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Spiritual healing … looks like spiritual
healing is becoming very popular. I go to a number of workshops, seminars, lectures,
throughout the United States and I find that I meet at least one or two spiritual healers
either in the audience or in those who are presenting their lectures and programs. Looks
like it is very popular and people want to be healed through means other than having
to go to a medical doctor. What is spiritual healing? And why is it becoming popular? The
answer can be found by first addressing ourselves to why do we need to be healed. Why are we
sick? Why do we need a treatment, either through medicine, or through surgery, or through spirituality
to become well? Why are we unwell? If we can find out why we are unwell, then we can find
the answer as to what kind of treatment would be best for us. This question of why we are sick has been
considered by philosophers, scientists, doctors for thousands of years. And they have come
up with different theories based upon their special interests or their special philosophy
to which they subscribed. For example, the medical student — whether a contemporary
medical student or one who studied medicine from a witch doctor four hundred years ago
— thought that these ailments came from the different dispositions of the body; from different
viruses and germs that can afflict the organs of the body; and that this was a physical
phenomena; that just because certain balances were not there in the body, therefore, we
fell sick. And so, we needed to correct those imbalances and then we would be alright. Lot
of this medical system that emerged from this philosophy of the material physicists or the
material physicians based itself on correcting the imbalances of the physical body in order
to make it healthy. The imbalances arose for various reasons. There could be bad food,
bad environment, bad relationships, bad external habits, bad external outlook, psychology.
There were many reasons given for why the balance of the human body could be upset.
And then it had to be corrected through various means, which were called the process of healing. It was after a long time that one physician
in Germany, named Samuel Hahnemann; he discovered that we were sick not because of all these
attacks from outside. We were sick because the vital force within the body — the living
force — took on a certain reaction to what was happening, either inside or outside. And,
therefore, exhibited symptoms of sickness, which were then treated as symptoms of disease
or ill health and medication or other systems were used to remove those symptoms and signs
of ill health. This man, later on, invented a new method to solve the problem of sickness.
And that was healing by the process of similarities, which is still being used in some countries
and sometimes in United States, under the name of homeopathy. Homeopathy means where the pathos is similar
to the pathos that exists in the natural state of sickness created by an external agent.
The principle is very simple. If you take the deadly nightshade plant, which is sometimes
called belladonna, from which atropine is extracted, take excess of it, your face will
become flushed red; you will get fever; you will get headaches sometimes, a headache of
one side of the head. You will be affected more on the right side. This will happen to
any natural person who takes an overdose of deadly nightshade. What Hahnemann found was
that if the vital force was afflicted with similar symptoms, and deadly nightshade or
belladonna was given in a small quantity, that the symptom disappeared. And the person
became healthy. And so he found a new system of healing based upon the similarity of symptoms.
And hence it was called homeopathy or similarity of pathos; similarity of disposition of healing.
The other system was allopathy or altered pathos or a different feeling. If you are
hot, give cold. If you are low, give high. If you are high, give something that lowers
you. So high blood pressure, low blood pressure, fevers — they were treated like that. Then
came future discoveries in more recent years about viruses and germs affecting us, bacteria
affecting us, and we found the opposite of those so that those viruses, bacteria could
be tackled through the allopathic method or the method of altering the pathos. This
is how the material physical physician has been able to heal the body. And this healing
has been quite popular because it is so objective; does not involve our own participation. A
doctor can give a prescription. We can go and buy it at a drugstore and feel that this
is alright for getting rid of ill health and becoming healthy or healing ourselves. More recently it has been found that the mind
plays a very important role in our sickness. In certain analysis made some years ago — about
twenty years ago — it was found that about 90% of ill health is caused not by these external
attacks upon the body but by the internal attack of the mind; that most of them are
psychosomatic. That means the body was being affected by the psychology of the patient.
