so I get 4.0 all school year. Thanks for your help!

  59. In some months I should decide for my future job because I need to pick the appropriate classes and can't decide! Medicine interests me a lot as I always wanted to heal people and communicate with them. I'd say that I have some social skills.. Nevertheless I like math and physics but chemistry and most parts of biology were always a little boring for me( it might be bexause of our teacher he's boring idk). I am a hardworker but not such a passionate learner. So i don't know if medical school is exactly what i want.. Exact same problem with veterinary.. Apart from that I like art, sociology/ psychology but in order to become e.g a psychologist i need to do a lot of language and history classes which i hate. Also I've recently read some articles about how all these are fake sciences and yes.. Also i was thinking of becoming an architekt ( as I said earlier i like math and physics and i'm also good at sketch) but i don't know if it's right for me.. So here's me hella confused, writing the story of my life ( to which you probably wouldn't even care and couldn't help) and not knowing what i'll do with my life,😭😠 (If you read it all i'm sorry for you)

  60. I have little to no interest in any of the sciences, yet I have the desire to help those in need. My own family and relatives get sick often, and it frustrates me that I can’t do anything to help. I really want to change that.
    I’m not a very hard worker, but I believe I can be if I push myself. I’m also graduating hs this year. Should I still pursue medicine? I also considered going to law school, but I’d rather not spend 10+ hours a day sitting down, scrutinizing papers.

  61. I dont know where to begin with shadowing currently just got a job so my Schedule will be hectic . Any advice ? I looked into volunteer work but im not really sure how to get started and I’m also certain i dont wanna work at a senior living home volunteer or otherwise which was all i found available in my area .

  62. I absolutely love biology and find it's my favourite lesson in school. I see surgery videos or scenes in shows and instead of being squeamish I find myself loving it and becoming very interested. I'm thinking of becoming a neurosurgeon or a surgeon of some kind. I currently live in the UK but am hoping to study and live in Canada or South Korea not sure which yet.

  63. I absolutely hate biology but I think I should be a doctor cos it’s a good lifestyle, (in Uk u only work 40hrs/week with a good salary) so should I become a doctor

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