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GEORGE LIAKEAS: This is not your needle. ARIELLE: Okay.
GEORGE LIAKEAS: The hope is that the body will bring new tissue, more blood, more vibrancy
and correct whatever area needs to be corrected. ARIELLE: This is so weird. ARIELLE: You might have heard of Botox, breast-implants and the Brazilian butt lift. Now, there is a new cosmetic procedure on the market and
its brand lends itself to a rather more sinister term. GEORGE LIAKEAS: So, some of the things that
we do here are in what we call ‘the vampire family’ – vampire facial, vampire breast
lift, vampire procedures. It’s basically using the technology and the concept of platelet
rich plasma or PRP. In our blood, we have whole blood and we have plasma and in the
plasma, there are platelets and platelets are one of the key responsible agent for having
your body trigger stem cells. And if we have more stem cells, the thinking is that more
stem-cells bring on fresh, rejuvenated, vibrant tissue in whichever area you put these stem
cells in. COMM: PRP has commonly been used to encourage cell renewal in both dentistry and orthopaedics.
But now, cosmetic doctors are harnessing its powers for those desiring plumper faces – or
in this case, breasts! NICOLE CONTOS: Everybody completes these treatments and they love the results.
ARIELLE: Okay, I’m excited. NICOLE CONTOS: Yeah. ARIELLE: I usually come here for my laser
hair removal; so I saw the vampire breast lift lift in the catalogue. GEORGE LIAKEAS: This is not your needle. ARIELLE: Okay. GEORGE LIAKEAS: Ouch, that does hurt! It is
a nice size needle but that makes it come out much faster.
ARIELLE: Okay. GEORGE LIAKEAS: Now, I’m just going to spin
this blood. We don’t want the red blood part, we want the plasma. In the plasma are
platelets. GEORGE LIAKEAS: Those platelets help stimulate your natural stem cells and that’s what
we are trying to utilise to tell your body wake up, rejuvenate, revive. You’re trying
to get your body to stimulate new fullness which gives the appearance of a lift. NICOLE CONTOS: It’s just noise. This thing
is going to be nothing, I promise you ARIELLE: It’s your blood. It’s not like I’m going to get in implants. I don’t
really want like a huge change to my breasts, that’s why I feel like this is the best
decision. ARIELLE: It wasn’t that bad. It just, I felt it like a tattoo, because they do the
same. Yeah, but less painful. NICOLE CONTOS: Close your eyes. ARIELLE: Oh my goodness! ARIELLE: This is so weird.
NICOLE CONTOS: Look at that. All done. GEORGE LIAKEAS: All right, how was it?
ARIELLE: It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. GEORGE LIAKEAS: Okay. No, that’s, that’s what most people say. COMM: The results of the vampire breast lift
are set to last up to two years. So, for anyone who is willing to part with $1,150 for plumper
breasts, this could be the procedure for you – providing that you don’t have too much
of an aversion to blood or needles. ARIELLE: I was sceptical at first because like blood is not for me and that needle
size was ridiculous. NICOLE CONTOS: It feels like a burning. ARIELLE: It was not as bad as I thought it
would be. Happy I did it.

100 thoughts on “Is The Vampire Breast Lift The New Boob Job? | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  1. Folks just won’t learn. You can die from complications from any kind of cosmetic procedure. Be happy with what you have. Sheeesh

  2. Very pretty girl. If she would just hit the gym and change her diet she would be amazed at what she would look like

  3. I need this. I have a genetic blood disorder. This could help me. Not my breasts, but on general health.

  4. She has really pretty skin. But she wasted her money, her boobs look fine and probably looked the same after. And don’t even last long ?

  5. It's kind of ridiculous how she went into it with ZERO research. She was just kind of like "whateverrrrr!"

  6. So thanks for sharing I will stick with my books. Because I only have one child and I am 40 they are not straight anymore but very good enough for my man to suck on ahahahahahahaba

  7. Everytime I see these cosmetic procedures it turns my stomach a little. People are willing to try some strange and painful looking things just for a temporary fix on self-image.

  8. Ok, you see no direct results. No suprise. The target was the stem cells from the plasma. They need to adjust and start to grow to get more breast tissue. This is not something you will see after just injecting it. You need patience…

  9. Why is he not using gloves when he is handling the blood does he not know that he could be injecting bacteria directly into her that way

  10. Omg why did she did that your beautiful just the way you are you don't need big but or big breast it's don't care about what people say just stay natural and natural women is the best

  11. She got no results from that, they just took all her money for ntn, not even a little before and after pic.

  12. This upsets me, im 32k and would not wish it on anyone, I do understand insecurities but why would one want to cause mental pressure, back pain and chest pulling. I cant even find bras to fit properly, she is absolutely beautiful either way

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