Taking Charge of Your Health

Translator: Gabriel Orozco Hoyuela
Reviewer: Chryssa Takahashi Can the mind really heal the body? And if so, is there
any scientific evidence to convince skeptical physicians like me? These are the questions that fueled
the last few years of my research and what I discovered
is that the scientific community, the medical establishment,
has being proving for over 50 years, that the mind can heal the body. We call it the “placebo effect”. And we’ve been trying
to outsmart it for decades. (Laughter) The placebo effect is a thorn in the side
of the medical establishment. It’s an inconvenient truth,
that gets in between, trying to bring new treatments, new
surgeries into the medical establishment. So it’s a problem!
Supposedly. But I actually think,
this is really good news! The placebo effect is excellent news! Because it’s concrete evidence that the body holds within it
innate self-repair mechanisms that can make unthinkable
things happen to the body. So, if you find this surprising, if you have a hard time believing
that the body can heal itself, you need look no further than
The Spontaneous Remission Project, a database compiled
by the Institute of Noetic Sciences of over 3500 case studies
in the medical literature of patients who have gotten better
from seemingly “incurable” illnesses. You think there’s such
a thing as an incurable illness? I swear, if you go look at this database,
it will blow your mind. Everything is in there. Stage 4 cancers that disappeared
without treatment. HIV positive patients,
that became HIV negative. Heart disease, kidney failure,
diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease,
autoimmune diseases, gone. A great example of this
in the medical literature, is a case study from 1957 of Mr. Wright
who had advanced lymphosarcoma. So, things weren’t going well for
Mr. Wright, time was really running out. He had tumors the size of oranges in his
armpits, neck, chest, abdomen. His liver and spleen were enlarged, and his lungs were filling up with
two quarts of milky fluid every day that have to be drained
in order for him to breathe. But Mr. Wright wasn’t giving up hope. He had heard about
this wonder drug called Krebiozen, and he was begging his doctor, “Come on, just give me some of that
Krebiozen, it’s all going to be good.” Now, unfortunately the Krebiozen was
only available on a research protocol and the protocol required that the doctor
be able to make an assessment that says that this guy has
at least three months to live. And his doctor,
Dr. West just couldn’t do that. But Mr. Wright was tenacious
and he didn’t give up. He kept badgering his doctor, until finally his doctor was like,
“OK, fine I’ll give you the Krebiozen.” So he dosed him up on a Friday, not expecting that Mr. Wright
would make it through the weekend. But to his utter shock, when Dr. West
came in to do rounds on Monday, Mr. Wright was up,
walking around the wards, and his tumors had shrunk
to half of their original size. They had melted like
snowballs on a hot stove. And ten days after getting
the Krebiozen, they were gone. So Mr. Wright was up
rocking and rolling like praising Krebiozen as the miracle drug
he believed it to be, for two months, until the initial reports
came out about Krebiozen that said that it didn’t really look like
Krebiozen was working so well. Mr. Wright fell into a deep depression
and his cancer came back. This time Dr. West decided to get sneaky,
and he told his patient, that, “You know that Krebiozen that you got,
that was a tainted version, not so good. But I got us some ultrapure
highly concentrated Krebiozen, This stuff’s got it going on.” He then injected Mr. Wright
with nothing but distilled water. And once again, the tumors disappeared,
the fluid in his lungs went away. Mr. Wright was up rocking and rolling
for another two months. And then the American
Medical Association blew it, by publishing a nationwide study that proved definitively
that Krebiozen was worthless. Two days later, Mr. Wright,
after hearing this news, died. Soon after that,
I came across another study in the medical literature
that was the stuff of fairy tales. Three baby girls were born,
delivered by a midwife, on Friday the 13th in the Okefenokee
Swamp, near the Georgia-Florida border. And the midwife pronounced
that these three babies, born on such a fateful day,
were all hexed. The first, she said, would die
before her 16th birthday. The second, before her 21st. The third, before her 23rd birthday. And as it turned out, the first girl died
the day before her 16th birthday, the second died the day
before her 21st birthday, and the third girl, who knew what
had happened to the other two, got wind of that, and the day
before her 23rd birthday, she showed at the hospital
hyperventilating, begging them,
to make sure she survived. She wound up dying that night. These two case studies are great
examples from the medical literature of the placebo effect, and
its opposite, the nocebo effect. When Mr. Wright got that distilled
water and his tumors melted away, that’s a great example
of the placebo effect. When you get a seemingly
inert treatment and yet something is happening
physiologically in the body, such that the disease goes away. The nocebo effect is the opposite. So the three hexed girls are
an example of the nocebo effect. When the mind’s belief that something
bad is going to happen in the body then it comes to manifest. So the scientific literature,
medical journals like the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American
Medical Association, these scientific journals are
full of evidence that the placebo effect, and the nocebo effect
are incredibly powerful. We’ve known this since the 1950s, and we’ve seen countless case studies that show that in almost
everything you study, if you give people
a fake treatment, a sugar pill a saline injection, or most effectively,
a fake surgery, (Laughter)
– yeah, really – 18-80% of the time, people get better. And it’s not just in their mind,
that’s what I thought in the beginning, like “Oh! They’re just feeling better,
