Taking Charge of Your Health

Well, this is a moment in time, and I need
to savor it. When I turned in my dissertation I had my
fingers crossed, and yes, I did pass, and so I’m up here. Dr. Paul sent me an e-mail congratulating
me. He said that this is not the end of your journey,
this is just the beginning of your journey. And this is correct. “Commencement” means “beginning.” And so, I’m beginning a journey. In two months I’m going to be 75 years young. At 75 years young I’m starting on a new
journey. Let me preface something first. Let me make an analogy. Suppose you see your dog and he’s laying
on the floor. He’s very relaxed. His head is down. He’s not asleep, but he’s aware of what’s
going on. And suddenly his head picks up and his ears
perks up, and his muscles tense and he stands up and he’s looking in the direction of
the sound. Pretty soon he’s going off in the direction
of that sound. And that’s what’s happened to me. I was listening to one of the courses and
I was sitting back in the chair relaxed and computer in front of me and Dr. Paul and Dr.
Goswami were talking about the future education and the direction that integrative medicine
would be taking in the near future. And Dr. Goswami says something….and then
I missed it! What did he say? For those of you who haven’t taken courses
yet and you’re going to you, the neat thing about it is you can back it up. And listen to it all over again. So I listened to it again. I backed it up again…. “biophotons.” Wow, this is interesting. So I wrote that down. My heart was pounding and I just had to find
out what that was. I went into the internet and I researched
about biophotons and found The Institute of Integrated BioPhoton Medicine, and so I became
part of that and that is going to be my new modality when I begin my practice. I do have to confess with you that I have
an addiction and it’s an addiction that I don’t want to get rid of and the addiction
is Quantum University. I already signed up for next year. And if you haven’t signed up, you need to
do that. Because if I can do it at 75 years young you
can do it, too. So go ahead and do it!

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