And then came the need to discover methods like suggestions, like placebo treatments,
so that the psychology, itself, can correct its imbalance. As this went on, more and more
studies were made to find out if there is any other cause of ill health. All these different
theories of ill health and the methods of healing were not fully satisfying. The spiritual
student, who was trying to study the real nature of the self, of the spirit, or the
soul, thought that this must be some error, some mistake in the functioning of the
spirit in the physical body that was leading to the sickness. And, therefore, sought a
spiritual solution, or a spiritual healing to that ill health. A recourse was had to the Eastern philosophy
of karma, which says that when we are sick, we are not sick because there is an attack
from outside. We are sick because of our own past actions. We must have done something
wrong in a past life that we are afflicted with ill health now. And, therefore, we have
to pay our karma by going through these processes of ill health. And so we should cheerfully
pay that. And if somebody charges us a fee, if a physician comes and charges a fee, we
owe it to that physician and we should pay it quickly, all his bills and get well. And
this is the way we can pay off our karma and get rid of the sickness. In this process of
the law of karma operating as the cause of sickness, the paying off of karma was the
healing process which could get rid of sickness also. This karmic healing has been accepted as an
axiom of the process of falling sick and the process of getting healed. And has been used
as a philosophy to expound the healing process in the Eastern tradition for a long, long
time. The Western students have looked to the East recently for several answers to their
questions, including answers on spirituality. And so, naturally, they addressed this question
about healing also to the East. Of course, they found that in the East there were yogis,
swamis, mystics, men of enlightenment, men of psychic powers, who could, just by giving
a little piece of ash, cure very incurable and chronic diseases. And so they felt that
maybe the power of the mind, the power of healing spiritually was great. So they began to see if the same spiritual
healing could be practiced here also. Thus, the tradition of psychic healing, or healing
through forces other the material medicines that we take to correct imbalances in the
body became popular. And people began to draw lessons from such sciences as the Ayurvedic
system of India, which was prevalent for more than ten thousand years, according to the
belief in India. And several thousand years before the birth of Christ, according to the
texts available on Ayurvedic system of treatment, which was based upon use of herbs, use of
some metals, and use of natural methods in conjunction with yoga to get rid of ill health. Similarly, from the Middle East, they found
the Unani system, the Greek system of medication, which also employed some psychology and some
use of light, herbs, and metals and minerals so that in a combination of them, we could
heal the body that was sick. And both these systems became very popular and are still
used in those countries and are becoming popular recently in the United States as well. But the real question came up when somebody
said, “By spiritual powers alone, one can heal the body.” Because spirituality affects
that vital part of ourselves, the life process, which Hahnemann had accidentally discovered.
And, therefore, a new rash of healers came up, who began to use their own psychic powers;
their own conscious powers; their own subconscious powers and through the bodily movement of
the hands upon the patient’s body, they began to create what they thought were the processes
of real spiritual healing. I have met many of them. Some of them look healthy to me,
but most of them look ill and unhealthy themselves. I have asked them this question, “How come
you are spending so much time healing other people? Why don’t you start healing yourself?”
This was a question that was asked much earlier. “Physician, heal thyself.” The spiritual healer
must be asked this question. Spiritual healer, “First, heal yourself. Are you alright?” If
you ask these spiritual healers this question in private, and I have asked not just ten
or twenty or thirty of them, hundreds of them, across the globe, in every country of the
world, “Why are you so sick?” And they tell me they have to do lot of healing. And lot
of that energy transfer that takes place, lot of that karma that the patient has comes
back upon them and they have to suffer for it. I have seen very important, well known
spiritual personages who can perform open miracles. They have told me that when they
heal somebody through psychic powers, they themselves become sick. As if the karma which
creates sickness, if it is to be paid back by that patient, and he does not pay, and
somebody else comes and offers, “Alright, I will pay for you.” Then that person has
to pay the karma and become sick. What kind of spiritual healing is this? This
is just one person paying for somebody else. It does not really heal. Nor are these people
interested in taking on the diseases and illnesses of other people. But the popularity of spiritual
healing is growing because people feel it is easy; does not cost any medical bills;
does not require visit to the physicians or going to the hospitals. And one can just pass
a hand and pray and think well of a person and heal that person. Where did this myth
come from that spiritually one can heal? The truth is that this was no myth. Upon this
Earth, from time to time, have walked Perfect Living Masters, Great Enlightened Beings,
human beings, who, though ordinary like us, were extraordinary in their love; in their
awareness; in their knowledge. These Masters, these Special Beings — when they came in
contact with us — their love was so overpowering, it could flush out even the karma and the
effect of karma upon our bodies. They could actually come and destroy the karma
from our life and thus heal us through their love and their higher awareness. They did
not come and operate from the level of the psychic powers within. They did not operate
from the vital force. They did not operate from the chakras to cure us. They operated
from love. They operated from the highest level of consciousness, which goes even above
the mind; goes above the law of karma; goes above the akashic records; goes above universal
consciousness of the mind. Therefore, these people, when they came and touched us with
their love, we got healed. And it is this secret which we are trying to use by calling
these psychic experiences as spiritual experiences and calling the psychic healing as healing
spiritually. When a person uses love of the highest order, like these Mystics did, and
healed people by their contact, then one does not take on any karma. One is just destroying
the very basis of karma, which is the existence of a causal system in which one feels one
has a free will and one can make determination of what to do and what not to do. In fact,
how does the law of karma operate? The law of karma operates on the notion that we are
under an illusion of free will; that we feel we can perform certain actions out of our
own volition. And when we make decisions based upon that notion of free will, we add up karma.