they’re thinking better.” But is not.
It’s actually in their physiology. This is measurable. You can actually see
what happens to the body. So for example patients getting placebos were found to have ulcers that healed, colons that became less inflamed,
bronchi that dilated, warts that disappeared, cells
looked different under the microscope. It’s provable, it’s happening in the body, even though it’s initiated by the mind. So, when you look at these,
some of the studies are just amazing. I love the Rogain studies. You get a bunch of bald men,
you give them placebos. They grow hair!
(Laughter) The opposite is also true,
so if you give people a placebo and you tell them it’s chemotherapy, they vomit, and they lose their hair. So this is really happening in the body. My question was, Is it just the mind’s positive belief
that’s making this happen? Not according to Harvard
researcher Ted Kaptchuk. According to him, he thinks
that the most essential part is actually the nurturing care
of a healthcare provider, more so even than the mind’s
positive belief that some of the studies actually say
that the doctor is the placebo or can be. So Ted Kaptchuk wanted to study this, and he did a great study
looking at patients that were getting placebos for an illness, for treatment of an illness
and he told them, “You’re getting a placebo,
there’s nothing in here, inert ingredients, nothing active.”
They still got better. Most likely, Kaptchuk postulated,
because they felt tended, nurtured, they felt like they were doing something,
they felt like somebody cared. So to say that you can heal yourself
is sort of a misnomer. You know, the body can heal itself. The body has these innate
natural self repair mechanisms, but the scientific data
proves that you need the tending nurturing care of a healthcare
provider, of some sort, of a healer, to facilitate that process. It’s not an easy process
to go through alone, so it makes a big difference if somebody else is holding
that positive belief with you. But the problem is while
the doctor can be the placebo, the doctor can also be the nocebo. So, what patients need from us,
as healthcare providers, they need us to be forces of healing,
not forces of fear or pessimism. So every time your doctor tells you,
“You have an incurable illness, you’re going to have to take that
medication for the rest of your life,” or God forbid,
you get cancer and they say, “You’ve got a 5% five-year survival rate,” it’s really no different that when
that midwife told those three baby girls that they were hexed. It’s a form of medical hexing
that’s so prevalent. As doctors, we think
we’re being realistic, you know? We’re giving people
the kind of information we think they need to know, but we actually can be harming them. Instead we need be more
like Dr. West. You know? Taking that distilled water,
“Really Mr.Wright, I promise, this is going to
do it for you.” But do we have to count on
our doctors to dupe us? Do we have to get fake surgeries
and fake drugs, and wind up in clinical trials? This is what led
the next phase of my research. So in my last TEDx talk, l talked about a new wellness model that I developed, called the Whole Health Cairn, and this came about
as part of my research, trying to find how else can
we harness this mind’s power that’s clearly evidenced by
the placebo effect and the nocebo effect, can we do something without
being in a clinical trial? And my hypothesis was
that in order to heal ourselves, in order to be optimally healthy, we need more than just a good diet,
regular exercise program, getting enough sleep, taking your
vitamins, following your doctor’s orders. Those things all are great,
and critical and important. But I also came to believe that
we need healthy relationships, a healthy professional life,
a healthy creative life, a healthy spiritual life,
a healthy sex life, a healthy financial life,
a healthy environment. In essence, we need a healthy mind. So I wanted to try to prove this, and
I went into the medical literature and the copious data that I found, proving that all of those things
are essential, really blew my mind. I compiled them all into my upcoming book, “Mind Over Medicine: Scientific
Proof You Can Heal Yourself”. But I want to give you a few highlights
about what this is all about. So you can see from
the Whole Health Cairn, that all this facets are built upon
a foundation stone that I call your Inner Pilot Light. And for me that’s the essential
authentic part of you, that knows what’s true for you. That’s willing to tell you the truth about maybe what’s out
of alignment in your life, what stones in your Whole Health Cairn
might be out of balance. And as you see I’ve put the body,
physical health, on the top of the Whole Health Cairn because it’s the most fragile,
the most precarious, and the most easy to kind
of fall out of balance if other things in your life
aren’t going so well. So what I found in the medical data
is that relationships matter. People that have a strong social network
have half the rate of heart disease compared to those who are lonely. Married people are twice as likely
to live long lives than unmarried people. In fact, curing your loneliness may be the most important measure of prevention
you can enact upon your body. More so than quitting smoking
or starting to exercise. Your spiritual life matters. Those who attend religious services
live up to fourteen years longer. Your professional life matters. You really can work yourself to death.
In Japan they call it karoshi. Death by overwork, and the survivors
of those who die of karoshi, can actually apply for workman’s
comp-like benefits in Japan. But it’s not just Japan, it’s actually
happening even more in the United States, we just don’t get benefits here. So one study found that people
that fail to take their vacation, are actually a third more likely
to get heart disease. Your attitude really matters. Ηappy people live 7 to 10 years
longer than unhappy people, and optimists are 77% less likely
