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Namaskaram I am Yoginityanandam Today I will teach you Kapalbhati Pranayam Long time back, I have shared a video on Master benefits of Kapalbhati. Many people have commented about their weight loss and many more benefits of it. Today I am going to teach you about the techniques how to perform this “Pranayam” It is an Pranayam related to stomach and it is kept catharisis people also know it as pranayama also. First of all you will have to understand that if you have gastric problem or joint pains then you perform this way . put your fingures to “Vaayu mudra” position and put them on your knees this way. If you want to lose weight come to this position called “Sun Gesture” with your hands It is for them who are overweight, those who are only 3-4 kg up will not do, otherwise body will heat up Just bend your Ring finger and bring it to the base of your thumb. Dont do like this Sit straight like this You must remember your stomach is flushed properly and it is a morning time. If your stomach is not cleaned then take triphla powder at night If not yet then dont worry sit without flushing if you are constipated drink water empty stomach in the morning & walk for few min clear your stomach then Do this kapalbhati How to do : Keep your back straight You just can sit in any aasana (posture) Just as sukh aasana (easy pose), Sidhasana or Padmasana you can sit, Sit down in easy pose There is no special manual in so much Just sit straight exhale short breaths out This is the kapalbhati (Rapid exhalation) throw your breath out this way just as a BP apratus you just have to press your stomach Pump, release & air goes in automaticaly like cycle air filler you pump and air comes out you left & goes in the pump You pump like this No need to fill air inside the pump As you leave hand of that pump, air goes in automatically same in this, when you exhale rapidly again second time air goes in automatically This is kapalbhati (Rapid exhalation) some people ask, How often should i do this Fast or slow Its normal speed it as second’s hand of clock place a clock front of you Its a normal speed when you practice it for few days breathlessness stop your stamina buidup then gradually increase its speed How to practice fast for rapid practice normal speed is 60 times per minute once in every second little faster means as stamina build, then do fast taht will be more beneficial do fast, when you become perfect in slow rhythm when you feel easy in slow rhythm (60 times per min) & you feel, now it should be heavy & fast then do fast how fast as our pulse or heart beat, 70 – 80 times per min As heart beat is 70-80 times per min of a normal human Do upto that speed You could do with beat like that So its done fast rhythm & third is very fast Those who are healthy & whose heart is fine Those who do not have blood pressure They can practice very fast This is to be done When you do not feel breathlessness If you feel breathlessness then very fast is not suitable for you First try every rhythm then decide then decide which is suitable & comfortable whose heart is weak & BP shoots then dont do very fast Then practice 60-70 times per min so it this was about how to practice some people still unable to do they ask, breath in or out they inhale its not inhaltion learn properly, i’ll give you hints As we brush brush and check our breath same is the method to release our breath breath out this was from mouth, do same with your nose automatically you will be able to perform Imitate initially No need to learn any method imitate only after that someone might be unable to understand Just light some candles infront keep one candle infront and blow them off in short breath & rapidly its not long blow short try again once you understand to blow through your mouth then blow the same breath through your nose how Some people ask where keep the focus, nose or stomach I only say you just have to focus on your stomach and keep in mind about the air going out. Once you start practicing you will master it some how It takes a few days to do everything Anything does not come in the first day Master does not become the first day try try continuous Have to practice many times then it happens This was a second method to understand kapalbhati someone still do not understand that how & what to do what is kapalbhati & how to perform it let me show you, this is our belly initially pump your belly without breaths out to learn If you are able to pump without breath out then do it with breath out belly in & breath out at the same time as soon as belly is out, your breath will be automatically in then you will ask when to breath in no need to breath in in this intentionally The breath of the lungs also keeps exchanging automatically when you do this 10-20-30 min, then no need to inhale separately Many people start getting tired initially someone do 2 min, someone tired in 50 times even No problem, you may stop for few seconds you may stop in intial days, like first 2 to 10 days Once you practice regularly you need not to stop in between like you boil a vessel full of milk if you keep stopping flame in between then you will not be able to boil it properly. not even in full day If you want to boil So keep doing it on regular basis Practice kapalbhati in continuity For that you must see my video Master benefits of kapalbhati. In that you will come to know that doing it regularly is more beneficial Thats all for today Namaskaram

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  1. Hello sir, sir mujhe acidity ki problem harti h, main yoga kaise karu, jada dar khali pet rahne se pet m pain hota h , plzzz bataiye kya karu.

  2. Baba ji ….. Periods me kapalbhati kar skte hai kya…. Mere 3 bar miscarriage ho gya…. Doc. Report sari normal hai….. Ab me kya kru jisse muje sawast bcha ho Jaye….plzzz meri help kre…ap Ka bohat bohat aabhar

  3. Guruji I'm suffering from Ewings sarcoma /pnet, how can I get in touch of your ashram for yoga training/tharapy..?

  4. Hello sir mujhe lipoma hai i am a army person please call me or give ur contact no 9021693792 mujhe kuch bata sako to please kyonki gaant bohot jyada speed se badh rahi hai

  5. सर जी मेरी लोअर बैक में दर्द रहता है और जब कपालभाति को करता हूं तो मेरी बैक में खींचाव आता । क्या करूं

  6. Isse weight loss to nahi hoga na kunki weight krna he aur iske sath workout kr skte hai.. Plzz rply

  7. Sir me bhastrika 2 min., kapaalbhati 5 min., Anulom vilom 10 min, bahya pranayam 3 times karta hu par meri pachan shakti thik nhi ho rahi iske sath nokasan, uttanpadasan pet ke kuch halke vyayam karta hu par pachan thik nhi hai 3 bar sonch jana padta hai mujhe kya karna chahiye aur ye pranayam aur kriya bhi aaram se hi karta hu me kya karu meri, mera weight bhi kam hua hai please guruji jarur bataye

  8. More than teaching, baba is trolling people “ kuch logo ko ye bi nai ata. Vo bi nai ata”. 🤣Jokes apart. Good one. 👏🏼

  9. Sir Arz ye h kay kya ye teeno exercise s saath ki ja sakti hain isi sequence se ? 1)Kapalbharti . 2)Anulom vilom 3)mutabadil tarz e tanafus (jis main breathing rokni hoti hai ) waiting for reply 🙂

  10. Agar kisi ko ghutne ki problm ho toe wo kpaalbhaati krne ke liye kaise baithege sir unki baithne ki kaisi position banegi

  11. गुरु जी प्रणाम आपका तरीका पूरा समझ आ गया धन्यवाद

  12. U r grt yoga teacher ever.. sir. U define properly every step of meditation .. everyone can understand any step of yoga.. whatever u define..

  13. Sir ek sawaal tha.
    Kapaal Bhati karte time, sirf saas bahar chodna hai??
    Ya saas bahar chodte time pet ko bhi andar ke taraf dabana hota hai???

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