It may be untrue that we have any free will. But since we believe we have free will, we
believe we have karma, so the effect of karma comes. The whole package is an illusion. Free
will is illusion. Karma is illusion. The fact that we are unhealthy is illusion. But we
go through it like it is real. All these look real. Free will looks real. Karma looks real.
The lack of health and sickness also looks real. Therefore, when we try to operate within
this illusion, we have to use illusion against illusion to get rid of an experience. But when these highly evolved Mystics and
Saints, who are above the level of karma, they come and they touch us in Their own spiritual
way through love. They destroy the very basis of that illusion which is creating karma,
creating free will, and creating disease and ill health. Therefore, that healing is something
different. In the beginning, it was felt that spiritual healing only meant healing by love
by a spiritual Perfect Master. It did not mean that anybody could just start using psychic
powers and become a spiritual healer. Now people think that even if they have nothing
in them; that they have never gone inside; they have not known who they themselves are;
who have no access to love — they can also perform healing just by attending a few courses
or a workshop. This is not true. Spiritual healing means healing with the spirit;
healing with the soul; not with the mind; not with the so-called planning intellect
which says, “I can do this. Let me plan how to do it. Let me make a decision how to do
it.” That part of us which plans and makes decisions — the mental/intellectual apparatus
cannot heal spiritually, because it is not spiritual itself. Only the soul in a human
being is spiritual. And only when the soul operates through love, intuition, joy and
happiness can there be real spiritual healing. People have often asked me that if you feel
that spiritual healing is really a spiritual phenomenon and arises from the soul, what
can we all do? We have been in healing business for a long time. Can we now change and do
something that is more real? And my answer has always been, “Yes. Give up healing through
your psychic powers and start healing through love. Start healing through the spiritual
force of your own soul which is expressing itself in the form of love all the time.” We have a strange dilemma; that when we operate
in this physical world, we do it only through the mind. And the mind uses its ego and the
intellectual apparatus to do everything. When we decide that the mind is not the real instrument
of healing, that there is something else in us that ought to be doing the healing, we
again use the mind to pull that something else out of us and use for healing. Thus we
play a mental game with ourselves and with the patients who we think are getting the
benefit of our healing. If we really want to practice spiritual healing, we must first
be our own spirit and not our mind. One cannot be a spiritual healer unless one
has access to one’s own soul or one’s own spirit. Unless one can know who one really
is spiritually, one cannot be a spiritual healer. Therefore, let us give up all this
sham of being spiritual healers when all we are doing is just using certain psychic powers;
using certain powers of the lower energy centers in the body; just using power of suggestion;
power of the mental faculties. Let us give up all this and become real spiritual healers
by healing with love. One who can heal with love, alone, is a spiritual healer. And only
that person can be a spiritual healer who has realized his own spiritual self. And,
therefore, can experience real love and real spirituality. How does a person become a spiritual healer?
How does a person know one’s own spiritual self? One has to go to the spiritual Masters
in order to find one’s own spiritual source; one’s own source of soul; one’s own spirit
beyond the physical body, beyond the senses, and beyond the mind. On our own we cannot
do it. Nobody has ever done it. Go around the world and see. Has anybody, by thinking
about it, overcome the problem of the mind and the senses and the body, and become spiritual?
Has anybody, by reading books, become spiritual? Has anybody by making pilgrimages become spiritual?
Has anybody by making traveling and journeying around the world into various places become
spiritual? Nobody has become spiritual by these means. They have only added on more
superstition and more doctrines, more philosophies upon themselves and moved away from spirituality.