to get heart disease than pessimists. So how does this happen? What is happening in the brain
that is making the body change? This is what was fascinating to me. I found that the brain communicates
with all the cells in the body via hormones and neurotransmitters. So, for example, if you have
a negative thought, belief or feeling in the brain,
your brain triggers this as a threat. Something’s wrong. If you feel lonely or pessimistic,
things are bad at work, you are in a toxic relationship,
the amygdala says, “Τhreat! Τhreat!” and it turns on the hypothalamus,
that talks to the pituitary gland, that communicates with the adrenal gland
and the adrenal gland start spitting out stress hormones like cortisol,
norepinephrine, epinephrine. Ιt turns on what Walter Cannon
at Harvard called the stress response, that triggers the sympathetic
nervous system, and puts you into that
fight or flight mode, which is adaptive, it’s protective if you are running away
from a mountain lion, but in every day life, you’re supposed
to have that quick stress response if there is a threat and then
it’s supposed to switch right off. This isn’t what happens
in our regular lives these days. But fortunately there is
a counter balancing relaxation response that Herbert Benson at Harvard described. And when this comes about,
the stress response turns off, the parasympathetic nervous system
turns on, and healing hormones like oxytocin,
dopamine, nitric oxide, endorphins fill the body and bathe
every cell in the body. What I found the most amazing about this is that those natural self-repair
mechanisms that we all have, they only flip on when
the nervous system is relaxed. So when you’re having stress responses, all those natural self-repair
mechanisms get flipped off. The body is too busy trying to fight
or flee, in order to heal itself. So, when you think about this,
you have to start to wonder like, How can I possibly start to change
the balance in my own body? So one study showed
that on average we have more than 50 stress responses per day. And if you’re lonely, or depressed
or pessimistic or unhappy at work or in a miserable relationship that number
is going to be more than twice as many. Now this relaxation response
is what researchers think explains the placebo effect. So when you’re going to get supposedly
maybe a new wonder drug – you don’t know whether you’re getting
the placebo or not – it triggers that relaxation response, that combination of the mind’s
positive belief and the nurturing care
of a healthcare provider relaxes the nervous system. And then all those natural self repair
mechanisms can come into play. Fortunately though you don’t have
to be in a clinical trial to turn on your relaxation responses. There are lots of simple
pleasurable activities that turn on the relaxation responses and these have been proven
in the medical literature. So you can meditate,
you can express yourself creatively, you can get a massage,
do yoga or tai chi, you can go out with your friends,
you can do work that you love, you can have sex, you can laugh,
exercise, you can play with animals. So I ask you to consider
the Whole Health Cairn in your own life. Which stones in your Whole Health Cairn
might be out of balance? Each of these stones can be a factor for creating stress responses
or relaxation responses. How might you turn on more
relaxation responses in your body? And most importantly, what does your body
need in order to heal? What prescription do you need
to write for yourself? And are you going to be brave enough to take action on the truth of what
your inner pilot light already knows? I believe our healthcare system
is badly broken, and it’s largely because
we’ve lost respect for the body’s ability to heal itself. The medical establishment
has gotten arrogant. We’ve come to think
that with all of our modern technology, and all that we’ve learned
in the past century, that we’ve mastered nature,
and we find it repelling to think that maybe nature could
be better than we are sometimes. And yet, spontaneous remissions
from incurable diseases are proof that sometimes nature
is just better than we are. It’s a narcisitic wound for physicians. We don’t know what to do with that. It makes us feel helpless
and hopeless and useless. But fortunately, we’re needed. The physician and all the other
healthcare providers are absolutely essential to this process. We need to embrace this. And patients need to change
their outlooks on this as well. It is not just doctors. We need patients to stop thinking
that your body is not your business, taking your power and handing it
over to other healthcare providers. Your body is your business,
and your mind has tremendous power to communicate with your body,
such that your body can heal itself. So I once had a dream,
and in my dream I was standing there, looking at these mountainsides,
full of millions of people that were standing shoulder to shoulder, and they were all facing due north,
dressed in all these tribal garbs, beautiful colors covering
the mountainsides like a quilt. And there was a bright
streaming light on their face and everyone was facing this light, and that’s what I think of,
when I think of healthcare. I think of all of us, standing up,
and facing the light. So please stand with me for a moment. It’s going to take all of us. Just because things have gotten bad
doesn’t mean they can’t get better. I believe that just like there are
no incurable illnesses there are no incurable systems. But it’s going to take all of us, needing
to open our heart and our minds, and bring care back to healthcare. So please hold hands
with your fellow neighbor and let’s just set
the intention right here, that things are going to be
different from now on, that we can start this grassroots effort
that it all starts with you. Be the love that you want to
see in healthcare, and I believe miracles can happen. As we do this you’re releasing oxytocin,
dopamine, you start to heal yourself and as we do so we can heal healthcare. Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves? | Lissa Rankin, MD | TEDxAmericanRiviera

