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If you are an International Medical Graduate looking to practice medicine in the United States, you may feel overwhelmed with where to start. And if you’re just beginning your research, the pathway to residency can be a complicated maze to follow. Luckily, we’ve helped thousands of IMG’s get into Residency and are here to help. Let’s get started! First off, all IMG’s need to ECFMG certified to work as a doctor in the United States. But before you can become ECFMG certified, you need to take the USMLE exams. The USMLE exams consists of four exams testing your overall knowledge and skills as a physician. Step 1 tests your knowledge of basic principles. The Step 2 CK tests your clinical knowledge. The next exam is the Step 2 CS, where you will examine standardized patients and test your clinical skills. The Step 3 exam, is a two-day computerized examination with approximately 500 multiple choice questions. As well as computer-based case simulations (CCS). Remember Success on the USMLE exams require a strong basic and clinical science foundation and the ability to integrate information across topics. For most students, the USMLE exams are the biggest hurdles along the way and study times for these exams can vary depending experience and year of medical school graduation. In general, students should begin the process of studying for their exams approximately one to one and half years before the Match. And preparing for these exams is very important. The higher you score, the better your chances are going to be during the Match. Once you have completed your USMLE exams, you will be will be ready to apply for residency programs. To apply to using ERAS, you will need a request an ERAS token through OASIS. The Online Applicant Status and Information System The 14-digit token, will grant you access to your application. Once you access your application, you can start uploading your required documents. After you have uploaded your documents, you will submit your application to residency programs starting September 6th. On September 15th, residency programs will begin to review and choose which applicants they want to interview. Interviews start to get scheduled as early as October and are typically held from November to January. After the interviews, students and hospitals will submit their Rank Order Lists from January 6th to February 22nd with NRMP. The National Residency Matching Program. Helpful Hint: Don’t forget to register with the NRMP for your candidate number by November 30th. Once you’ve submitted your Rank Order List, it’s time to wait for Match Day. which occurs the third Friday of March. Match Day is the most exciting time for International Medical Graduates as you find out if you’ve matched into a residency position. If you matched, you’ll be starting Residency in July. We know it’s a long road to obtaining a Residency position in the United States, but Kaplan Medical is here every step of the way. And remember the United States needs doctors like you, so start your prep today.

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