Taking Charge of Your Health

It’s time to get balanced. Start here. The Kapha Balancing Bundle is a synergistic
combination of Ayurvedic herbal formulas designed to target kapha dosha imbalance in every part
of your body and mind. Each one has a purpose. Healthy Kapha pacifies systemic kapha imbalance
with a blend of warming, stimulating, and cleansing herbs. Take them anytime of day as a helpful tool
to decrease overall kapha. Kapha Digest activates your digestive system
and encourages quick and complete digestion of food. Try taking it before or with meals. Triphala supports your body’s natural daily
cleansing process by encouraging comfortable elimination. In the Ayurvedic tradition, it’s taken before
bed or first thing in the morning. A simple but vigorous self-massage with Kapha
Massage Oil promotes energy and vitality. We want you to love how you feel. If you decide this isn’t the right fit, we
have a 90 day return policy. And if you do fall in love, get your order
shipped free for totals over $60. Your path to well-being is waiting to be discoveredÉ
and we’re here to help. Start with the Kapha Balancing Bundle.

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