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  3. For some reason I believe and know for a fact that bad thoughts would affect the mood, then make me depressed, then get me sick. But why don't I believe that positive thought would make me healthier?

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    Instead of medical literature, you should have read the Bible. Or even a few other texts from different religions. The placebo effect is "simple" faith, which remarkably few people have. It does help to have a healer, a comforter there, just as Jesus was there, and his disciples were there, but He made it plain that it was THIER faith that healed them, even without a healer or comforter present. Other religions have taught the same, but the New Testament told us what the placebo effect is two thousand years ago, and still people look for silly explanations, or turn to medical records, anything but toward the truth.

    In Matthew 17:20, Jesus says,
    ". . .truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you."

    He continually tells those who are healed that is is their faith that has caused the healing. This is the power God put inside us all, but it is up to us to find the faith we need to use that power.

  9. You said something profound. “Bring the love to healthcare”. There is sooo much to unpack in that statement. You are right that we need to quite our inner self to activate our innate healing mechanisms. Our cells really are listening for our instruction. Intent is the key, we have the ability to reprogram every cell in our body thru stem cells that hold the undamaged template that will achieve balance in our body. We see a future when stem cells will be injected in the blood stream and taken to a tumor via a tracer. When surrounded by the stem cells the tumor cells will recognize the benevolent template of love and healing and reverse its malevolent processes. Yet ultimately we hold the key with our elevated consciousness to activate this process through our own intent and consciousness. Thank you for you brave work!!

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    Than, a few years later, I started having panic attacks. I got rid of them with medication and Therapy, than was able to get rid of the meds. But since than, something changed for me. I'm no longer as careless as before, get sick much more often, even my skins reaction to sunlight has changed. Back than I got brown as dark chocolate in the summertime, now I maybe get a bit red, and than a little bit of brown follows… I think it's all related to my minds state of being. I wish I could go where I was these years ago, careless, always healthy, happy, never sick… I wish I can find a way back to this state of mind.

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  39. To have people think that they just have to look a particular way but they can live any kind of way even above the law is the root to human destruction.

  40. It happens in other systems too. Heard of biofilms? Not bio documentaries. Lol. These are microbes that exist in a community of other types of organisms. They communicate amongst each other by “quorum sensing” which is that they release chemicals that call for members to change their biochemistry for the betterment of the community. If these cells can do it, so can we!!!

