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* * It is an excellent antioxidant for
our body, it strengthens our tissues and our organs, which gives it anti-carcinogenic properties.
* It purifies the body through its high water content. Its interesting proportion
fiber helps purify the intestines and the liver, and can treat the problems
constipation. * It accelerates renal elimination.
Its diuretic effects (high content in potassium and sodium poverty) help
body to get rid of its excesses in salt.
* It stimulates blood circulation and purify the blood. Several studies show
that consuming red reason juice prevents cardiovascular diseases.
* Grapes grapple with inflammations and infections: they relieve
in case of arthritis, dermatitis, problems skin, sinusitis, colitis, gastritis,
urinary tract infection. * The grape fights baldness, thanks to
traffic stimulation and fortification blood vessels. It is therefore beneficial
for hair. * He is also known to take care of
our eyes. Vitamin E optimizes our acuity visual by reducing the fatigue of our eyes,
and helps fight against diseases of the view associated with diabetes.
* A younger and healthier skin thanks to grapes! Collagen and Resveratrol
contained in grapes fight against the aging and the arrival of wrinkles. Tip: for
a glowing skin, crush some grapes in honey, spread on the skin and leave
act 20 minutes. Rinse well and apply then your day or night cream.
Grape seeds have properties powerful antioxidants thanks to polyphenols
they contain (but be careful, for benefit, you have to eat the grapes with
pips because grape seed oil does not contain any).
contain resveratrol that protects our skin.
It is exceptional for weight loss it is distinguished by its particularly high content
mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential to the organization. 
Finally, its anti-cholesterol properties reinforce its key role in disease prevention
cardiovascular. Manual :
– Apply directly to dry hair or wet
– Massaging the scalp and working roots to the tips
– Leave under a heating cap – Rinse Grape seeds may well have
many therapeutic virtues, number of them, moreover, have been found
scientifically in studies conducted between others on animals.
Let’s discover together, in the continuation of our article, the benefits of grape seed,
in what form to consume it and what is his price.
Grape seed: benefits The pips that contain the grains of
grapes allow to elaborate a vegetable oil without cholesterol from their pressing
Cold. It is famous for its richness in omega 6,
essential fatty acids. There are phytonutrients, carbohydrates,
vitamins, minerals, lipids and proteins.
Good to know: the grape seeds are show useful both at the cosmetic level
than on the health plan. The main characteristic of the glitch of
grape is to post a not insignificant rate resveratrol with antioxidant properties and
anti-inflammatories. It’s at different levels that the glitch
of grapes could act on the body, here the therapeutic virtues that one lends him:
* It is active against certain cancers (especially skin cancer) because it fights the radicals
free and mitigates the harmful effects of UV on the skin.
* It is beneficial to maintain abilities cognitive because it is likely to limit
the formation of brain plaques that we found, for example, in patients with
of Alzheimer’s disease. * The grape seed has a favorable action
for people with degeneration macular: grape seeds improve
irrigation of the retina. * It promotes the healing of dermal wounds
when used as a skin application. * It is effective in case of atherosclerosis,
it helps to lower blood pressure, protects the blood vessels and promotes
blood circulation. * It also helps fight the syndrome
metabolic, this one leading to obesity, insulin resistance, excess LDL (bad
cholesterol), cardiovascular diseases. * The grape seed would have an antioxidant action
higher than that of beta-carotene and vitamins C and E.
* It reduces skin aging and maintains the beauty of the hair.
Good to know: do not hesitate to use grape seed oil for you
remove. It removes all impurities and makeup residues while preserving
the beauty and youth of the skin. Arthritis: symptoms, causes, treatments
Consumption of grape seeds We can regularly consume seeds
grapes in different forms, all throughout the year:
* So put on the menu the many varieties table grapes harvested at the moment
harvest. * It is also recommended to use
regularly a grape seed oil to benefit from essential fatty acids from
omega-6 type. Grape seed oil can be used cold (in salads) but
as hot as any oil Cooking. Its flavor is extremely sweet.
