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Here we are discussing Kerala PSC Staff nurse grade 2 Insurance Medical services and staff
nurse allopathy exam conducted on 28/09/2019. Provisional answer key, this you can use for
reference. The final official answer key is not yet published. So before starting, if
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The question starts now. The quantity of blood pumped by each ventricle into the aorta per
minute is called. Next questions
Majority of water reabsorption takes place in which segment of nephrons
The correct answer is proximal tubule Next question
Which among the following artery is not involved in the formation of circle of Willis?
The correct answer is the posterior cerebellar artery.
Next question The acetabulum is present in which bone
The correct answer is Pelvis (wrong option) Next question
Folds present in the mucosa of an empty stomach is called?
The correct answer is rugae Next question
Ziehl- Neelson method of staining is used for the detection of which microorganism?
The correct answer is mycobacteria Next question
The causative organism of Weil’s disease is? The correct answer is leptospira.
Next question The mental mechanism in which the person is
justifying his ideas or behavior is? The correct answer is the rationalization
Next question the inborn all-around mental efficiency is
called? The correct answer is intelligence. Next question 10. The process by which the individual learns
to confirm to the norms of a group is? The Correct answer is Socialization
Next question 11. Marriage practice within the group is
called? The Correct answer is Endogamy
Next question 12. Which among the following is an organized
clinical instruction in the presence of a patient?
The Correct answer is Bedside clinic Next question 13. Selecting a portion of the population
to represent the entire population in research activity is?
The Correct answer is Sampling Next question 14. A failure in professional duty, skill
or practice that leads to injury or harm to the client is?
Malpractice Next question 15. _______ is the broad statement of the
purposes, duties, and responsibilities of a particular job
The Correct answer is the Job description Next question 16. A cut caused by the sharp uneven instrument
is? The Correct answer is Lacerated wound
Next question 17. The angle of insertion for intradermal
injection is? The Correct answer is 15˚ Next question 18. An example of topical administration of
medication? The Correct answer is Instilling ear drops Next question 19. Syp: Ampicillin 100mg is ordered for a
child, it is supplied in syrup form containing 250 mg in 5ml. What is the dosage?
The Correct answer is 2 ml Next question 20. Which part of the nursing process includes
the statements of the elements actual or potential problem?
The Correct answer is Assessment
Next question 21. For a healthy adult which vital sign indicate
an abnormal finding? The Correct answer is Temperature 38˚C
Next question 22. Inflammation of stomach is called?
The Correct answer is Gastritis Next question 23. This type of enema is given to destroy
and expel the worms from the intestine? The Correct answer is Antihelmintic enema
Next question 24. Florence Nightingale was borne?
The Correct answer is May 12, 1820 Next question 25. A cardiac patient suffers from dyspnoea,
which bed is more comfortable for relieving Dyspnea?
The Correct answer is Cardiac bed Next question 26. For intramuscular injections, the angle
of insertion is? The Correct answer is 90 degree
Next question 27. The act of striking the body surface to
elicit sounds that can be heard or vibrations that can be felt is?
The Correct answer is Percussion
Next question 28. The most reliable site for checking body
temperature is? The Correct answer is Rectum
29. A clinical judgment about individual, family or
community response to actual or potential problems or life response is?
The Correct answer is the nursing diagnosis Next question 30 The process of sorting casualties according
to the priority of care and transport is? The Correct answer is Triage
Next question 31. The position in which a patient lies on
his back, head of the bed lowered and the foot raised in a straight incline is?
The Correct answer is Trendelenburg Next question 32. While applying suction to air passage,
a suction attempt should not exceed more than? The Correct answer is 10 – 15 seconds
Next question 33. Mr. Rajan, 50 years is ordered intravenous
Dextrose Saline 2400 ml in 24 hours. Calculate the rate of flow?
The Correct answer is 25 drops
Next question 34. The temperature of
the ear irrigation solution should be between? The Correct answer is 37 – 38 ˚C
Next question 35. First aid treatment for snakebite includes
the following except? The Correct answer is Slash the wound with
a knife Next question 36. The disease spreads very widely in a community
or specific geographic area is called? The Correct answer is Epidemic
Next question 37. BCG vaccine should be kept between temperature?
The Correct answer is 2 ˚C to 8 ˚C Next question 38. Prevention of food adulteration act came
into force in? The Correct answer is 1955 June
Next question 39. Organic substance settles down during
the process of sewage treatment as sediment called?
The Correct answer is Sludge Next question 40. The
backbone of maternal and community health service is?
The Correct answer is Home visit Next question 41. Calciferol deficiency results to?
The Correct answer is Rickets Next question 42. World health day is celebrated?
The Correct answer is April 7 Next question 43. The incubation period of Chickenpox is?
The Correct answer is 10 to 21 days Next question 44. What is used to find out the amount of
residual chlorine in the water? The Correct answer is Orthotolidine test
Next question 45. National Health Policy has been formulated
and accepted by the central government in? The Correct answer is September 2002
Next question 46. Immunity level exhibited by a group of
individual or a community towards a particular disease is called?
The Correct answer is Herd immunity Next question 47. The first contact point of the community
with medical officer? The Correct answer is Primary Health Center.
Next question 48. An observation that written like the short
story is? The Correct answer is Anecdotal record
Next question 49. The effectiveness of Cu-380A from the
day of insertion is? The Correct answer is 10 years
next question 50. The intensity of light is measured by?
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