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Hi! I’m Michelle. I’m a mom and a yoga
teacher. Since having Leonard, almost three years ago
I’ve noticed experiences of elevated kapha. I have bouts of sadness, heaviness and feeling
stuck. I don’t have the motivation to keep up with
Leonard, and I think “Why can’t I keep going?”. Keeping a stable structure to the day, but
mixing up activities adds variety and makes things exciting. I often go straight to the yoga studio in
the morning and feel energized after a challenging hour and a half class. Getting out of the house first thing helps
get kapha moving, then Ben meets me at the studio with Leonard and I pushed into the
day. We check in and figure out what to do. Most often, we go to the playground, the library,
the beach, parks or visit family. Something different every day. Lots of little things help me lighten up when
I begin to feel dull and Slow. Dry brushing my body, and a self massage with
Kapha massage oil is invigorating. I do that a couple of times a week. Trying a new meditation feels expansive and
can break me from a rut. Actually, trying new things in general. I went to a drum circle for the first time
recently. Food and herbs play a big role in keeping
Kapha uplifted. I cook more fresh vegetables and put them
in soups with ginger and lemon. Adding spice and heat to dishes brings warmth,
I love turmeric for that. Two healthy Kapha tablets in the morning helps
keep me balanced.

2 thoughts on “Kapha Imbalance: How to Balance Your Dosha [Ayurvedic Tips]

  1. It can be tricky to find the balance between routine and spontaneity, but I'm always aiming for this. Thanks for the advice.

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