Only those became spiritual selves who went within themselves and found that the body
was not their real self. The senses were not their real self. The mind was not their real
self, that the soul was their real self. When they discovered within themselves the secret
of who they really were, they became spiritual healers and only by that process can one successfully
perform spiritual healing. So if you want to have true spiritual healing, you have to
look for somebody who is real; who is able to go within and find spirituality and then
heal. But this is not possible unless one has met with and got directions and training
from a spiritual Master. What should one do in the meanwhile? There
are such few spiritual Masters of such perfection, whom we call Perfect Living Masters. We do
not know where to find them. Somebody in the East told me, “You cannot find a spiritual
Master because if you could find him, you don’t need one.” He’s like an ordinary person
and his extra-ordinariness is only experienced through our own readiness for spiritual knowledge.
And that is why there is that saying in India, “When the chela is ready, the guru appears.”
When the disciple is ready, the Master appears. Which means the Master comes into our life
when we are ready. How can we find such Masters? The process of being ready may take lifetimes;
may take years. We do not know how long it takes because our mind has deluded us. Our
senses have taken us astray. We have become victims of the five pernicious vices that
afflict us in everyday life. And, therefore, we are not able to overcome
this problem of being involved in this world on our own, and we can’t find a Master. How
can we become a spiritual healer? The answer given by spiritual Masters is, “If you cannot
find spirituality yet within yourself, and you are in the process of healing, then follow
the method which actual spiritual healers do. That means, heal by love.” Don’t heal
by power. Don’t heal by psychic power. Heal by love. There’s a big difference between
healing by power, which involves human ego and healing by love, which involves humility
and absence of ego. If you find a person trying to heal by using excessively the egoistic
“I” – “I can heal you, I have this power, I am going to do it, I’ll work for you,” that
person is not doing spiritual healing at all. On the other hand, if the person identifies
with the object of love, the beloved, the patient, the one for whom compassion has put
him in such a state that he forgets himself and becomes the patient, then that person
can heal. The most significant sign of love is that you start identifying with the beloved.
The rest is all attachment. The rest is only involvement in emotions and infatuations.
Real love is when you can identify with the other to the exclusion of your ego; when you
do not know who that “I” is but you know who the other person is; who the beloved is. If
you have this kind of identification with the other person, then you can truly say that
you are having an experience of love. This experience of love can take us into a state
where we forget the “I” and, in identification with the other, heal spiritually. Until we
have actual spiritual knowledge of our own self; till we find out who we spiritually
are, we want to continue our spiritual healing, we should pretend the experience of love.
One Indian Mystic has said beautifully that, “Love and devotion is very difficult to acquire
because it is not a mental exercise.” But if you haven’t yet experienced love and devotion,
pretend you are having that experience. And the pretension of identifying with somebody
else; of actually identifying with somebody else will give you a feeling of love like
nothing else. Therefore, till we find our own spiritual
truth and our soul, we cannot really become a spiritual healer. But we can have a makeshift
arrangement of healing people who are in suffering, out of compassion, by pretending that we are
in love with them. How do we pretend we are in love? By doing the same thing which one
who is actually in love would be doing, which means identifying with that person. This identification
process is the key of love and the key of healing by love; or the key of spiritual healing.
If you have a feeling for somebody, put yourself in the place of that somebody. Think you are
that somebody. Consider you are not there; that what you are thinking of, what your feelings
are, are the feelings of the person in whom you are concerned; for whom you have love,
for whom you have concern. When you can identify yourself so much with the other person, then,
at that time, you are truly experiencing the pretended love that I speak of. That person
will get the benefit of healing even if you do nothing else except identification. There
have been cases where people have just gone to a sick person and listened patiently without
saying anything and just listened to what the other person is saying. And the person
has been healed. Such healing, through love, would be called proper spiritual healing.
So I would conclude by saying that the psychic healing, tantric healing, healing through
psychic and mental powers is not true healing. The real healing is when you can experience
love for somebody and heal. That is spiritual healing.

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  1. shri ishwar puri is a magnificent personality and source of wisdom for we people. But I came in his contact very late. I can't imagine the spirtuality without him. God may give him Good health, and happiness to distribute among us..the suffering humanity. He is ultimate …no word to appriciate.

  2. ईश्वर पुरी जी, आपके प्रवचन, विवरण और अपने अनुभवों का स्पष्टीकरण ज्वलंत और स्पष्टता के साथ है! 🙏धन्यवाद🙏

  3. " Illusion of free will"…(?),
    creates unnecessary karma..? Wow, that's a different take on the "law of karma", from what I have been thought…
    As man is proudly proclaimed to have free will and choice of action… But it comes out that this is just another ILLUSION, that creates a disease and… more karma❗❓
    So then… wait and see, and investigate. Inquire into the nature of the Self and the false self, en "ego". 🙏

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