* We can also benefit from the virtues grape seeds by taking a supplement
food: grape seed extract is marketed for example in form
tablets. A simple and effective solution in case of heavy legs and edema.
You can buy seed oil grapes in large and medium-sized areas,
for about 4 € per liter. In drugstore, pharmacy and on
dedicated websites, get grape seed extract, the price of which
is between 30 and 40 € 30 capsules. Good to know: some French websites
specialized in phytotherapy and naturopathy apply interesting reductions
on products based on grape seeds. Feel free to compare! Grape seeds: contraindications
People with cancer should not not take grape seed extract:
* Indeed, it increases the level of toxicity anti-cancer drug treatments
and radiotherapy because of its power antioxidant.
* On the other hand, risks of interaction with certain medications are possible.
* Whatever treatment is followed, ask advice to your doctor before taking
grape seeds in any form it would be. Identity card of the seed oil of
grapes Common Name of Vegetable Oil: Pips
grapeTrees producer: VineBasket name: Vitis viniferaBasica family: VitaceaeOrigin (country
where the vegetable oil is grown): Italy, France, Spain, California, Australia.Party
of the plant extracted: Seeds of the fruit (grape seeds) Oxidative Potential: Sensitive
Average price: 70 to 300 euros / liter. average rate shown here is the
average price for a liter of seed oil of grapes of biological quality, obtained
by first cold pressing, without use solvent or chemical. The rates
are, in this case, higher than those practiced for a refined conventional oil.
For food or wellness use (massage), we recommend the acquisition
large containers.The grape is one of the oldest and most cultivated fruits.
He was late implanted in France, around 600 BC, during the
creation of the current Marseille. In France, the grapes were exclusively grown for
produce wine. It will be necessary to wait for the 16th century to see him assign other uses.
It will be François first who will bring to Fontainebleau the table grape.The vinifera variety,
Europe-specific, almost disappeared during Phylloxera attacks in the 19th
century. She was saved by the variety in addition to the Atlantic, labrusca, which served
The consumption of oil from grape seed is very recent and has
first done chemically. he is still rare to find a
Grape seed oil obtained by pressing Cold.
Organoleptic properties of the oil of grape seeds
Botanical and organoleptic peculiarities are likely to evolve according to
production conditions (country, sunshine, organic production etc.).
This sheet only details the blank version, obtained by first cold pressing of
grape seed oil, to differentiate conventional oil obtained by solvent
then refined. Color: GreenOdder: Relatively DiscreteTexture:
Thick but penetratingTaste: Subtle and wooded
Composition of grape seed oil The composition of the vegetable oil is
strongly influenced by the conditions of production. To make sure of its quality,
it is recommended to select an oil extra virgin, obtained by cold pressing,
ideally certified of biological origin. We recall that reason seed oil
is very frequently obtained by solvents and refined.Therefore, we detail
here the average fatty acid composition of a grape seed oil obtained by
cold pressure, unrefined. To learn more about nutritional qualities
(types of vitamins, concept of fatty acids unsaturated, saturated and trans), consult the
practical guide to vegetable oils. Fatty acid composition 
Monounsaturated AG: 13 to 24% oleic acid (Omega9) polyunsaturated AG: 55 to 70% of acid
Linoleic (Omega6) saturated AG: 5% to 7% palmitic acid, 2 to 3% stearic acid
Other active constituents Vitamin EPolyphenols (oligo-procyanidines,
said OPC) Lecithins Methods of using seed oil
of grapes Cutaneous application 
Anointing, massage, local application, bath.Association possible with essential oils. Consult the
guide of essential oils. Nutritional use 
Orally Cosmetic appearance of the seed oil of
grapes Grape seed oil owes its qualities
antioxidant at its high vitamin content E and polyphenols (OPC). The omega-6, as
to them, are good relipidants who protect the epidermis from dehydration.
