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Hi, I am Doctor Shikha and we are going to
be discussing how juicing can actually help you lose weight and have a glowing complexion.
So juicing is actually a very old technique by which we can get the essence or the extract
of of a plant or of a flower and that extract is rich in enzymes, it is rich in vitamins
and minerals. Normally what happens is that when we cook any food, for example we are
cooking barley, or we are cooking oats the natural enzymes which are present in barley
or oats are lost because of the heating process. But in juicing the biggest advantage is that
when we juice all the enzymes are retained in the juice. Now what are the juices you
can have for weight loss? For example wheat grass juice. Wheat grass as we know is a grass
in which wheat grows. So the wheat grass before the wheat comes in… if we juice wheat grass
it is very good. It has anti cancer properties, weight loss properties, immune boosting properties.
Similarly aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice is another juice which is very good for weight
loss for the liver, for skin. Then there are some vegetables you can juice also. For example
Bottle Gourd which is called lauki in Hindi. Bottle Gourd you can take about say fifty
grams of Bottle Gourd, add about say one tomato little bit of ginger, little bit of cinnamon,
and juice it together. Now this juice is excellent because Bottle Gourd cleanses the system.
It is also a natural thing so it very good for diabetics and hypertensives. Along with
ginger which is good for your lever and it also helps you to lose weight and tomato is
also good for the skin. Another juice which is excellent is you can have Bitter Gourd
which is karela. But Bitter guard cannot be eaten directly so what you can do is we can
take Bottle Gourd, little bit of Bitter Gourd half an apple, tomato, and little bit of ginger
and juice it. Now the advantage of using little bit of Bitter Gourd which is karela is it’s
also good for the skin, good for diabetes, good for poly cystic ovary. So women who have
weight because of poly cystic ovary or insulin resistance this mixture of juice will also
be very good for weight loss. Then there are some juices which you can have for health
and for weight loss. For example, for breakfast in case you don’t want to have the normal
egg and toast you can have vegetable juice to help you loose weight and also to do wonders
for your skin. So in winters you have spinach. So you can take spinach, you can take half
an apple, you can take tomatoes, you can take beetroot and little bit of ginger for taste
and flavour and juice them together. Now spinach is very good source of iron. Ginger is good
for the lever. Tomato is good for the skin and for the iron and all of them along with
beetroot, they also give you Vitamin B Complex. Another advantage of this juice is that it
is very rich in energy but not fattening. So though it sounds like a paradox but if
you have high energy but low in fat or low in calorie that is a ultimate food for weight
loss. So try some of these juices and then write in to us your experiences.

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