  41. Of course it can. The power of positive thought. Negative drags you down and out of life. Positive thought draws you out into life. Your body is the vehicle that carries the mind and supports the mind in the achieving of its goals. So, if are down the physical, will, answer with illness to support your emotions. If you tell your body I’m happy, using emotion, you instantly feel your body start to shine and fill with warmth. Heat is energy, people around you feel your emotion through energy around you. The more positive you are the greater the likelihood that your body will listen and more over will move mountains to heal your vehicle through life. The body is more than one system all must work together to create wellbeing. Any GP or surgeon knows this, every medical student knows the separate systems in the body, kids at school learn this in human biology classes. Energy joins them together and help the one talk to all. If you are talking about Lord of the rings, positive energy is the ring that rules them all. But negative energy will do the same if you allow it in. One is always trying to balance the other or swamp the other. Oxygen dissipates adrenaline. Even low levels of stress daily build up as toxins in your cells. Heal yourself by using this totally natural physical response. Don’t let negative hurtful people surround you, draw in positive supportive friendships and be the same for them. Don’t judge people or yourself harshly. Choose to go the other way if your environment is crushing you. North and south poles create magnetic harmony, then negative is a protective force in balance with your need to be well and safe and free. It’s your body guard, not your oppressor. But positive light will always become stronger and is the strongest pull to wellbeing and a long happy outgoing searching freeing light. If there are mountains in your life it will flatten them for you. All is possible. Let the ring become good feeling.

  42. Thank you for sharing and confirming this information I have been thinking it for a while, putting pieces together and you have explained it very well. This placebo effect is also known as FAITH

  43. Jesus was the scientist who proved WE are created, healers.
    Science and Health, with KEY to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. Her near death childhood caused her to discover Jesus' absolute science, while bed ridden, reading the Bible.

  44. My mother had an advanced stage 4 non Hodgkin's lymphoma. She didn't respond to several courses of chemo. Then, when at 1-2 years later, she was checked, the cancer was gone. She had a spontaneous remission and lived for over 16 more years, into her 80's. She did not die from cancer. Her oncologist, in the beginning, had given her 3months and told her to get her affairs in order, when he first diagnosed her. She was an amazing woman, who loved people and loved life, despite the fact that her life had been anything but easy. She was the most loving and generous person I've ever known. I'm so grateful I had those extra 16 years with her. I absolutely believe in spontaneous remission from seemingly incurable diseases.

  45. I just got further in the video where she speaks about the doctor that said more than being in the mind it is the carer that makes the biggest difference. When my mother was first diagnosed and given 3 months by her doctor , I vowed I would do everything I could to make sure she would be well taken care of and hopefully live much longer. I pampered her with massages every day, sometimes 2-3 each day, the best and most nutritious food and meals she would enjoy –and be able to tolerate. I made sure she was surrounded by people she loved and the things she loved as much as possible. I was her 24/7 caregiver and did everything I could to let her know how loved she was. She told me, toward the end of her life, that she never would have lived those almost 17 extra years if it hadn't been for me. I couldn't take the credit for her survival because she was the one that did it, but I think the caregiving and caring definitely contributed.

    If anyone has a loved one with cancer or another " incurable' illness, I think showering them with love and care can make a huge difference, either in how long they survive or the quality of their time …or both.

  46. Her first example was a obvious lie . Tumors can't come and go over night under any situation. I do believe in placebo, but not to this degree. But placebo also gives doctors an accuse for why there choice of medicine isn't working. I broke my back down over many years of hard work , doctor told me he couldn't see any reason for my pain. Without looking at my back, X-rays or MRI. He never looked at my back at all. Later I found , my identity had bean changed in there computers to a man that had bean born with mental problems and had never worked in his life. This is the reason the doctors never checked my back to begin with. 10 years later they still won't check it and I suffer every day.

  47. I am 65, healthy, no doctors, no insurance. I feel unfettered by the medical industry, it does not touch me. I love my body, I talk to it, I have not s single complaint. Fear is the biggest killer.

  48. What a beautiful presentation. Lissa is filled with love and caring. I've had so many friends/family members with cancer and only one of them has survived. What did she do differently? She went inside and did the emotional work. It wasn't easy and it was confrontational at times, but she just wasn't ready to transition and really really really wanted to stay. 16 years after her diagnosis, she's still here at age 74.

  49. Great information about staying positive. Healthy mind, body and soul equals miracles. Stroke Survivor, healing successfully through yoga, physical therapy, breathing, but mainly keeping positive thinking!

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