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Hey Guys, welcome to my channel themiraclemirrormalayalam. In today’s video let’s see how to prepare a homemade ayurvedic hair oil recipe. This is my Grand Mum’s Secret hair oil recipe. Let’s quickly see how to prepare it. We are preparing it in 500ml of Coconut Oil. So, these all are the ingredients which we’ll need to prepare the oil. First of all, I have washed them very well and kept it to drain the excess water away from the herbs. Let’s see the ingredients one-by-one. Hibiscus flowers (3-4) We’ll need the Natural RED variety itself. Hibiscus flowers has so many hair benefits. And Now, Bhringraj (2-3 leaflets) also known as ‘False Daisy’. It has a wide ranging benefits to our hairs. And next Kozhuppa/Garundi ( a handful ) also known as ‘Sessile Joyweed’. It has numerous medicinal properties. And now, Poovankaruntal/Poovankurunnila also known as ‘little Ironweed’. ( 4-5 leaflets ) It drastically prevents hairloss. It contains so many beneficial nutrients which aids healthy hair growth. Now Bhumi Amla. Take around for 4-5 leaflets as well Beside hair benefits it also helps to cure Migraine 2 Fresh Aloevera Leaves Now Kodangal ( a handful ) also known as Gotu Kola or Pennywort Brahmi Make sure to maintain the quantity of Brahmi larger than the other ingredients; that it; 3:1 to 4:1 ratio. Because it is the BASE or KEY INGREDIENT for this hair oil recipe. That’s it, blend all the ingredients very well and strain the juice out of it. Now to prepare the hair oil; strain the juice once again into the pan. Just slightly warm it up for about 30-40 seconds so that the water content reduces a bit And then pour 500ml of coconut oil into it. . It will take around 10-15 minutes for the herbs to completely infuse it in the oil. It may take longer that is; around 15-30 minutes, if we have added water for blending the mixture. But in this case, we have NOT added any extra water to blend them. So, here it will only take 15 minutes maximum. The oil is ready. Let it cool down and the strain the mixture out from the prepared oil. Later on, pour it into a glass container. It will last for around 5-6 months. So, while applying; completely apply it on to your scalp and spread it towards the hair ends and massage this oil. Gently out to your scalp for at least 5-10 minutes. Concentrate more towards the pressure points and gently massage all over your scalp. Let it stay for at least 30 minutes and then wash it off with mild shampoo. I hope this video was useful for you. If so please Like and Subscribe for more videos. And Share this video with your Friends and Family as well. Thanks a lot for watching. Take care, buh-bye.

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  1. Chechi Edhu Olive oil cherkamo velichennaku pakaram ee marunnukalellam kude unaki podichu cherthal gunam kittumo plz relpy

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  3. can i also use castor oil as it smoothens the hair I like to use it but don't know what proportion should be used so please let me know can it be used with your hair oil and can I also use curry leaves and gooseberry along with these ingredients? does your hair oil prevents premature greying?

  4. Very nice video.. am not able to see captions for English subtitles of this video. Could you please tell me in English also it will be very helpful too thanks u Vazha Valamudan

  5. Hello mam 🙋 This is Mary from bangalore. I don't know Malaiyalam please tell that herbs name in tamil or English please nd I'm ur new subscriber. Nd happy new year mam

  6. Hi madam, would you be able to make this for me and ship to Bangalore? What would be the price details? Thanks in advance sister 🙂

  7. wowww .. very interesting and useful. thank u 4 sharing. What I liked the most was u mentioned the plant, showed it very clearly how it looks like and also mentioned its benefits.. very interesting.. living abroad I don't know a few plants but next time I come down to kerala I would know what to look for not just its names.

  8. kayyunni vellam cherthu kond idichu peenjedukkan pattumo chechi please reply (kure aalukalodu chodichu but aarum reply thannilla )…..

  9. കൊഴുപ്പ എന്നത് വയൽ പ്രദേശത് കാണുന്ന ചെടി ആണോ

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