Main benefits Cosmetically (in cutaneous use)
* Emollient * Antioxidant
* Nourishing, regenerating * Sebo-regulator
Other benefits * Penetrating
* Healing Uses and synergies of the oil of
grape seeds Skin indications (skin, hair, nails)
* Acne * Light burn
* Colored, dry or damaged hair * Thin hair
* Light scar * Dry or irritated scalp
Dartre * Cleansing
* Dryness (hands, body, hair, nails) * Eczema
* Gerçure * Skin irritation
* Massage * Sore muscles (in massage)
* Brittle nails, cuticles * Oily or mixed skin
* Psoriasis * Wrinkles
* Sebum in excess * Stretch marks
* Skin aging (in prevention) Practical tip
Grape seed oil can be used as oil massage, alone or mixed with another
vegetable oil. Associated with oils skillfully selected essentials (according to
objective), it will prove to be more efficient .
Make-up remover based on seed oil grapes
For a 100ml liniment, mix: * 50 ml of grape seed oil
* 50 ml of lime water Shake for a minute until you get
liniment.Mix before each use.Detust delicately the face preferably with
a disc of washable organic cotton.Code of conservation : away from heat and light.Duration
of conservation: 6 months in a container hermetic. Mix well by shaking the bottle.Apply
on a face previously moistened with a choice of hydrosol.Mode of conservation
: away from heat and light.Duration of conservation: refer to the date
shelf life indicated on the bottle.Precautions of use: by the presence of essential oils,
this mixture is reserved for adults and contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women,
as well as in case of phlebitis, mastosis or of cancerous or hormone-dependent pathology.
People prone to hypertension will use it with caution.
Nutritional aspect of seed oil of grapes
The richness of vitamin E and polyphenols (oligo-proanthocyanidins – OPC), added
with the presence of lecithins, confer with grape seed oil qualities
undeniable nutritional values. Indeed, they would offer antioxidant properties
to the body and prevent the risks cardiovascular diseases and some
cancers. However, this oil is the subject of allegations
very contradictory nutritional its properties should be put into perspective
given its high proportion in omega-6 (1) and the absence of omega-3. Indeed, the omega-6
are precursors of molecules like prostaglandin E2 or leukotriene B4 which favor
allergic reactions, inflammations and have a role on platelet aggregation
intervening in the formation of blood clot. The omega-6 in large quantities are also
likely to cause an elevation triglyceride levels (2).
In order to respect a balanced ratio between omega-6 and 3 (3), the seed oil of
grapes should be mixed with an oil of flax or camelina. Finally, it seems appropriate to clarify that
most studies done are from grape seed extracts
and are especially based on the presence the presence of UCIs, which presence seems to be
cause in some seed oils from grapes. Benefits and nutritional indications
listed below are therefore indicative but not guaranteed.
Assumed main benefits * Hypocholesterolémiante
* Lipid-lowering (decreased fat levels in the blood)
* Protector of the cardiovascular system * Stimulating immune system
Other supposed benefits * Laxative, purgative
* Protector of the nervous system * Antifungal
Presumed nutritional indications of vegetable oil of grape seeds:
* Arteriosclerosis (in prevention, in association with an adapted diet and a medical follow-up)
* Atherosclerosis (in prevention, in combination with an adapted diet and a medical follow-up)
* Cholesterol (in prevention, in combination with an adapted diet and a medical follow-up)
* Constipation * Mycoses, mushrooms
* Obesity (in prevention, in association with a suitable diet)
* Cardiovascular disorders (in prevention) * Disorders of the nervous system (in prevention)
Health Tip Grape seed oil can be used as a
base for a dressing or seasoning on raw vegetables or vegetables. He is strongly
recommended to combine a vegetable oil rich in omega-3 (eg linseed oil)
to ensure a favorable ratio (1/3) to a good nutritional balance (1/3 of oil
of grape seeds and the rest in oil flax for example).
Precautions of the seed oil of grapes
Grape seed oil should not to be heated. It is recommended to place
the bottle (after opening) in the refrigerator. Thank you for watching this video
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